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    Manyon’s Marketplace is where you will find tried and true business solutions and marketing tools. I have personally invested time and energy into each of the products or services and people  I’m recommending here. I NEVER recommend anyone or anything that I don’t believe in. With that being said — dig in and enjoy! 

    Write On Creative Marketing Success:

    Affordable ways to boost business and creativity: This is where you’ll find resources I’ve created to help you get motivated, achieve results and stay inspired.  Check out the Marketing Success Store here.

    The Women Speakers Association:

    Women Speakers AssociationReady to amplify your message in a BIG way? One of my favorite organizations designed to help you collaborate and share your voice while leveling the playing field in the speaking arena.  I highly recommend Premier Membership (great perks in the “Get Gifts” section when you join as well as a Speaker Succes Kit to help you set goals). I’m honored to be on the Leadership Team as well as an original founding member  Take them for a test drive here.

    Phone Service On the Go:

    Grasshopper is the telephone system I trust to manage my business on the go. No matter where I am my voice messages and fax messages are forwarded to me via email. Check them out and see which services will best support your business. Click this link to get started www.grasshopper.com


    Stay in Touch with Key Contacts:

    soc 2Build relationships with snail mail and gifts.

    Staying in contact goes beyond email and social media.

    One of my favorite resources is SendOutCards. You can view the possibilities by clicking here.

    Audio Recordings and Storage:

    My go to resource for audio recordings and storage is Audio Acrobat.

    Click on the graphic below to try it for free.

    • Record teleconferences
    • Record training sessions
    • Create custom landig pages to share your content


    Web Marketing:

    Get a subscription to Website Magazine to stay up to date on the latest online marketing trends and best practices– click on graphic below

    Website Magazine

    Project Management:

    BasecampNeed help organizing projects with your team? My project management software of choice is Basecamp. It helps my team stay on the same page regardless of location.

    HINT: Make sure you set yourself up as the “admin” to avoid any difficulties when you change team members. Follow my link to see what it can do for you. Click here to try Basecamp.

    Email Marketing and E-Commerce:

    Want to publish your own electronic newsletter (eZine)? Constant Contact is the publication tool that I used to start my newsletter publishing many years ago. It’s simple, affordable and easy to use. This means you don’t have to know html to create your publication (this makes me very happy because if I need to I can easily handle updates, although my team does most of that).   Get your free trial  by clicking here.

    Looking for an online shopping cart to process orders & streamline business?  I’ve tried other online shopping carts and this is THE one to go with when you want something simple and streamlined. I recommend AutoWebBusiness (this a branded version of 1ShoppingCart and does the exact same thing). You can also design your custom eZine or newsletter template in this program.  Click Here to try this Shopping Cart system.

    Social Media Content Repurposing:

    Meet edgarLeverage your time by creating once and sharing endlessly. My go to choice for preloading and repurposing social media content (in accordance with my Content Strategy Plan) is MeetEdgar.  Give it a spin by clicking here and get $10 off your first invoice by using my link.

    I had been dreaming about a service like this before Edgar was born.

    This platform has saved my business a minimum of $5000 per year.

    Writing, Copywriting, and Publishing:

    mwi-book-lgDiscover the simple 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” process to create marketing messages with integrity. Reconnect with your core values to solidify your BIG mission, tell your story in a way that attracts ideal clients and bring it all together with the new marketing and copywriting formula for success. Click here to get started.

    Write Copy to Connect and Convert With PASSION Points. This self-study course can be enjoyed when you fly solo or invest in a package with a strategy session. You’ll discover 11 sweet spots to improve your marketing messages and get better results. Click here for details.

    Interested in Self-Publishing and/or Being a Freelance Writer? Being a Well Fed Writer is possible and so is being a successful and profitable self published writer. Peter Bowerman’s book inspired me when I first started my business over a decade ago and now I’m a featured success story in the second edition of the The Well-Fed Writer. You’ll find more resources on his website. Plus he has an informative blog you’ll want to weigh in on. Explore your options here.

    Marketing, Mentorship and Group Training Programs:

    VIP Days with Lisa Manyon "The Business Marketing Architect"One-on-one Marketing, Mentoring and Motivation: When you’re tired of the cookie cutter approached to marketing and you want to market, position and build your business on your terms, I can help.  It might be time for a VIP day together or you may be ready for accelerated accountability coaching. Explore your options here and let’s play?!

    Skillshare Courses to Improve your Skills:  When a free month when you checkout what they have to offer here. Courses by thought leaders like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek.  Click here for more info

    Personal Well-being and Self-care:

    Frank 2Taking time for ourselves and creating sacred space, in our home and office, is a vital element of being at peace.  One of my favorite ways to create an uplifting environment is to diffuse essential oils in my office.  I highly recommend treating yourself to a DoTERRA diffuser and aromatherapy kit (among other things- just ask if you’d like suggestions). Follow my link to shop today (YOU deserve it) – click here to get started.

    Heal Your Money Story:

    What’s your money story? If you’re not playing nice with your money there will be an energetic disconnect. AND, we’ve all had issues with money at one time or another. That’s why I highly recommend Jennifer Longmore and her program Heal Your Money Story. I’ve personally done the work and I think you should check it out, too. Click here for details.

    Giving Back:

    KivaOne of the most rewarding aspects of being in business is giving back. Funding micro loans for women in other countries brings me great joy and I love to see the possibilities. Check out Kiva here to see how you can make a difference.  Click here to start giving.


    ****Please note: Manyon’s Marketplace & Resources only features referrals Lisa feels good about. At the same time, these referrals are in no way a guarantee your business will be a good fit for the expert/service and vise versa. Write On ~ Creative Writing Services & Lisa Manyon take no responsibility or liability for your personal interactions. Additionally, Write On Creative has affiliate relationships in place with each of the listed resources based on the know, like and trust factor with no additional fees for you.****