Q: Should I trust AI to research information for my content? 

A: My answer is maybe. I suggest that you, and anyone for that matter, use caution whenever using AI for anything. 

AI  – artificial intelligence is everywhere and while it’s tempting to leverage the tool to 10X productivity, there are many caveats to be aware of especially when it comes to content creation.

I was a panelist on a recent AI Summit for Writers (of all kind) and I found it fascinating that each of the expert panelists had a common set of concerns. I also shared my thoughts about using AI to create content in another post here.

The expert panelists on the Artificial Intelligence Summit noted common concerns when it comes to using AI

It was an honor to be asked to participate in the panel discussion during the AI summit. I loved gathering with the group of copywriting experts to discuss AI.

I found it fascinating that we all had the same concerns. Here are the takeaways for you.
1) Critical THINKING Is key: Don’t give your voice and power away to AI. Use it as a tool and use it with caution.
2) Learn the basics of copywriting BEFORE you begin to use AI (that way, you can train it better)
3) Be cautious about how you use AI. It’s still hallucinating, meaning it makes up random things, and it’s imperative to fact-check everything because it often cites inaccurate information.
4) Check the settings on whichever AI platform you use to ensure it isn’t tossing your content into the public domain aggregate.
5) Copyright, intellectual property, and plagiarism are still major concerns. When your content is added to any AI platform, others can access it, which is why takeaway number four is so important.
before outsourcing or using AI consider this
When you are ready to learn how to write better copy or are considering outsourcing to AI or another human, I highly recommend you take my self-paced training first (there’s also an option to get a copy review from me).  I always recommend a second set of fresh eyes on your message.
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Are you using artificial intelligence platforms? If so, how is that working for you?  Leave your comments and links to articles here. I’d love to hear from people using AI to create content.



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