Ask Lisa - The Business Marketing Architect Q & AQ:  How can I get publicity for my business? I want to get more exposure for my business, but I don’t know how to work with the media or get my business in the news.

A: When getting press for your business, you have to have newsworthy information

By definition, news is previously unknown information.

So, when something new happens, it’s news.  


Let me demonstrate by example. When I published Spiritual Sugar: The Divine Ingredients to Heal Yourself With LoveI had a clear intention and plan to be a bestselling, award-winning author. This is a lifelong dream of mine.

Spiritual Sugar dropped on 11/22/22, and it gained a lot of traction.

  • It’s a #1 international bestseller.
  • It’s been featured as a book pick in Soar to Success magazine, Aspire magazine, and Southern Oregon Magazine.
  • Dr. Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission, featured my book in her newsletter (that’s huge).
  • I’ve done book readings and signings at Barnes and Noble, Bloomsbury Books, and the Rouge Valley Metaphysical Library.
  • I’ve taught employee wellness programs based on the book.
  • I’ve been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows.
  • I was the keynote speaker at a breast cancer fundraiser.

And now, drum roll… the book is named the Winner of the American Writing Awards in the Spirituality category for 2023.

The latest accomplishment, the award, is newsworthy.
So, I crafted a press release and sent it to all the local media outlets.  I was contacted by the local TV station about an interview. Ashland News published the accomplishment along with a link to my presentation at The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, and Rogue Valley Magazine posted the original press release in its entirety. 

The first book published via the Write On Creative Publishing imprint is now an award-winning #1 international bestseller and continues to receive press.

Did I mention that dreams come true?

They do, but you have to take action.

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