VIP Day With Lisa ManyonAre you getting in YOUR own way  and leaving gaps when it comes to designing your business to fully support YOU?

Or, are you letting the advice and philosophies of others skew your view of what REALLY works for you?

The #1 way I see people getting in their own way (even me at times) is blocking the flow of income by NOT offering what your prime prospects want and need.

This is often caused by buying into the mindset that trading hours for dollars is a bad thing. 

We’ve all heard it. And we’ve likely bought into the notion that charging hourly or offering packages with entry level investment options isn’t the best use of our time. We know that retained agreements, consulting contracts, coaching packages, group programs, virtual trainings and other leveraged income streams can be VERY lucrative and sometimes, it makes good sense to flip the funnel.

While this can be true, there is no shame in charging a comfortable hourly rate or creating packages that give new clients a taste of your magic.  You get to decide what works for YOU and your clients because THIS is your business. In fact, there are times when entry-level offerings are a great way to boost your income quickly and fill gaps in your schedule that otherwise might not generate sales.

Here are some ways you can move past this mindset trap without sacrificing value or compromising cash flow.

Quick tips to fill the gaps and create cash in your business.

  1.  Review your revenue streams and conduct a quick audit of how you’re promoting each revenue stream (each offer should have its own marketing plan and strategy – if not, you’re leaving money on the table).
  2. Compare your projections to the amount of business you’re actually booking (chances are there are gaps in your schedule that could easily be filled with offers your prime prospects are craving)
  3. Assess how much time it takes you to deliver each revenue stream (be objective about how much time you’re spending delivering your offers and how much time you have available to make new or different offers)
  4. Pay close attention to what your prime prospects want and need (not everyone needs 90 day accountability coaching, a self-study copywriting course, or 6 month custom retained consulting agreement– sometimes a QUICK fix is all that’s needed. AND the best way to find out what they do want/need is to ASk via a survey)
  5. Close the gap (based on revenue streams, projections vs. actual booked business, your availability to deliver, and what your prime prospects want– course correct to make room for offers that fill an immediate need and infuse cash into your business)

When it comes to creating success on your terms and opening up new money channels (or infusing life into money channels you haven’t been promoting) you may need to unlearn some things you’ve been coached to buy into in the past.

Sometimes believing that trading hours for dollars is a bad thing is actually bad for business and your bottom line. 

For example: Based on your feedback and using the tips I shared with you above, I recently discovered and addressed two gaps in my business. By surveying my community and asking YOU what you need/want, I discovered:

1) You want the ability to get quick solutions and strategies to current marketing challenges and business problems without breaking the bank. You don’t want, need or are not ready to invest in long-term coaching, consulting or copywriting agreements right now.

I can easily fill this gap by offering Quick Start Strategy Sessions for those who only need a quick solution and strategy for a current business problem. Click here to explore your options.

2) You want to learn to write better copy so you can leverage your voice and apply proven techniques to increase your marketing results (copywriting can be quite expensive to outsource and when you master this skill it will pay for itself over and over again).

This gap is easily filled by delivering the self-paced Create Copy to Connect and Convert with PASSION Points copywriting training. Click here to explore your options.

The feedback from my Write On Creative Community uncovered gaps, created new opportunity, and gave me the information I need to deliver what you want while opening up new money channels and reviving offers I hadn’t been promoting.I only have to book a few clients per month to meet projections when I offer retained consulting agreements, 90 and 180 day accountability coaching, content strategy plans, web copywriting packages and Big Vision Experiences (aka VIP Days in Ashland, Oregon), and NOT everyone needs these services, wants these services or is ready for these services. 

In fact, this leaves the time and space to offer what you REALLY want and need NOW while increasing revenue (and I still have plenty of time for retained clients and copywriting packages).

YOU can create a cash infusion in your business, too. I’d love to play together when it feels right to you.

Where are your gaps? How can I help?  Click here to ask YOUR questions .

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