StopI remember the first time someone told me that I’m not a copywriter…

Imagine my surprise as I’m sitting in a high-level mastermind meeting with brilliant colleagues and unanimously they all say “Lisa, you’re not a copywriter.” (AND mind you, this has happened more than once– with good reason, but likely not a reason you’d expect).

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been positioned as one thing and delivered another?

On that beautiful Florida afternoon I began to rethink my business. This was several years ago and I’d already established a solid reputation and track record as a copywriter. AND I’d also been over-delivering with high-level strategy, creation of packages and income streams and more.

That’s why my colleagues called me on the carpet. “You’re not a copywriter, you’re a strategist, a marketing consultant and more. You help create revenue streams and the plan to make them happen. AND your work generates income for your preferred clients for years to come after the project is done.” my colleagues shared…

They were right and I ignored them. Well, I didn’t completely ignore them but I did start to re-position myself as a marketing strategist. I couldn’t just abandon all the positioning around copywriting because I firmly believe copy is one of the four core components to marketing success. AND I knew I was over-delivering (which I’ll always continue to do) but I wasn’t being compensated for all the additional work I was doing (My “Pick. Click and Pay.” techniques package offerings that generate income for the longevity of your business and as such that needs to be considered and compensated). That’s when I re-packaged my offerings. I invite you to look at what you’re doing (your products, services, funnel and overall offerings) and consider how you’re positioning yourself.

It’s quite possible that it’s time for you to re-evaluate, re-package and re-position. I’m not talking about a complete re-brand here — in fact — I’m not fully sold on the re-branding process unless you created a business that wasn’t intended to stand the test of time (often I tell clients “Don’t re-brand”). But that’s another topic for another time (and one of the ways I’ve saved clients thousands of dollars)…

Right now I want you to consider how you need to show up in order to be true to you, true to how your brand has evolved and true to what you’re really offering your ideal clients.

You might want to consider revisiting your “Pick. Click. and Pay.” packages (or maybe you haven’t created them yet?)… Either way, when you’re stuck in your business or you’re getting advice to re-brand, you may want to to re-think your direction and I’m happy to help provide some clarity. A good place to start is with a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover (I reserve time on my calendar to serve 4 preferred clients each week and I’d love for you to be one of them. You can also reserve a quick strategy session if you’re stuck).

The truth of the matter is your Manyon Marketing Web Makeover goes far beyond your website and often reveals unrealistic web expectations. What is your experience with branding re-branding and packaging yourself? Share your comments here (as always I’ll answer your posts personally).

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