Ask Lisa - The Business Marketing Architect Q & AQ: How can I get booked on podcasts? I hear you can get good exposure by podcast guesting but I’m not sure how to get booked on podcasts. What do I need to do?

A: When you want to get booked on podcasts, the best thing to do is to be prepared.  Podcast hosts are looking for guests that have a powerful story that will give value to their audience. 


Here are some ways you can prepare for podcast guesting

Podcast Guesting and speaking can help you gain national and international exposure for your business.  Here are some steps to consider before you start pitching podcast hosts (and when these are in place, you’ll attract invitations).

  1. Have a clear core message highlighting your magic and value proposition.
  2. Craft a signature talk outline that can be modified for casual interviews and professional presentations.
  3. Create a one-sheet that overviews your expertise and what you talk about (map out your magic).
  4. Develop a list of standard questions that an interviewer/podcast host might ask you.
  5. Get a professional headshot to use in all promo materials, including your one-sheet.
  6. Polish your bio (I recommend creating a mini bio, short bio, and long bio for various uses).
  7. Create a speaking page on your website to outline your expertise (topic) and showcase the places you’ve spoken.
  8. Consider investing in a matchmaking service for podcast hosts and guests. Something like PodMatch. You can also explore Facebook Groups to help with this. 
  9. Practice your talk and get booked on shows that make an impact (consider Toastmasters, Women’s Speakers Association or a similar group to hone your speaking skills).
  10. Request testimonials about your podcast guesting or speaking appearances (add them to your website, social profiles, and one-sheets).
  11. Promote your appearance on social media, your blog, and your email newsletter (and let your host know in advance how you’ll help promote the show).

This is just an overview and not comprehensive, but it will get your creative juices flowing. 

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Here’s a  podcast episode on The Daily Helping With Dr. Schuster as an example of how interviews can flow. Listen to the interview here. Notice, I’ve left a note of thanks in the comments (this can help increase SEO).  Feel free to drop comments and/or questions on the podcast page or this post.

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