IntegrityWhat happened to integrity? Something is really bothering me and I bet it’s probably bothering you, too?

Within the past several months I’ve received incredible feedback from my preferred clients about my Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers and the value they are getting out of having a clear strategy and plan to improve their current website. It’s quite humbling. Now, that’s GREAT news and I always like to hear when my clients are satisfied. I also like to know if there’s anything I can do to better serve them.

What’s bothering me is the reason people are so satisfied with what I’m doing is because they are so dissatisfied with what others are doing, or in many cases, not doing.

I cannot feel entirely good about that because it really ticks me off when I hear my preferred clients have poured thousands upon thousands of dollars into products, services and advice from so-called experts only to be absolutely disappointed. Of course, on one hand, I love hearing that they’ve finally found a perfect match when working with me but the fact that this is a recurring theme is troubling. It makes me wonder how people can do business and not deliver high-value. It feels like it lacks integrity to me.

I’m the first to admit that some people do have unrealistic expectations. It often boils down to dedication, accountability and ownership. You cannot expect anyone to do all the work for you (unless that’s what you’ve contracted them to do).

I’ve been enrolled in training and mentorship programs with people who had very different experiences than I did and most of the times when the program didn’t work it’s because those who didn’t get results didn’t work the program —(those people are the notorious complainers and blamers and not my ideal clients by the way). That’s not really the case with my preferred clients. They are smart, savvy and invest in programs they believe will work because they trust what’s being offered.  So, what’s happening is some people are over-promising and sorely under-delivering. This lacks integrity and it’s got me pretty riled up.

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Some examples that surfaced during Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers and candid conversations with preferred clients (I’m not naming names because I keep my client info confidential –unless they want to share– but I can share the scenarios).

  • Investing in ongoing coaching to help create a marketing plan and not getting any tangible plan in over 7 months… (OUCH).
  • Pouring thousands of dollars into a branding specialist who insisted upon a niche that wasn’t even in alignment with the clients purpose and mission…
  • Paying over 10K for copy that didn’t resonate with web visitors and didn’t include any tangible strategy…
  • Hiring “experts” to help with accountability and clear action plans for marketing to get little to no results for a very large fee... (word on the street is they are not listening to what people really need or taking the time to truly explain WHY things are important and HOW to accomplish them)
  • Being held hostage by high-priced web designers who have really slow turn around time and don’t understand the Internet marketing flow or simply refuse to make design changes that are being requested (to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars not only in lost revenue because the websites aren’t working like they should but also because any changes require the webmaster and incur additional charges)

To that I say WTH? AND the sad thing is there are more stories like this. I don’t even want to know who it is that is over-promising and under-delivering. AND I’m not interested in being in alignment with people who clearly lack any sense of integrity. I am willing to bet you feel the same way.

Since I cannot control what others are doing I’m going to start offering something of great value to my Write On Creative Community (and the readers of my blog)  You can ask your questions and get answers so you can make better decisions about how you’re investing your money and who you’re choosing to work with AND get some valuable info for FREE.

Just visit the “Ask Lisa” section of my blog by clicking here to submit your questions.

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