Transform the marketing tool you ALREADY HAVE into the marketing machine you NEED or create your web copy and strategy from scratch the RIGHT way.


    “Dramatically improve your website with compelling copy that supports your brand integrity and sells for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us show you how to turn your website into a mini-sales force that makes YOU money while you work, travel, and enjoy life!”

    To: Solo-preneurs, Small Business Owners & Online Marketers

    From: The Desk of Content Strategist Lisa Manyon

    If your website is not working around the clock to engage, inform and SELL potential clients, it’s not doing its job.

    Whether you’re a business owner building your first site, or an advanced online business owner using all the latest bells and whistles, your website should work for you 24 hours a day, every day to build relationships and SELL your business.

    Creating a website is a BIG undertaking. Throughout the over 40 years of combined experience, we continue to see many people struggle to get their site up and running, and then leverage it properly to SELL potential clients. And it’s no wonder it’s such an overwhelming task.  Even though this can be a daunting task, when you understand how to create compelling copy and you’re clear about your strategy you’ll be ahead of the game no matter how quickly technology advances or changes. I’m going to share with you two things that will never go out of style no matter what — your content and your strategy. It might be refreshing to know that when you have these things dialed in it’s easier to create your website from the start or course correct as needed.

    Just think of all the elements you must consider when planning and managing your website:

    • Do you hire a designer, or learn how to build the site yourself?
    • Can you afford to hire a professional copywriter?
    • If you write your own copy, do you know how to make word choices in a way that SELLS?
    • What do you really want your website to do? (think strategy)
    • How much time and money should you invest to MAKE money from your website?

    Thinking about all of this can get overwhelming, and in the whirlwind of getting your site up and running, here’s what usually happens…

    Your copy and strategy is overlooked and it FAILS to captivate your visitors.

    The bottom line is: websites are highly misused as marketing tools. They’re either beautiful, passive placeholders that don’t get any action or flashy messes that are so cluttered that they actually drive people away because they’re so confusing (you know the ones).

    We’ve seen hundreds of intelligent, well-meaning business owners fail to set up income-generating websites. And here are the KEY reasons they commonly miss the mark…

    Did You Build It… and Stop?

    It’s a fact that MOST business owners don’t give their websites a second thought once they’re up and running. A recent study found that 54% of business owners with a company website barely make updates to it once it’s built.

    If you’re a part of this majority, you probably hired the designer, came up with a catchy URL and a nice-looking logo, picked out the colors that best represent your brand, and bang… you thought you were done.

    But let’s be honest, the world isn’t exactly beating down your virtual door, scrambling to see your new site, is it? If you aren’t tending to your website on a regular basis, I can practically guarantee you that you’re actually LOSING money by maintaining a marketing vehicle that isn’t generating new leads or income for your business. In fact, if you don’t regularly update your content and you don’t have a strategy to get people to your website, NO ONE will see it.

    But what if you DO put a lot of work into your website and you’re still not seeing results? We’ll share some tips about that, too.

    Or Do You Have Traffic, but No Sales?

    Let’s say you fall in the other camp. You write a clever post each week, you shoot entertaining videos regularly and post them on your site, you’ve got a nice library of ebooks and products on display–YOU should be doing great, right?

    Chances are, you ARE probably doing better than most at bringing traffic to your site. According to a study by SiteKreator, small businesses that update their website more than five times a month have 300%+ more website traffic than those that don’t. So, if you’re one of the few who actually DO keep your website fresh with new content, the good news is, you’re on the right track.

    But here’s the bad news… if you aren’t converting your website visitors into qualified leads who take action, you’re STILL not making the money that you could from your website. Your site isn’t selling FOR you.
    This might be the most frustrating situation of all.

    So what’s going wrong?

    But Here’s the REAL Secret
    Behind PROFITABLE Website SALES…

    So, irresistible, strategic content matters. That’s #1. But, there’s another part of the formula that you must also put to work for you if you want to make your website a true income-generating machine.
    The SECRET is to attract warm leads to your website, build trust with well-written content–AND all the while circulate them through your website in a clear, strategic way that promotes action.

    If you don’t have this delicate mechanism working on your website, it will fail.

    This means that as a marketer, you need irresistible, strategic content that both builds relationships and incites ACTION.

    Get INSIDE SECRETS on Web Content Strategy & Copywriting
    From TWO Wildly Successful Online Entrepreneurs

    Many of you might not know that before Ali became an entrepreneur, she worked as a copywriter at a small New York City ad agency. (In case you don’t watch AMC’s Mad Men, a copywriter writes the words for ads, brochures, catalogs, and nowadays it’s expanded to include website copy, email broadcasts, graphic ads, and even social media.) Interestingly enough, our backgrounds are very similar. Like Ali, I’ve utilized my marketing and writing skills in all of my professional positions including non-profit management, radio advertising sales (yes, I even sold air & filled it with cleverly crafted ads) and ad agencies. I learned the ropes of copywriting, Madison Avenue-style during my ad agency days, where I managed client accounts, created advertising plans, developed content, oversaw creative direction for radio, television and print campaigns and more. In 2003, I went out on my own, founding Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, where I’ve continued to rise to the top of my field. I’m now a renowned content strategist and copywriter known as one of the true masters of this art. I’ve blended both long and short copy techniques and am a master of matching your message to your target market and this results in SALES.

    What’s really great about Ali and I teaming up is that Ali has always been very good at this type of writing and gained some great experience as a professional writer during her ad agency days, too. She knew she could probably snag a few clients and work with them on a freelance basis. So, she quit her job at the agency and started her life as an entrepreneur. When she went out on her own, she was in for a very rude awakening. She thought her full time job would be writing copy. Instead, she realized–just like every business owner soon does–that her full time job was really SELLING herself.

    This is something that Ali and I both realized RIGHT away in our freelance copywriting careers. We both started learning everything we could about direct marketing techniques (something that is often quite foreign in the ad agency world).

    We both embraced Internet marketing from the fundamentals to more advanced topics. And for several years Ali studied under Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, who you might recognize as two well-respected teachers in the direct marketing industry and you may also recall that I’m the first professional copywriting in the state of Idaho to earn their Creating Copy that Sells certification. I also worked very closely with another one of the nation’s leading female copywriter, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy.

    Around the time Ali was building her freelance copywriting business, Internet marketing was a new, budding medium and she was thinking about how she could use the Internet to SELL her services. She was helping clients create newsletters, brochures, ads, and various marketing materials, and she knew she could share her expertise on writing marketing copy, perhaps as a way to build a relationship with potential clients. So she started sending out an electronic newsletter, or “ezine.” It seemed like a good way to keep in touch with her clients and new people she met at various networking events—She asked permission to add them to her mailing list (think grass-roots permission marketing before that became a buzz word)—and sent them helpful information on marketing communications every week, or every two weeks.

    This was all happening in the early ’00s, and the people experimenting with Internet marketing were mostly men. Ali was one of only a handful of women who were joining the movement, and carving out a unique spot in the market. She would hang out with the Internet marketing guys, and I know they would say things, like “Oh, isn’t she cute with her little ezine.” I know some of them thought it was silly and even girly that she was trying to build relationships with her readers. (Remember how hard-sell, masculine techniques used to be popular?–even then Ali knew things were shifting and so did I).

    As Ali says, now, the joke’s on most of them who have disappeared into the ether. As the CEO of what is today a multi-million-dollar enterprise, Ali will tell you from experience that it’s relationships that build businesses. It’s something that women are great at naturally. And it’s something that can make you a LOT of sales on your WEBSITE. I agree with her wholeheartedly and it’s exactly why we decided to team up. Ali didn’t just randomly choose me to partner with her on the 24-7 Web Sales Success course. We’ve been building a relationship over the years. She’s watched my business grow and she’s taken the time to get to know me over the years. Ali was so impressed with my strategic copy skills that she hand-picked me to be a mastermind leader for the Platinum tier of her Millionaire Protégé Club.

    I love the fact that Ali recognizes and rewards true talent and am amazed by the similarities of our backgrounds and hands-on business experience. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to team up with Ali for this 4-part course: “24-7 Web Sales: Get More Leads and Clients Online at Little to No Cost.” You’ll learn from our mistakes and the mistakes we’ve seen others make (and continue to see day in and day out) so you can avoid the pitfalls of websites that don’t work and make sure your website engages, informs and ultimately makes the sale.

    This Course is Available to you NOW and is perfect if…

    You Already Have Website or You’re Getting Ready to Create one

    Why Not Make it WORK for You? Turn Your Website into a 24-7
    SALES Machine… Bringing You New Leads, Clients, and Customers for Your Business Around the Clock

    If you’re ready to learn the SECRET ART of developing money-making content on your website, then do NOT miss out on this RARE opportunity to learn from TWO of the most effective online marketers in the industry!

    Combined, Ali and I bring nearly 40 years of real-world marketing and copywriting experience to the table. We’ve BOTH worked at ad agencies and mastered long and short copy. (Note: you do need to be familiar with both techniques to create truly effective web copy that connects and SELLS.) Plus, as successful entrepreneurs, we are experts at leveraging our websites as true sales tools.

    In fact, over 75% of our sales are generated online!

    Not only that, Ali and I have also “lived and learned,” meaning our websites have grown with our businesses. And in this course, we’re going to share all the lessons, insights and tricks we’ve learned so YOU can skip all the trial and error, and quickly turn your website into a money-making machine.

    Listen, I feel for you if you’re in this situation because both Ali and I have been there ourselves…

    So, if you’re pumping new content into your website, without giving much thought to your readers, you’re actually doing more harm than good. You MUST use your web content to nurture a genuine relationship with your clients first and then strategically guide them to make smart decisions about your services and products. ONLY then will your content convert your visitors to ACTIVE members of your online business.

    Trust me, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the new insights you’ll get on content strategy and copywriting. And you’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to dramatically improve how well your website works for you. After this course, you’ll never look at your website, or anyone else’s, the same way again. And, you’ll finally start to see your website as the LIST-BUILDING, MONEY-MAKING machine that it really is.

    PLUS, once you’ve mastered the art of combining effective content with an overall content strategy, you can apply your skill to any and every sales tool you create, from email marketing campaigns, brochures, social media, sales letters–the list goes on, and on.

    So let’s get to the real juicy stuff… HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS 4-PART COURSE:

    Class 1: Why Copy is “Queen” and Content Strategy is “KING”: The Truth About Web Sales

    Have you ever thought that if you “build it they will come”? That may have worked in Field of Dreams, but in real life you have to do more than just build a website to make sales. You may be suffering from “if-you-build-it-they-will-come” syndrome if your website isn’t regularly raking in cash.

    Ali and I continue work with clients who claim their website isn’t working, when really they aren’t WORKING their website. Meaning there is no clear strategy (and this is one of the reasons we teamed up to offer this course!).

    In this first class, you’ll learn what it means to channel your strategy through your content and how the two feed off of each other to promote sales. You’ll put your own website under the microscope to assess where strategy is lacking and what areas need an overhaul. You’ll begin to clearly see where you can make adjustments to ensure your site is SELLING.

    Ali and I will walk you through the following fundamentals and give you concrete tools you can use to improve your web content immediately…

    • The backbone of effective copy is your CONTENT STRATEGY PLAN. We’ll start with the fundamentals of content strategy–what it means to set goals with your web content, the questions you need to ask BEFORE you write a single word, and understanding how your content works in unison to support your overall mission.
    • Why EVERY WORD COUNTS, the FIVE reasons your copy is so vital to your sales success, and why you can’t throw just any words into the mix and expect it to be enough.
    • Quick and easy ways you can immediately revamp your content to better connect with your audience and comfortably lead them towards the sale.
    A homework exercise with checklist so you can assess your website strategy. Plus, “The 108 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language Cheat Sheet” that you can keep close by, whenever you begin to draft your next ad, web page, sales letter, or email campaign.
    Own your copy of the complete “24-7 Web Sales” 4-part course for JUST $247!  $147  – click here to claim yours.
    “What did I gain from the tele-course Web Sales 24/7? After the critique of my website it was evident that my website needed a major overhaul. So, not only am I in transition with the direction of my business, but my website too will change direction. Here are my take aways:– I am in the process of rebuilding the Eskapade Productions website to reflect a professional looking site using the WordPress platform.
    – Remembering the first 3 seconds tell people how you help people.
    – Working on more bold and juicy headlines that tell people what I do.
    – Making sure people know why they are following me using social media.
    – Editing videos that are specific to the service being offered.
    – Need a call to action.
    – Remembering Copy is queen and strategy is king.
    I am so very grateful for the opportunity to revise my website and do it the right way. I am still working on the content which is a challenge, but I am taking all that I have learned to produce a professional website that will draw in clients.
    When I get further along in the revision of my website I will shoot you a link.
    I recommend the 24/7 Web Sales course to anyone who is interested in having a creative and functional website and web sales.All the best,”

    ~ Elise GreenEskapade

    Class 2: Websites that Work

    How many “clicks” does it take to get to the sale? This is just one of the juicy nuggets Ali and I will share on this call. Plus, you’ll hear some of our personal stories of the LOST sale. Amazingly enough, there have been times when we’ve both been ready to buy, plastic in hand, and online retailers have lost our business because their website strategy was poorly executed.

    We’ll roll up our sleeves in the second class and really dig into specific pages of your website. You’ll finally understand what MUST be included on EACH page in order to make your visitors keep clicking, and how to make sure EVERY page supports the overall strategy of your entire website.

    Whether you have a basic site or have all the bells and whistles, you’ll be able to see your website for the very first time as a list-building, money-making machine and how well it can work for you when it’s running on ALL cylinders!

    Ali and I will walk you through the following…

    • REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES of websites that have actually killed their own sales and WHY they failed, plus SUCCESSFUL sites, and WHY they WORK.
    • The BASIC PAGES you MUST have on your website and the ones that you’d be surprised to know aren’t a necessity (i.e., should you have an opt-in page, a landing page, a blog, etc?).
    • How to treat every page on your website like your homepage, and WHY this is important.
    • An in-depth lesson on the CALL-TO-ACTION and how to PROPERLY incorporate this highly misused and abused marketing tool on EVERY page of your site.
    • Tips, tricks, and tools that encourage online SALES, build your LIST, and improve your chances of getting organic search engine rankings.
    BONUS: Individual web page CHECKLIST, complete with the MUST-HAVES needed on every page of your site, including terms and conditions, calls-to-action, and more.
    Own your copy of the complete “24-7 Web Sales” 4-part course for JUST $247!  $147  – click here to claim yours.

    “Thank-you Ladies! Last nights class was great. Today I went and had a professional photo-shoot for my new web site. OMG! I will never underestimate the power of having professional pictures done. I kid you not, I feel more confident because of the photo shoot and the whole experience. My website (once up and running) will host a picture that truly captures who I am and others will be able to feel the vibration. Thank-you again because of your program, I took a huge leap forward.”

    ~ Amy McNaughton
    Dartmouth, NS, Canada

    “Hello and Thank you both for your incredible insights, talents and heart. I truly enjoyed learning from the both of you and learning I did.#1. Don’t hide, I called my website designer the next day and she is working on making the changes.
    #2. I love the idea of bolding some of the text for the skimmer’s. I incorporated that right away.
    #3. Changed the name of my e-book to from The 9 Most Important Steps to Feeling Energized and Staying Young to 9 Secrets to Feeling Energized and Staying Young. Sooooo much better.I could go on and on but those are the 3 that stick out in my mind right now. I am currently going through the transcripts to make a list of all the changes I will incorporate into my newsletters and website.I look forward to more classes with you in the future.”

    ~ Brenda Sahlin
    Ocean, NJ

    Class 3: Fine-Tuning Your Content to Truly Connect and Make SALES

    In this session, Ali and I bring it all together and show you how to make sure your copy is working for your business and making sales. While the previous two classes really helped to tighten up your strategy and get clear on the essential elements you need on your website, this class is where you’ll start to fine-tune your copywriting skills. This is where you’ll really be able to uplift your web copy and transform it into an action-promoting SALES vehicle.

    We will reveal the most important copywriting tricks of the trade that you can immediately start working into your website. Best of all, many of the tricks and formulas you’ll learn in this class can be applied to all types of copy, including your sales letters, email campaigns, brochures, ads, etc! Here’s what we’ll get into…

    • The THREE FUNDAMENTAL POINTS you MUST clearly express in order to set up and CLOSE a sale.
    • The VERY FIRST thing that customers will read on a page, and how to make sure that these particular words POP!
    • FOUR fail-proof formulas for irresistible headlines and taglines that will make your readers WANT to keep reading.
    • How to look at your content with a professional copywriter’s eye to make sure your words and graphics are channeling your strategy at full capacity.
    • INSIDER COPYWRITING SECRETS like how to carefully craft words and phrases to appeal to emotions, incite action, and draw the eye to those pieces of information that you WANT them to notice, so they ultimately take ACTION!
    BONUS: “Headline Quick-Start Worksheet” so you can overhaul your website immediately with more effective headlines.
    BONUS: “Copywriter’s Shortcut Quick-start Guide” to reference every time you write or update your website copy and make sure every page is properly engaging your readers, converting prospects to clients and ultimately inciting action and sales. This includes advanced copywriting formulas and formatting tips so you can view your site with a copy-savvy eye and diagnose those areas that need immediate attention.
    Own your copy of the complete “24-7 Web Sales” 4-part course for JUST $247!  $147  – click here to claim yours.

    “Thank you for a well-run Web Sales class! As a trainer and professional presenter, I understand the effort that goes into designing and running a good course. Your thorough preparation and planning showed.I joined the class just before session #3 and it was still great thanks to your recordings, transcripts and other handouts. I am especially grateful for the help you both provided on my work-in-process revised website during the Q&A. The new site is still being built and what I showed during class was not yet live. Your initial impressions and insights were terrific and much appreciated. Of course, listening to the comments made to others also gave me good ideas.

    Thank you again!”

    ~ Vicki Wrona
    Flower Mound, TX

    “I found your 24/ 7 Websales course to be ‘simply valuable’, meaning it was streamlined to work simply (no complicated, hard to implement tasks) and contain simple yet powerful value and content. I particularly liked the fill in the blanks worksheets!It is difficult to come up with just three ah-ha take-aways from many I received, but here are the top three:

    1. Always asking people to take an additional step – a call to action. To look at this as an ‘invitation’ rather than a sale and to use such unobtrusive languaging such as “While you are here would you like to take a look at my book?” I am implementing this on all my ‘thank you’ pages!

    2. Connecting my copy with my ideal client. It has taken me nearly two years to nail down my Ideal Client! I ‘found her’ just before this course was offered and now I will be changing my copy to read as if I were speaking directly to her.

    3. To look for the ‘magic’ in what I do and share it in headlines.”

    ~ Lynn Moore
    Clear Goals Coaching
    Vernon, BC Canada


    In this special extended session, Ali and I opened the floor to answer all the questions that came up for participants during our live tele-course. Whether you were stumped by one of the homework assignments, or you’ve been dying to know how to make something “click” on your website, this is where you can get rock-solid answers, and hear real-life examples from your fellow course attendees.

    Many of my students share that these are their favorite calls because they learn the MOST from listening to other’s questions and situations. Ali and I can’t wait for this one! And remember, this session is live, so make sure you take notes and are prepared ahead of time, so we can answer as many questions as possible.

    BONUS: Get ready for “Ali & Lisa’s 24-7 Web Sales Website Makeover!” Discover tips you can apply to your own site as Ali and I do a LIVE assessment of a website during the Q&A call! For each lucky winner, we’ll give you no-holds barred advice on where your site strategy and content needs a makeover and how you can up-level your content.

    BONUS: Bonus Resource guide with Ali and Lisa’s recommended books, trade magazines and more – to help guide you as you build your own resource library.

    “Thank you for delivering exactly what you promised to…in this course!
    I had purchased 2 other online courses last year that lacked the value they promised, so it took me a while to decide to sign up for your course.I am now in the process of re-vamping my website to clearly communicate value and actions to current and future clients. I really appreciate your clear-cut communication and approach.Thank you!”

    ~ Dale Carter
    Transition Aging Parents
    South Bend, IN

    “Prior to participating in 24-7 Web Sales, I would frequently change my website due to lack of clarity. The 24-7 Web Sales course showed me how to focus my message for my web site. Throughout the course I rebranded my design and wrote new headlines and copy. I was able complete major elements of my web site. As a direct result, I was invited to be a speaker for a major telesummit, giving me and my business more exposure. 24-7 Web Sales laid the foundation of clarity and implementation. Excitedly, I am truly launching my career to the next level.”

    ~ Lisa Hines
    Certified Coach Balance and Success
    Sonora, CA

    Own your copy of the complete “24-7 Web Sales” 4-part course for JUST $247!  $147  – click here to claim yours.

    When You INVEST in This Course, You’ll receive:

    1. THREE Audio Training Sessions with me, Lisa Manyon and Ali Brown walking you through our complete “24-7 Web Sales” course, step by step.

    2. A TWO-HOUR Q&A BONANZA AUDIO where Ali and I answer the most common questions and address website stumbling blocks so you can get REALLY clear on how your website can work for you. Plus, a website assessment for the lucky winner of our “24-7 Web Sales Website Makeover!” contest. Hearing us in action live will show you how to revamp your site to get better results, too.

    3. HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS for every call, to help you follow along and best retain what you learn.

    4. MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls, so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player.

    5. PDF TRANSCRIPTS of all calls, so you can read through them again and again, or look up a particular point quickly.

    You can see we are including everything we can to set you up for success!

    Yes, Lisa!
    I’m ready to transform my website into a 24-7 SALES machine!

    I understand with my affordable investment, I’ll receive the following:

    The complete 4-part Course “24-7 Web Sales” personally taught by you and Ali, where together you share your insider secrets on how to build an effective website, with relationship-building, strategic content that incites action.

    The BONUS Q&A Call Audio with Ali and Lisa where you’ve answered burning questions about anything covered in the course, and conducted the “Ali & Lisa 24-7 Web Sales Website Makeover” to showcase ways an actual website can be improved immediately.

    Downloadable handouts and exercises to use with each audio so I can work along with Ali and Lisa’s instruction, track my progress and participate as you share ways my website can really work for me.

    MP3 recordings of every call to add to my learning library

    PDF transcripts of every call so I have handy access to all the information I need to improve my website.

    Downloadable and printable binder spine and cover so I can print your materials and neatly store them in your own 3-ring binder.

    Just click on the secure order link below, so you can get access to “24-7 Web Sales” right away!

    Which Convenient Payment Option Would You Like?
    A totally green solution with digital downloads of all materials:

    Digital Download For Instant Access:

    Pay-in-full at $147 (originally $247.00)

    Digital Download Option Two:
    Pay in Two Monthly Payments of $73.50

    You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.



    “Here are my 3 takeaways:

    1. Be bold in your statement. Don’t be afraid just say it!
    2. Make sure you have a call to action on each page or your website.
    3. Have a solution headline.

    I truly enjoyed the course. I knew I had a lot of work to do with my website, but did not know where to start. The course gave me ideas.
    I am building my own website using JOOMLA! I am still trying to find my way around JOOMLA! As I go along I find its limitations and I know I have to upgrade the software.
    My next step……… change my HEADLINE!

    Thank you Ladies for helping me.

    Best regards,”

    ~ Jocelyne Vezina, Mississauga
    Joce the Coach
    Ontario, Canada

    “I’m so thrilled with the results I’m getting since participating in the 24/7 Web Sales course. It came just when I needed to fine-tune my copywriting and overall message on my website, as well as other places I needed to craft powerful content. I had just refocused my niche and was basically starting from scratch. In just a few weeks, I’ve attracted over 20 opt-ins, 100 Facebook Fans, comments on my blog posts, sold 2 eBooks, and now I’m getting sign-ups for an upcoming telecourse. This is the first time I’ve seen success this quickly! What a fun and productive course!”

    ~ Christine O’Dell
    Business & Marketing Mentor
    Monroe, NC

    Cheers to your success,

    P.S. There has never been a better tool to increase your Website’s ability to make you money. Taught by two accomplished industry leaders, Ali Brown and Lisa Manyon, the “24-7 Web Sales” Course contains EVERY necessary component to turn your site into a money-making machine!

    P.P.S. Not only do you receive the full “24-7 Web Sales” 4–part audio training course via instant digital download, you are also completely supported with the 2-hour BONUS Q&A call addressing the most commonly-asked questions, handouts and step-by-step exercises, and MP3 recordings and PDF transcripts of every call. Nothing is left out because we are committed to giving you a rock-solid foundation for your Website success.

    P.P.P.S. To make this investment in your Website success as easy as possible, you can pay for “24-7 Web Sales” using either of two payment options. Pay in full for $247 or two monthly payments of $127 each. It’s your choice, but the benefits you can experience with either payment option are limitless!

    Get instant access to the digital downloads of all materials:

    Digital Download Option 1 — (best deal) only $247 $147
    Digital Download Option 2 – Two pay $73.50


    Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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