Website Copy and Strategy To Offer Your Solutions in Your Voice and Turn Prospects Into Paying Customers

Website copy and strategy is the KEY to your online success… Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Honestly, your website shouldn’t be tangled at all. In fact, on the web, your message needs to be clear, concise and compelling.

You must be VERY clear about your overall website strategy and your individual page strategy in order for your website to really work for you. That’s why it’s important to partner with the right copywriter and content strategist who understands how to connect your message to your market.

Together we’ll examine your:

  • Vision, mission and values
  • Your prime prospects
  • Strategy for the entire site and each individual page

This is a DONE WITH YOU process to ensure your message and strategy are in full alignment with your brand voice and strategy.

Unfortunately too many people cut corners when it comes to web content and strategy and then they wonder why their website doesn’t perform. In the end, cutting corners can cost your business more than it would if you invested in topnotch content and strategy from the beginning.

More often than not people underestimate the time, strategy and talent it takes to create an effective website that attracts ideal clients, builds relationships and helps turn your prospects into paying clients and customers.

  • Do you weave true tales into your website content to build consumer trust and relationships?
  • Does your copy effectively move visitors to invest in your products or services without poking at pain points?
  • Are you ready to monetize your website by emphasizing PASSION points and value proposition?

Professional web copy creation and content strategy does just that.

The basic 5 page web copy and strategy package is a popular option to help you create a clear message that truly speaks to your ideal clients or customers.


This package is best suited for you when:

  • You have determined how you will manage lead generation online (this means you know what you’ll offer as a free taste or irresistible offer to build your e-mail list, provided you plan to incorporate email marketing into your mix, and have a good idea of the type of clients you want to attract)
  • You want support to create offerings that build relationships and profits with web content and strategy to truly connect with your ideal clients (this means it’s time to craft a message that clearly conveys your value proposition to your prime prospects to strengthen your branding, positioning, and increase sales)
  • The traditional copywriting formulas and pushy hard-sell marketing tactics don’t work for you or your ideal clients and you want to create something that reflects the true you without hype (This means no cookie cutter or paint by number approaches because your message MUST be as unique as the services or products you offer. We’ll flip the script and focus on PASSION points to paint a possibility of what the world will be like with YOUR product/services.)

We collaborate on crafting your message in a way that clearly differentiates your business with a clear framework to support your mission and vision.

YOur Investment in the 5 Page Website Copy & Strategy Package is $5500. 

Terms of engagement require 50% down and 50% in 30 days via secure link below.

(other payment plan options available)

After going through our offerings with Lisa as she was writing copy for our new website, she suggested adding a VIP Day to our Private Coaching Packages. She had to convince us that this would raise the perceived value of our packages, and was she ever right! We booked the first client we spoke to into our highest end offer with a VIP Day! This ideal client paid in full for a package that was double the investment of anything we had previously offered and recouped our investment with Lisa several times over with just this one sale. Clearly, Lisa could see what we could not – that people want to see us LIVE and in-person and will pay to do so. Thank you Lisa for showing us that we could give our prospects what they most want. We are so grateful for your insights. When you’re looking for a copywriter and content strategist that keeps your bottom line in mind, we recommend Lisa.”

Orna and Matthew Walters

Master Relationship Coaches,

The Write On Creative 5 page website copy and strategy packages are known to save time, money and provide a solid web strategy to help you generate income via your website from the start.



With the 5 Page Website Copy  and Strategy Creation Package you’ll receive:

  • Customized copywriting questionnaire for your project to get all the vital information
    needed to really connect with your ideal customers and clients
  • Personalized One-on-One attention to your project by me, Lisa Manyon (including high-level strategy & consultation) to help you create “Pick. Click and Pay.” web packages that can generate revenue throughout the life of your business
  • Review of current or creation of new website copy, content, strategy (if applicable) and overall web navigation to ensure your website is really working for you
  • Review of additional client materials as necessary to fully understand and help you meet your goals
  • Telephone consultation as needed throughout the scope of the project for clarification on completed questionnaire  (note this process always takes longer than you expected and typically not for the reasons you might think)
  • Email access for direction and support during scope of project
  • Copywriting, content creation and strategy for 5 pages of web copy to help move your prospects to paying customers (this means we craft message to connect with your ideal clients)
  • First draft for review and feedback, plus two rounds of revisions (additional revisions are charged at current per page rate)
  • Access to my hand-selected, trusted business resources including web design referrals and more (these are people, products and services I personally know, like and trust and have developed relationships with over the years)

*Each web page contains approximately 500 words and each project is custom to your specifications. In person meetings can be arranged in Ashland or we can do everything virtually via phone.

Together we’ll create content and strategy that truly speaks to your market in your voice using the NEW Marketing Model for Success and my “Challenge. Solution.Invitation.™” formula (as seen in Inc. Magazine).

I set aside time on my calendar for 4 of these packages each month so it’s a good idea to reserve time on my calendar in advance so I can fully support your project. If you’ve never worked with a copywriter, read these blog posts first — What to Expect When You Hire a Copywriter and How to Select the Right Copywriter for Your Project.

When you are in need of higher level strategy, consultation and web copy creation (including guidance on development of your opt in aka free taste, lead magnet or irresistible offer), relationship building follow up email content strategy (think autoresponders and nurture sequences for online marketing) and more, click here. Otherwise, review your investment options below and let’s get started!

5 Page Website Copy & Strategy – one-time payment

One-time payment: $5500 at time of purchase

5 page Website Copy & Strategy – 2-payments

Two payments: $2887.50 at time of purchase and $2887.50 in 30 days; total $5775

5 page Website Copy & Strategy – 3-payments

Three payments: $1961.67 at time of purchase and $1961.67 in 30 days, and in 60 days; total $5885.01

For other copy projects, (this can include but is not limited to bio support, autoresponders, landing pages, sales letters, articles, miscellaneous collateral, and retained copywriting and consulting agreements) including custom done-with-you copy coaching and content creation VIP days, use the button below to submit your inquiries.

“Starting a new business is a personal journey, one that takes courage, vulnerability and immense dedication. As an executive for a Fortune 500 firm, I had no idea how many new skills and learning would be necessary to launch my business. Amidst a sea of overwhelm, it would be an understatement to say extreme fortune led to me finding Lisa Manyon to partner with in developing the copy for my website. The investment to work with Lisa was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. In a single conversation, Lisa saved me double the cost of working with her, just by coaching me away from one decision and towards another. I thought I was getting a copywriter and was amazed to find a business strategist, coach, mentor and more. Lisa helped me connect the dots in what seemed like a maze of uncertainty, helping me to get centered, clear and strategic about every aspect of my business. What started as a partnership to find the words to connect with my audience has grown into a relationship that I hope to grow and maintain for years to come. Working with Lisa is an investment, you can not afford to pass up, no matter what stage your business is in. In less than 30 minutes Lisa’s consulting saved me over $7500.00 (over twice my initial investment with her).”

Kelly Roach

Business Growth Strategist, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach,