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How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity

to Make a Difference and Make Money With Grace and Ease

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You’re making your magic (or getting ready to) and now it’s time to market your magic…

Thanks fopodcast_photo_finalr tuning in to my interview with JV Crum III on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast. As you’ve likely realized marketing is no small task and there are no “magic bullets”…

When you are CLEAR about your values, mission and vision you can step into your story in a powerful way that connects on a DEEP level.

When you CHOOSE your ideal clients in

Lisa Manyon | The Business Marketing Architect share how to market with grace and ease

Lisa Manyon | The Business Marketing Architect shares how to market with grace and ease

stead of chasing not-so-ideal clients — MAGIC happens.

When you make the small shift from focusing on pain points to amplifying PASSION points you’ll see and feel BIG impact (so will the people around you — the people you’re truly meant to serve).

This free training was created as a framework to help you get really clear on your direction and message (or redirect as you EVOLVE).

I don’t do cookie cutter systems or paint by number plans (because I’ve found they don’t work and must be customized for YOU)

I DO offer you a great framework that you can apply to YOUR
by taking action and taking  your goals into consideration. AND I’m honored to be a part of The Women Speakers Association with you.

Claim your FREE audio training and info-graphic to discover How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity To Make a Difference and Make Money with Grace and Ease (9 steps that you can modify for your business). Plus, you’ll discover ways we can play with your marketing message and strategy to get better results with special collaboration options for Conscious Millionaire listeners. Small shifts make BIG impact.


Discover the 9 key areas that require your focus and dedication to market with grace and ease.

 In 1/2 hour you’ll discover:

*Why values equal value and how your values impact sales
*The importance of your mission statement, personally and professionally
*How to powerfully tell your story to make the right connections
*Ways to attract the right clients instead of chasing the wrong ones
*The power of mapping out your magic to create money goals
*How to address the challenge of your prime prospects
without poking at pain points
*The best way to showcase your solutions with a clear value proposition
*How to invite people to do business with you with grace and ease
*The importance of sealing the deal and how sales can be easy without being

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