OMTimes Radio Interview with Linda Joy and Lisa Manyon about Spiritual Sugar and Healing With Love When Linda Joy invited me to be her guest for an OMTimes Radio interview  to talk about my book Spiritual Sugar I immediately said “Yes!” Linda hosts the radio show Inspired Conversations with LInda Joy and features many luminaries who are making a big difference in the world. I’m honored to work and play with her in many capacities.

Linda and I go WAY back. In fact, over a decade ago, I graced the cover of Aspire Magazine (one of Linda’s publications that has features some of my personal heroines like Louse Hay and more).  I also wrote a chapter for her book Life Reimagined : Women’s Stories of Hope, Reslience and Transfomration.

Linda and I have both experienced some wakeup calls that forced us to face mortality. This is not a journy for the faint of heart. We both leaned into our faith and spiritual practices and we’re here to share our stories.  Our hope is you will be inspired to take better care of yourself before you expreince a serious wakeup call.

Listen to this OMTimes Radio interview where we have a candid converstaiton about

  • Healing with love
  • Spirituality and health
  • What it takes to balance work and life
  • More of the backstory for Spiritual Sugar
  • The reality of coping with health challenges while running a business

And more…

The replay of the OMTimes Radio interivew can be found here along with contact infomration for Linda Joy and Lisa.

When you’re interestred to learn more about the secret of Spiritual Sugar, check this out.

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