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I believe there is something newsworthy inside of every business. Yes, especially yours. I'm absolutely passionate about helping you uncover newsworthy gems, share your gifts with the world, gain credibility, drive traffic to your website and increase your chances of getting the publicity you deserve.

This program is my gift to you and will help you harness the power, passion and profits of press releases.

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Timing: Insert the date you plan to release your news here. Be sure to indicate “For Immediate Release” if you are releasing your news right away.

Timing :

Headline: Open with an attention-getting headline. Don’t be salesy or use hype. Regardless of your goal this must catch attention and be newsworthy.

Headline :



City of Origin & Date:
Include the release date (month, day and year) and the city and state of origin.

City :

State :

Month :

Date :

Year :


Opening Paragraph:
The opening paragraph is your introduction. What is the purpose of the release? Why is the information of interest? Are you sure it’s newsworthy?

Opening :




The 5 W’s: The second paragraph should include the details. This is the “Who, What, Where, When and Why” of the release. It’s a good idea to include quotes from credible sources that support your information.

The 5 W's :




The How:  The third paragraph is where you make a case for your final point and include your call to action.

The How :




About:  Finally, include your company information and bio. This is a description of your company, your products and your services. Use the information commonly shared to describe your business or service. This is often referred to as your boilerplate.

About :




   Press Release Writing Tips~

  1. Always include NEWS
  2. Know your Strategy. i.e. online exposure or traditional media
  3. Be brief yet thorough, respecting the time of media contacts

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Contact Info:  This is where you include your contact info.
Include specific’s and be accessible. Telephone numbers,
cellular phone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers and
website addresses help the media, prospective clients and
business partners reach you easily.

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