Beyond your message, brand, plan, and publicity — Let’s talk about SALES.

When you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve likely started to build a solid foundation. 

You’ve invested in…

  • Branding/Image
  • Planning/Strategy
  • Content/Copy
  • Publicity/PR

AND, the sales are still not rolling in or not what you projected them to be…

Here’s the deal. This isn’t uncommon. By the time you have your foundational pieces in place, your individual sales goals can slip through the cracks. 

So, yes —

  • in order to be positioned as a leader in your industry, you must build a solid brand with consistent image to uphold your big vision and mission (image really is important)
  • in order to grow your business it’s vital to give energy to creating a clear plan and strategy (for every component of your business) 
  • in order to attract your ideal clients instead of chasing not-so-ideal clients, you’ve got to be clear about your message (your copy and content for every single thing you offer)
  • in order to foster the know, like and trust factor, it’s important to embrace visibility (I’m talking about publicity and PR and how you and your business are perceived)

Finally, last but not least, focusing on $ale$ is the lifeblood of all business. If you’re not making sales your business can go bust (not fun).

Have you established a sales goal for every revenue stream that you create.  If not, you are creating for the sake of creating and a profitable business that does not make…

I invite you to pause and THINK about where your business is now and where you want it to go. 

My simple 3-step  “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” framework to write better copy and create marketing messages with integrity, is a great starting point for establishing your sales script (and no, I don’t mean a mundane vanilla pitch delivered with no passion or intent, I mean fully owning your value proposition and being able to seamlessly share it)… 

When you set clear $ale$ goals, you can then meet your prime prospects where they are. To that you you can

  • Acknowledge their challenge (remember — no poking at pain points — use empathy and understanding)
  • Offer your solution (be sure to include value proposition, case studies with results and testimonials to illustrate how you deliver and position you as the natural choice)
  • Extend an invitation (ask your prime prospect to become a paying customer or at the very least take some kind of action to bring them closer to that decision) 

I’m not sure exactly where you are in your business right now but I suspect it could be time for a brand evolution.  If you don’t have all of these elements dialed in and you’d like access to a strategic thinking partner (that’s me) to help you map it all out, maybe we should talk.

Here’s a quick way to assess if playing together via a Business Strategy VIP day might be the answer for you. Click here (I have room on my calendar to book in May but we can talk before then).

Not quite ready for a full on VIP day? 

You might want to consider a Quick Start Strategy Session (this is a great entry level way for us to play) — details here — coaching and consulting

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Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect," a content strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the values-based "Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™" communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points (as seen in Inc. Magazine). She specializes in reverse engineering your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams. She offers coaching, consulting, copywriting training, and strategies to effectively market your business. Her content strategy plans are known to produce million-dollar results. She’s a #1 international bestselling author and award-winning speaker available to teach, train, and transform your audience with interactive Business Breakthrough Boutiques. She offers business-building resources on her award-winning blog.

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