Freedom Why did you start your business? Or, why start a business if you’re not already an entrepreneur? This is an important questions and one that should not be taken lightly.

When I decided to start my business in 2003 it was not a decision that I took lightly. It meant letting go of a career I loved (for multiple reasons and mostly for the sake of my health and happiness).  I worked for a premier ad agency at that time and submitting my resignation meant I had to say goodbye to clients I admired, respected and whom I had spent years helping build their brands and businesses (and I had to admit that the way I’d been working was burning me out which was a hard thing to share — I liked to think that nothing could phase me back in the day).

Not only that, I was bound by a non-compete in my local area and his meant that I couldn’t make my magic in my local market where I had an established track record and positive business reputation (unless I negotiated a contract buyout to start my own agency and I didn’t have the funds to do that at the time. Thankfully non-competes are illegal in most states now, and even then, I didn’t let that stop me from following my dreams).

I knew I wanted to help others get their message out in a BIG way and I knew I wanted to do it on my terms. Does that sound familiar to you? It was time for me to focus on my values and vision and do business my way. AND I knew I wanted to help grow businesses that are making a big impact for the better in our world. Another deciding factor in starting my business was creating more freedom in my life. One of my core values is freedom and I knew I wanted to create a business where I could work, live and play anywhere I choose.

Write On Creative was born. I took a part-time job in an unrelated field to help build my dream. AND, I sought out the top mentors in copywriting, online marketing, direct response techniques and more. I researched coaches and leaders who had an excellent track-record and global presence. I invested in top-notch guidance and programs to gain the knowledge I desired and to play outside my market. This allowed me to quickly learn new skills, build a strong brand with a global presence, expand my offerings and increase my rates (based on results and the value I delivered).

When I started Write On Creative I planned to take a break from advertising and marketing for a while. My main focus was going to be copywriting and writing articles for national publications (both of which are a subset of marketing and advertising but not as demanding as managing full campaigns, creating year-long budgets/advertising plans, writing responses to RFP’s to land contracts, and developing creative for all mediums). With my new skills in long form copy, direct response, internet marketing and coaching/consulting demand for my services grew and my business evolved to meet the demands of my clients.

I also found my philosophies to help break the trance, challenge the status quo and engage critical thinking were bringing me more visibility (hint: this happens when you speak your truth, honor your word and deliver what you promise – meaning results).

By pioneering the new marketing and copywriting model for success I empower businesses to embrace marketing with integrity and focus on passion points instead of pain points. This in turn helps them get better results.  One of my favorite stories of success (prompted by reading ONE of my articles)  is featured in this blog post – Are YOU Getting Marketing Results?

Starting and growing my business has been one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors of my lifetime. I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I look back on my big WHY it was to create freedom and security for myself while being of service to others (and helping people create the business lifestyle of their dreams). It hasn’t always been easy and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had (challenging and empowering) for the world. I share more about that, including the ups, downs, good and bad, in my post 5 Ways to Guarantee Success in Business (click here to read it — within the post you’ll also find a link to an article I shared on LinkedIn with 11 lessons from being in business for myself).

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Are you doing what you love and creating a business based on your values, a clear mission (in alignment with those values) and a BIG vision to change the world? I’m happy to share that I am and here’s another resource to help you connect with your ideal clients via the LinkedIn Profinder business matchmaking service.

I’d love to hear more about YOUR business journey. What is your WHY?  Share your WHY and the impact you deliver by leaving a reply or comment on this post. 

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