Nest EggThere’s a BIG shift happening in the marketplace and in society as a whole. Consciousness is changing, awareness is increasing and people long for real connection. In our almost too technical world there’s a need for some simple truth. 

We are bombarded with email messages, tweets, text messages, podcast, radio commercials, television ads, voice mail, phone calls, Facebook messages, Skype calls and more. Because of all this noise we cannot help but feel a bit overwhelmed… or maybe it’s underwhelmed?

The marketing noise has gotten out of hand and it’s even more difficult to capture and keep attention. That means your message needs to be sticky. And I don’t mean aggressive, pushy or over the top. I mean you have to create gooey messages infused with your values. The values your business and credibility are built on. Because your values equal value. They create trust, respect and loyalty over time.

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The funny thing is not enough business owners are paying attention to the impact values have on value. Think about the companies and people you choose to do business with. What are the common qualities? Why do you choose to do business with them? Chances are your decisions are based on value. This includes how the business makes you feel (their brand essence). This likely doesn’t mean they are the loudest in the marketing crowd or the least expensive. What it does mean is they stand for something and you believe in what that is. They have created value by infusing values in what they do. There is consistency, clarity and follow through. They deliver and when they speak or market you listen.

Think about your own values for a moment.

  • Do you infuse values in everything you do?
  • Does what you do create more value?
  • Have you based your mission statement, both personal and professional, on those values?

If not you may want to reassess how you’re doing business and especially how you’re marketing.

Communication counts. Our words are gold. Values equal value. There’s a reason many of the marketing messages out there aren’t sticking. They lack values and value.

I share more about this in my program How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity: Attract your ideal clients with your authentic voice (I know, I know… the word authentic is being tossed around too lightly in many arenas — so is integrity — that’s why this work is so important). In this program I also expand upon my “Challenge.Solution.Invitation.™”” marketing and copywriting formula as seen in Inc. Magazine.  The program speaks to my ideal clients, female entrepreneurs, and rest assured gentlemen, you’ll gain value from it, too.

Something else to consider is that once you’re clear on your values, you’ll be able to easily attract your ideal clients instead of chasing not so ideal clients. Here’s more on that.

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