There are five KEY elements to business success, growth and seizing opportunity.

1. Have a BIG vision and clear intentions for the outcome
2. Take inspired action
3. Get help
4. Follow through
5. Leverage the outcome to support your BIG vision

Here’s the rub. Often we overlook opportunity because we are not thinking BIG enough, we’re not clear about our intended outcome or we simply don’t take action. AND we don’t think beyond what “appears” to be possible (think about that for a minute and you might even want to journal about it…).

Here’s a specific example that might help you seize future opportunities.

The California Women’s Conference offered their first Virtual Stage competition in celebration of the 29th CWC. The Virtual Stage is the brainchild of Michelle Patterson and designed to offer individualized resources, conversation and action tools.

An opportunity was extended to speakers and industry experts, to be visible and create a personalized platform online via the California Women’s Conference website. The intent was to capture participants unique voice, expertise, and encourage conversation based on the 5 universal elements of well-being, Career, Community, Financial, Physical, and Social, as identified by Gallup. These five essential elements of life transcend countries, faiths and cultures and were revealed through a Gallup study of more than 150 countries representing 98% of the world’s population.

The 2 topic hosts who created the MOST conversation and traffic were awarded a stage speaking spot at the California Women’s Conference!

I immediately saw an opportunity, set a clear intention to win and then took ACTION. My action produced results.

Based on engagement and interest, two winners were chosen. I’m honored to have been selected as the People’s Choice for the Career track where I shared “Why the Traditional Copywriting and Marketing Formula isn’t Working with Women” (the other winner represented the Physical track). Take note that “Career” and “Health” are clearly HOT topics for busy, professional women. Kudos to Leslie Stein of Lead Like a Girl for earning the People’s Choice award for the Physical category.

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This is how I got the party started:

1. I had a BIG vision and clear intention. Immediately seeing the value of this opportunity I applied to participate and was selected.

2. I took inspired action. I kicked the discussion off with this conversation starter.

“I’m honored to support Michelle Patterson and the California Women’s Conference by hosting this important conversation on the Virtual Stage. Because I firmly believe that your word is your honor, I’ve created a new copywriting and marketing formula to help you create marketing messages with integrity. My simple “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula is changing the way we market. It’s a simple way to create marketing messages from a place of true service based on your values instead of using traditional, manipulative formulas. To get started, share your biggest marketing challenge here and we’ll discuss my new formula and ways you can apply it to your business to get better results. Don’t forget to get your ticket for the California Women’s Conference. I hope to see you there and I look forward to discussing this important topic with you. What’s on your mind when it comes to marketing to women?”

3. I enlisted the support of my tribe. I shared the topic via my social networks sites to collaboratively gain exposure for my topic and for the California Women’s Conference. Based on this conversation starter and social media engagement, many women weighed in and I was selected as the winner of the Career track California Women’s Conference People’s Choice award. This means ASKING for help. Click here to read more about asking for what you want.

4. I followed through. Because I had a big vision, took action and followed through I got results. I presented my topic live at the California Women’s Conference on the People’s Choice Award stage and further leveraged credibility sharing the stage at the same venue as Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, JJ Virgin, Lisa Nichols and many other respected speakers.

5. I’m applying the results to my BIG vision. I’m now able to leverage this speaking engagement to attract new opportunities, clients and speaking gigs.

My point is you must seize opportunity and leverage it to get to where you want to be. If I hadn’t taken action, I wouldn’t have won. I share this example to show you what’s possible when you set an intentions, make a plan and take action.

What are you focused on when it comes to

1) BIG vision
2) Clear Intention
3) Taking Action

What are you going to do about it?

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