• Never Second Guess What’s Next: Map Out Your Marketing Messages and Content Strategy Plan to Leverage Your Revenue Streams

    Planning Strategy

    Planning Strategy

    Let’s face it, when you’re ready to dive into planning and strategy for your business you need an objective perspective and a proven process to help you get the results you desire.

    This powerful, accelerated process helps you get really clear on your marketing direction for 90 days at a time. In just three sessions, together we’ll create your Content Strategy Plan to determine what you’re going to educate and promote to your community for the next 90 days (12 months packages are also available).

    • We’ll take a look at the BIG picture for your business and create tangible action steps to turn your dreams into reality
    • We’ll evaluate your brand essence, equity and integrity and course correct if needed
    • We’ll take a close look at what’s working and what isn’t or hasn’t
    • We’ll how you’re leading prospects to your revenue streams
    • We’ll create a plan to help support your projections so you’re consistently moving towards them
    • We’ll focus on your overarching marketing theme to keep your marketing messages and efforts on track
    • We’ll take it a step further and break it down into monthly themes that are the basis of your marketing editorial calendar to work in accordance with your revenue streams
    • We’ll review the content you already have to leverage and incorporate repurposing into your plan
    • We’ll determine the best social media distrubution platforms your audience, your budget and your goals

    Best of all we’ll bring it all together to create a CLEAR plan. This process gives you a solid foundation to create strategic marketing messages that can include articles, blog posts, podcasts, radio show topics, videos, social media ideas and even potential promotional topics including PR angles and ways to get you more visibility (all based on YOUR goals and projections).

    Creating your Content Strategy Plan is a powerful process that saves you time and gives you a focused road-map to work towards your goals and projections to make more money.

    It’s a clean, clear, simple and powerful process that includes

    • Assessment of your current content for repurposing and/or creation of a fresh plan to create new content (this helps you plan your paydays)
    • 3 one-on-one planning sessions to develop your plan (usually one call per month for 3 months to give you time to implement and integrate or we can accellerate your plan and get it done in a month with weekly calls)
    • Your 90 day marketing roadmap outlining the theme and content you need to reach your goals (blog strategy, article outlines, video ideas, visibility tips and more in accordance to your revenue streams/goals)

    The Manyon Marketing Roadmap™  Content Strategy Plan process is available by application only (which is basically a phone call to make sure we’re on the same page)  and preference is given to preferred clients of Write On Creative.  Content Strategy Plan sessions are also available in person in Ashland, Oregon (investments starts at $5500 and pay in full incentives are available).

    pink_burstsmWhen you’re ready to get started with the Manyon Marketing Roadmap™  send an email to Support@WriteOnCreative.com  with “Content Strategy Plan”  in the subject line and your inquiry will receive priority status or call 1.866.620.1428 to explore what’s possible. 

    Discover more about the Content Strategy Plan process and how it can help you via this blog post. <<< Click link to read.

    Be sure to see what some of my preferred clients are saying below and know that YOUR results depend on you ( I can guarantee that we’ll create a plan but I cannot guarantee you’ll implement to get results). Nudge.


    “I was BLOWN AWAY by the level of detail and insight Lisa gave to me and my business in our time together. To tell the truth, I was slightly intimidated by how well she understood my business as well as ME and my crazy-big dreams for myself as a leader and an entrepreneur. In our very first session Lisa mapped out a high-level plan that clearly showed the way to my first 7-figure year (and beyond!) and also allowed me to get my message and brand out there in the way I dreamed of, and in the publications I dreamed of. Fast forward 6 months or so down the track, my business now IS over a million dollars (of course the plan changed along the way, which is part of the fun!), I have a column in Huff Post, I’m doing even more of what I love, and I truly couldn’t be happier. BIG thank you to this amazig lady!”

    ~ Kat Loterzo, Success Author & Mentor to Women Revolutionaries who want it ALL!

    Before partnering with Lisa Manyon to create a Content Strategy Plan and experiencing her Power Planning Process, I had a lot of activities going on in my business which were consuming a lot of time, but I had no overall theme to guide where I was focusing my efforts, and my marketing plan. After just one session, we generated an overriding theme which streamlined all of my marketing materials. Throughout the process we brainstormed over 150 headlines for blogs, articles, ezines and social media, with a solid repurposing plan. As a result, I saved an immense amount of time and energy, which can now be spent on income-generating activities and from my first focused ezine, I generated over $40, 000.00 in business! WOW! And….I am confident that I will continue to increase my income exponentially from these strategies now that I have a crystal clear plan, message, and focus. I shifted from dreading writing, to being clear and complete in record time and feeling a HUGE relief….this was truly invaluable and I would highly recommend working with Lisa for these reasons and more! Not only is she is stellar coach and business woman, she also goes above and beyond because she truly wants to support entrepreneurs in being as successful as they can while delivering their message.”

    ~ Jennifer Longmore
    North America’s Soul Purpose Expert

    Lisa Manyon is a ‘friggin’ genius!

    In just three sessions Lisa Manyon has packed me together with a brilliant marketing strategy for the entire year! I have blog content, ezine content, videos – and it’s all brilliantly strategic. Lisa is a ‘no BS’, no hype, ‘friggin genius’! Her blueprint gave me clarity about where I needed to go and how to do this –in ways I hadn’t even imagined; she introduced me to brilliant resources – that don’t cost a fortune; kept my ADHD brain completely on track with her absolute focus during our calls; answered my questions; tweaked my headlines (Wow ! She’s smart at this!) and guided me to an awesome plan that I can’t wait to launch.
    I am definitely working with Lisa for all my copy and marketing needs in the future!

    ~ Pinky McKay
    Baby Care Author

    Melbourne, Australia

    The time spent with Lisa Manyon working on my Content Strategy Plan was just invaluable. Her system made the process so easy and Lisa is very generous with ideas, feedback and objective perspective. I am thrilled with the final result. I literally have in hand a 12 month map of exactly what I’m writing about every month including blog topics, article topics, social media ideas and press release angles. It now takes less time to write and create my content. Plus, my community has grown by 25% in just the first two months of implementing my Content Strategy Plan the plan and I’ve reached Diamond level status as an Ezine Articles.com author. My investment has paid off many times over and I highly recommend this process to anyone who needs an Internet marketing editorial calendar.”

    ~ Sydni Craig-Hart

    Mitch Tublin“Lisa Manyon and I met several years ago. She has worked on a variety of projects with me including website projects, press release offerings and content strategy plans. I’m impressed with the quality of work that she produces. What is even more impressive are her communication skills. Lisa has the ability to communicate and dive directly into the areas which need to be addressed. You know exactly what she is speaking about because she speaks your language. You see Lisa actively writes copy for her own successful business and regularly updates her website to reflect the most relevant offerings for her clients in accordance to her content strategy plan. She skillfully promotes her business via press releases, blogging and social media strategies to move her marketing forward. So when you work with Lisa, you are working with an up to the minute professional. She knows her craft and is working on it all the time. Lisa is more than the expert in these areas. Lisa is the authority in them. If you are serious about up-leveling your business and fast, Lisa is the person to work with now. Not after you do whatever you are thinking about doing first, NOW! Like RIGHT NOW!”

    ~ Mitch Tublin
    Business Strategy Mentor and Marketing Expert