Ask Lisa - The Business Marketing Architect Q & AQ: What can I do about fake reviews online? I’ve noticed reviews from people I don’t know on my Google Business Page and reviews that appear to be SPAM on my Facebook Business Page reviews.

A: The best thing to do about fake reviews online is respond and report them. Reviews are an important part of your digital footprint and if you don’t monitor them, they can cause damage to your reputation and influence future purchasing decisions.

Listings on review sites like Google My Biz, Facebook Pages, and Yelp can help drive traffic to your storefront both online and offline. So, it’s important to know what’s being posted about your business.

Tech can be tricky and it’s important to monitor your digital footprint. Not only are there some fake one star reviews on my Google My Biz page. I’ve attempted to have Google remove the one star listings but they are not responding. So, I made a point to post a response to the reviews asking for clarification since I’ve never had any interaction with the person who posted. I’ve noticed a new trend on my Facebook Business page where people are SPAMMING the recommendations with ads for crypto and more. I’ve responded to those, reported them to FB, blocked the offenders and we’ll see what happens.  

Here are some ways you can monitor your digital footprint including online reviews

You can monitor your digital footprint by taking these steps:

1) Set up a Google Alerts with keywords like your name and business name to be altered when new content is posted.
2) Check your Facebook Business Page recommendations to make sure you aren’t being SPAMMED
3) Check your Google My Biz listing to see your reviews and update your products and services. Or set one up if you don’t have one -here’s info on that  

 Leave positive reviews for businesses you love
 Do you leave positive reviews online for businesses you love?  Take some time to post a review to support someone who is doing good business. Reviews do matter. Leave a comment on this post and share one of your favorite businesses.

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