SuccessHave you ever wished for a certain level of success? Do you regularly stretch yourself to strive for bigger goals? I think we all have and it’s part of the never-ending growth process personally, professionally and spiritually.

I firmly believe that you can achieve almost anything you’d like if you truly desire the final outcome. I also realize that there are times when there is a much bigger plan for each of us than we might even realize. Have you felt that too?

I ask because some BIG things are happening lately there is a powerful momentum that is fun, scary and exciting. I’ve come to some realizations lately that are really blowing my mind (especially because I often don’t see myself as others see me — I bet you experience that from time to time, too?).  I’m going to share some recent events and also give you some food for thought — so really think about what’s happening in your world and give yourself some time to celebrate successes or allow what is to come.

I ask that you set aside some time to ponder how you are showing up in the world (you might even want to grab a journal and take some notes). As you read about these FUN, SCARY and EXCITING things that are unfolding for me, I’ll ask questions that I’d like you to honestly answer for yourself and if you’re feeling BOLD, share your answers in the form of comment here.

Here’s what’s happening with me:

1) In 2009 I was published in a book and I made some predictions about marketing, collaborative business ventures and how things would evolve. I wrote a chapter titled “How The Ever-Changing Landscape of Internet Marketing Affects Your Message and Why You Must Adapt”.  Here’s the mind blowing part. The predictions came true and continue to evolve in a really beautiful way.

Q’s for YOU: Have you ever made predictions that came true? What do you feel intuitively is happening in your industry? How can you help shape your future?

2) Recently I was interviewed by creative visionary Laura Holick on Soul Art TV. I shared my business philosophies and how it’s entirely possible to do business with love, ease and grace. This really resonated with people and Laura referred to me as “The best known copywriter in the business for conscious entrepreneurs.” This was another mind blowing realization about how others see me (I’m honored and humbled).

Q’s for YOU: How do you see yourself? How do you think others see you? What is your reputation in your industry?

3) There’s an amazing global project called The Hot Mommas Project. I was nominated to submit a case study in the competition (and had some resistance but am so glad I pushed through). I won the Charles Schwab Financial Literacy Award in The Hot Mommas 2011 Competition and am featured in the world’s largest women’s digital library of role models & mentors housed at the George Washington University School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. This project helps inspire and empower women and girls across the globe giving them free access to case studies that demonstrate success.  What blows my mind about this is I’ve never really considered myself a role model or mentor and now I’m an award-winning author and I feel like I need to step it up a bit to really help other women.

Q’s for YOU:How are you influencing others? Have you entered any contests lately? How can you best make a lasting impact on the world?

4) A group of 30 incredible, visionary women have come together to create a collaborative book. The project is the brainchild of Gina Bell founder of The Institute for Aspiring Women in Business Online (IAWBO). I’m proud to be a co-author of  Success Rituals 2.O -Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women: How she does it and you can too. I share ways to keep it real and achieve success on your own terms in a chapter titled 5 Ways to Guarantee Success, Personally, Professionally and Spiritually. The book will be available in June and I’m excited about sharing aspects of success that go beyond business.

Q’s for YOU: Have you written a book or participated in a compilation book project? What did you write about? Why? If you haven’t yet written a book, why not? What message do you need to get out to the world?

I’m sharing all of this with you today, and asking some hard questions, not only because my mind is truly blown about the synchronicity of everything happening but because I believe in you and I want to support your success. The reason I am in business and strive to make a true impact, is first and foremost, to serve you and to make a difference and secondly I am totally unemployable (at least I joke that I am) and I value my freedom –plus I want to lead a comfortable life and provide for myself.   What motivates you? Why are you in business?

If you’re feeling stuck and you’re not sure where to get started, I’d love to work with you directly to help you move forward and get clear on how you want to leave your own legacy.  Feel free to check out ways we can started together right away here (keep in mind that once we do business together you achieve preferred client status and receive special offers only available to PC’s AND I do offer one-on-one individual accountability partnership plans).

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