• Big Picture Perspective
    That Makes Planning Projects FUN & Productive ~

    It’s so easy to procrastinate when it comes to plans but that is about to change. The POWER Planning Process helps you achieve big picture perspective on your business marketing direction and then gives you tools to hone in on the details to get results. This eBook includes step by step instructions to apply proven planning techniques to your business.

    You receive:

    • POWER Planning eBook
    • Optional one hour follow up consult with Lisa Manyon depending on your package choice
    • Downloadable BONUS Audio recording with Lisa Manyon &¬†Wendy Maynard so you can listen and learn on-the-go

    It’s up to you to create a plan for success. This process shifts your mindset and makes planning fun.

    eBook, Audio & Worksheet only ~

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    eBook, Audio, Worksheet PLUS one hour Strategy Session

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    “I had no idea how fun and productive planning can be until I participated in your “POWER Planning Process.” Until now, the thought of planning in detail felt too restricting. With your process, I easily mapped out my entire year. I have weekly and even daily tasks to achieve my personal and business goals. I have peace-of-mind, my days are much less hectic and I am working so efficiently, I am ahead of schedule. Since implementing my plan, opportunities have arisen that I can seriously consider because I am not drowning in last-minute tasks. I feel so free! Thank you for such a well-thought and comprehensive, yet simple, planning method.”

    ~ Charlon Bobo
    San Diego, CA

    “Lisa Manyon and I met several years ago. She has worked on a variety of projects with me including website projects, press release offerings and content strategy plans. I’m impressed with the quality of work that she produces. What is even more impressive are her communication skills. Lisa has the ability to communicate and dive directly into the areas which need to be addressed. You know exactly what she is speaking about because she speaks your language. You see Lisa actively writes copy for her own successful business and regularly updates her website to reflect the most relevant offerings for her clients in accordance to her content strategy plan. She skillfully promotes her business via press releases, blogging and social media strategies to move her marketing forward. So when you work with Lisa, you are working with an up to the minute professional. She knows her craft and is working on it all the time. Lisa is more than the expert in these areas. Lisa is the authority in them. If you are serious about up-leveling your business and fast, Lisa is the person to work with now. Not after you do whatever you are thinking about doing first, NOW! Like RIGHT NOW!”

    ~ Mitch Tublin
    Business Strategy Mentor and Marketing Expert

    I was intrigued with Lisa’s integration of one’s top 3 dreams with a strategic and results oriented project planning process. received such powerful value from the teleseminar that I signed up for Lisa’s one hour follow up consultation and was equally rewarded with her insight, knowledge, resourcefulness and creativity. Some of the benefits that I gained from my work with Lisa and completing the POWER Planning process include…

    • Learned targeted and creative marketing strategies that will work right now.
    • Stretched my perspective about the possibilities available through technology.
    • Segmented my writing into a more manageable ‘project’ format for increased productivity and focus.
    • Validated my approach to a new service that I plan to launch in the next few months.
    • Had fun in the process which is what I see as the ‘inside out’ approach to change and planning.

    Most importantly, I experienced the value of partnering with someone with credibility and an open mind that you can trust to bring out your best. As a result, you become more open to new ideas and change! Many thanks!

    ~ Gerrie Dresser
    Career Strategist for Mid-Career Professionals