• December 10, 2018
    Get Crystal Clear about your CORE Offer with a Message Mastery Session
    Lisa Manyon conducting a live message mastery session

    Clarity increases YOUR cash-flow


    How do you know when you’re ready for a Message Mastery Session?

    Can you quickly and succinctly share your CORE message? Does this include your value proposition so potential clients understand the results they can expect?

    If so, you’re good to go.

    If not, your message isn’t landing you new clients, and a Message Mastery Session can change that.

    Being crystal clear about how you present your products and service is a must. Clarity connects you and your message with who you are meant to serve. Clarity also helps you share what you offer with confidence (and as a result, you can generate more sales).

    What is your most powerful solution and how does it generate results for others?

    Let’s dial in your CORE message with your laser-focused Message Mastery Session.

    People must immediately understand what you have to offer


    Here’s how your Message Mastery Session works.

    • You’ll say YES!  And you’ll reserve your spot here (when you place your order you’ll automatically receive an email to schedule our time together with next step instructions).
    • We’ll jump on the line and review your CORE message. You’ll select ONE specific revenue stream to focus on. (we’ll review the essence of your message, how you’re presenting it verbally and in written format – not to exceed one page).
    • I’ll walk you through how to apply my proprietary, simple and effective, “Challenge.Solution.Invitation.™  framework to bring your message into alignment and show you how to flip the script to focus on PASSION points (You acknowledge the challenge with empathy and compassion and don’t leverage pain points for your own gain. You offer your solution complete with case studies and social proof to showcase your value proposition. This equips your prospects with the information they need to decide YOU are the right choice. Then — you extend your invitation with grace and ease – to take the next step. So seamless. So effective.).
    • We’ll laser focus your value proposition. ( I’ll guide you so the value you deliver is crystal clear to those you’re meant to serve. This will help you powerfully position your magic in the marketplace to get a “YES” to doing business with you).
    • You’ll apply the information you receive to refine your message after our session. (and you’ll send it to me via email).
    • I’ll review your message and send you feedback (I’ll refine your revisions and provide suggestions via email. We’ll have two rounds of revisions to get it right and make sure it resonates). 
    • I’ll toss in a special bonus valued at $297.00 to accelerate your Message Mastery magic. (you’ll get access to my How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity digital program – details of bonus program here. It’s a poignant and powerful program designed to help you tap into your core values,  own your story, and apply the “Challenge.Solution.Invitation.™” framework to your business.). Note: These areas covered in this program are core foundational pieces to help create long-term, sustainable business success by ensuring all you do is energetically aligned with what matters most. 
    Let’s play!


    Your investment is only $997. The total value of this package is $1294.00 including your bonus Marketing With Integrity program (you’ll get links to access the program via email once you place your order).

    When preferred clients have played with during Messaging Mastery Sessions they share:

    • by revisiting values, mission, and story a new vision for their business is revealed, they’re empowered to own their message and share their stories in a powerful way that earns more clarity, credibility, and cash flow (if you’re not crystal clear about your values, mission, story and the value you deliver, your message will likely fall flat).
    • ease in embracing their evolution by examining how they’ve evolved and how their message and clients must evolve, too. (your clients evolve as you evolve and so should your message – we cover this in the Marketing With Integrity bonus program).
    • they gain deeper clarity about who they are meant to serve. (this means they naturally attract and magnetize a perfect match instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole –ouch).
    • once they’ve implemented the messaging changes and action steps they’ve seen immediate results that include increased consultations (that equates to increased profits).
    • the clarity of core offering message has prompted requests for NEW programs (including people asking for group offerings which increases profits and creates revenue streams).
    • they get more engagement on social media posts (not to mention extra re-purposing tips that save time and money).
    • an overall joy because they’re fully aligned with their message and their purpose without hype (Hint: energetic alignment is KEY to attracting exactly who you’re meant to serve).

    I’m probably missing something but you get the gist. Oh, my messaging and strategy techniques have also been known to help create million-dollar results – you can review more client comments here.

    Let’s play!

    P.S. Message Mastery Sessions have helped name new products, powerfully package services, fine-tune speaker one-sheets, rename offers, and revamp positioning statements. What would you like to reframe more effectively?