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” Let me help you take the pain out of planning, and the pain points out of marketing” ~ Lisa Manyon 

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“My big vision in the world is to help heal the broken threads of humanity by changing the way we market, advertise and create our promotional messages (copywriting). I’m leading a shift from the antiquated manipulative method (specifically the “problem, agitate and solve” copywriting approach which tends to perpetuate buyers remorse) to a values based, relationship first approach incorporating my values-based 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation™” communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity. 

Best of all this isn’t “cookie-cutter”. My approach requires breaking the trance, challenging the status quo and engaging critical thinking with a focus on PASSION points not pain points. I serve mission-driven entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders (most often authors, speakers, trainers, coaches, nonprofit organizations, corporate leaders, light-workers, healers, artists and causes/organizations focused on sustainability). YOU have a BIG mission to make a positive change in the world but struggle to turn that mission into a palatable marketing message that doesn’t feel “icky” or “salesy” (mostly because the other techniques being taught turn you off and worse yet, turn off your prime prospects)…

Simply put I give YOU a voice to turn your ideas into something that matters! Together we achieve this with solid strategies to reverse engineer your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams and by applying the values-based 3-step framework to create marketing messages with integrity that get RESULTS.”~ Lisa Manyon

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