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Copywriting Training

Take Back YOUR Marketing Power:

Write Copy to Connect and Convert With PASSION Points 

PASSION over Pain: Introduction and overview. Click on video to learn how to flip your script and get a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in this powerful training. 

This copywriting training is designed to help you write better copy  AND understand pro tips to ensure you’re outsourcing your content to the right person.

The beauty of the values-based “Challenge. Solution. Invitation”communication framework is that it can be applied to all content including marketing, advertising, promotions, and copy. When you are considering outsourcing your content, I highly recommend you invest in this training so you’re up to speed on pro copywriting techniques and can better assess who is the right fit for you and your messaging.

When you invest you will discover and have access to:

  • 11 copywriting modules with proven techniques to write better copy including templates
  • The importance of focusing on PASSION points instead of pain points
  • Why your values equal value and bring clarity to your message
  • The simple 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula as seen in Inc. Magazine
  • Downloadable PDF copywriting checklist
  • Downloadable PDF about my methodologies and how you can create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points not pain points
  • A one-to-one strategy session to fine-tune your message and ask questions
  • Copy review of your first project (up to 3 pages valued at $1500.00) to assess the skills you’ve learned and provide pro tips for conversion
  • Options – you can access the full training with copy review and strategy session for $1297 OR  you can fly solo for only $297 (no strategy session or copy review)
    As seen in Inc. Magazine

Note: If you are NOT yet clear about your CORE values, vision mission, story and ideal clients, it’s recommended that you first invest in the How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity program. If these fundamental pieces are not clear it will create and energetic disconnect and the copy you create will not be as effective as it could be. Details here.

Your investment is only $1297 (split-pay available)
(training program, strategy session and 3 page copy review)

I’d like to fly-solo (no strategy session or copy review) for only $297

I’m ready to flip the script!  

Show me how to write copy that focuses on PASSION Points and paints a picture of possibility without poking at pain. 

Self-Paced Copywriting Training, Plus a Personal 1-to-1 Strategy Session to focus on Your Marketing Messages

This training is for YOU when you want an alternative to the hype and manipulation that are often included in many standard copywriting and marketing approaches.

You’re likely ready to

  • write better copy by tapping into who you really are not who you’ve been told you need to be to succeed (this includes unlearning techniques that simply are not aligned with what you know is right)
  • claim your voice and cut through the noise to stand out as a leader in your industry (by writing like you speak to create genuine connections that support a long-term sustainable business)
  • get better results by applying 11 proven techniques you can adapt to your business to amplify your true vision, voice, and message on your terms (this includes writing better headlines to quickly capture attention in an already noisy marketplace and focusing on PASSION points instead of pain points)
  • BE who you are meant to be in all aspects of your business because you know your word is your honor and you want that to stick (this may require some course correction because not everything you’ve been taught is working for you or your clients)
  • build your business by honoring your word NOT following the herd (it’s time to trust your intuition, learn proven copywriting tips, and apply it all to your marketing messages) 

For years people have been asking me to create a copywriting course and I  haven’t done it… until NOW.

What I know to be true is that YOU can flip the script, focus on PASSION points not pain points and create marketing messages with integrity.  I’ve developed a simple framework that’s completely customizable and adaptable for your business and can help you write better copy that converts (that means people understand what you’re saying, are interested in what you have to offer, and actually buy).

When used as a guidepost, my “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™”” formula (remember it’s not paint by numbers or cookie cutter) has helped my preferred clients make small shifts to create BIG impact which leads to deeper connections and an increase in sales (even people who have never done business with me and have only read about the process I’ve pioneered have increased sales by applying the principles).

Proven Techniques to Craft Marketing Messages that Get The Results 

It’s stories like Sharon’s (more evidence that small shifts make big impact), the proven results that my preferred clients get when playing with me, and a strong desire to help YOU succeed, that tells me, without a shadow of a doubt, the marketing world is beyond ready for this change.

In addition to my framework, you can apply time-tested copywriting techniques to help your message stand out and get better results.  In fact, strengthening your copywriting skills is an investment that can pay for itself over time.

So, here’s the deal.

I’ve created an 11 part, self-paced, video training series with exercises to help you write better copy.

Each lesson is delivered via 

  • short, power-packed videos  (the longest one is only about 5 minutes)
  • PDF downloads with action items  (relevant tips that you can apply right away)
  • email instruction with bonus tips (because that’s the way I roll)

This training is for YOU when you’re ready to level-up your marketing copy and

  • you want to learn proven techniques to write better copy (this investment in your business will save you time and money in the long run)
  • you’re a quick study who can and will apply the tips you learn (by taking action and incorporating what I teach, you will write more effective content)
  • you appreciate access to ask questions and receive candid feedback (Yes, you can ask me questions and I’ll answer you in The Write On Creative Community group — I want you to succeed – plus, there are options to add strategy sessions and content review to make your message even more impactful)

Note: If you are NOT yet clear about your CORE values, vision mission, story and ideal clients, it’s recommended that you first invest in the How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity program. If these fundamental pieces are not clear it will create and energetic disconnect and the copy you create will not be as effective as it could be. Details here.


Your investment is only $1297 (split-pay available)
(training program and strategy session)

I’d like to fly-solo (no strategy session or copy review) for only $297

Show me how to write better copy, get better results, and connect with who I’m meant to serve!

11 Modules to Help YOU Flip the Script and Create Marketing Messages That Connect and Convert


 Here’s what’s covered in each section of your training

Part 1: The Importance of Copy

True Confessions of a CopywriterYOUR word is the foundation of everything you do in your business and you must also have a clear strategy to get your message out. That’s why I say COPY is queen (think feminine energy) and STRATEGY is king (think masculine energy) -just like a relationship, they must work together to get results.

You will explore the importance of copy including:

  • The simple truth that your word is your honor in all applications
  • How copy is the secret to your sales success and it’s all about relationships
  • Why copy is the DNA of all of your marketing, advertising and promotional materials no matter where it’s showcased (i.e. print ads, radio ads, billboards, social media, sales letters, online messages, your website and more)

This will empower you with the information you need to embrace writing copy and crafting marketing messages that resonate with your audience. Plus, you’ll begin to understand how you can easily modify messages for all applications without reinventing the wheel.

​Part 2: Avatars and Niches

Not only do you need to be clear about your message, you must be clear about who you want to connect with. Once you have this dialed in it’s much easier to craft messages that get results (and you may have more than one focus because each revenue stream needs its own plan and message). 

You will explore:

  • Exactly who you need to connect with and  how to continue the conversation that’s already going on in their head
  • How to identify ideal clients and not-so-ideal clients to create your avatar so you’re crystal clear about who you want to play with
  • Why knowing the difference between a specialty niche and an industry niche can impact your message and help you get laser-focused on who you really want to serve

This class will amplify clarity about who you are meant to serve and give you a solid foundation for crafting marketing messages to the right people.

Part 3: The WIIFM Factor

web strategy​When you craft a message about your magic it’s important to make sure you’re showcasing WHY your magic is going to make a difference and how you get your clients results.  One of the biggest mistakes I see is making your message all about YOU when it should be about who you serve.

You will explore:

  • The power of the WIIFM Factor (what’s in it for me) and ways to focus on what your prime prospects really want
  • The difference between features (what you offer) and benefits (what your clients/customers get)
  • The power of PASSION points to motivate your prime prospects to become paying customers based on desires

This class will support you in crafting effective marketing messages that speak directly to your prime prospects and move them to paying clients and customers.

Part 4: Value Proposition 

​What value do you deliver? What results do your clients get from playing with you or investing in your product?  Social proof is a HUGE component of building trust and showcasing how you get results.

You will explore:

  • How to showcase your value proposition to position you and your business as the natural choice
  • Ways to present case studies, testimonials, and social proof to enhance credibility
  • What makes great testimonials and how to get them

This class will provide a plan to level up your credibility and the value you deliver to showcase results and attract more clients.

Part 5: Objections

Just say no to overcoming objections​When you’re clear about your magic and who you’re meant to serve you can create marketing messages that attract the right people naturally instead of trying to convince people you’re the right choice. Shift from chasing not-so-ideal clients to choosing the perfect fit for your business without forcing anything (think positioning).

You will explore:

  • Common objections including time, money story, trust, mindset and more
  • Why overcoming objections isn’t necessary when you’re clear about your ideal clients and your value proposition
  • How to apply the simple, 3-Step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” framework

This class will give you a foundation to create marketing messages to connect with the right clients and customers instead of trying to convince people who are not a good fit to do business with you.

Part 6: Headlines

​Your headlines must pop to draw people in. This is true in any medium, especially email marketing. Currently, my autoresponder series, the email messages you get when you opt-in for my FREE Copywriting Action Plan, is garnering over 80% open rate and over 70% click-through rate.  I cannot guarantee you’ll get the same results but I am confident you’ll get way better results once you hone your headline writing skills. Your email subject lines are like mini headlines and if your open rates are suffering it’s likely because you have weak subject lines. 

You will explore:

  • The 3 most read parts of copy and how to make them more attractive to your audience
  • The “3- 3- 3” rule and how to capture the attention of your prime prospects
  • Techniques to craft powerful headlines that get results

This class will give you tips to capture attention, gain the trust of your prime prospects with headlines and maintain it with content that truly connects.

Part 7: Formatting

​Once you’ve mastered your message and written your content there are tried and true ways to make your marketing materials stand out. Format your messages to get better results by applying the tips you learn.

You will explore:

  • Formatting tips and techniques to get better results
  • Pricing and decimals and how they impact value perception
  • The psychology or numbers and pricing

This class will share insider tips to make your content POP and help you get better results. By understanding perceived value you’ll have stronger skills to powerfully position yourself and your business.

Part 8: Double Readership Path

It’s one thing to be clear about who you’re writing messages for and it’s another to know how your messages are being received. There are two main reading types and knowing what they are will help you determine formatting techniques and how to reach both at the same time.

You will explore:

  • Why double readership paths matter and what they are
  • The difference between scanners and analytical readers
  • Length of copy and price point (the long and the short of it)

This class will provide information to assist you in understanding ways to appeal to various consumer motivations by capturing the attention of your readers. You’ll gain tips to determine how long your copy needs to be to be effective and how price point can determine copy length.

Part 9: Urgency

You have a solid product or service and you need to boost sales.  There are ways to do this without using cheesy tactics.  Create content that speaks directly to you prime prospects to turn them into paying customers without manipulation.

You will explore:

  • How to craft copy and marketing messages with techniques to increase sales
  • Ethical ways to incorporate special promotions, deadlines, scarcity, limited time offers, and bonuses
  • Ways the landscape of marketing messages and copy is evolving and some predictions from the past that continue to drive the future 

This class will give you ideas and inspiration to create a cash infusion in your business using proven tips and techniques to increase sales.

Part 10: The Close

​It’s time to bring it all together with languaging to entice action. All too often I see great copy with no call to action.  Master the skill of asking for the sale without being salesy.

You will explore:

  • How to promote action and close the deal with your copy
  • Ways to incorporate the “call to action” and “invitation” to turn prime prospects into paying customers/clients
  • The importance of asking your prime prospects to take the next step and commit to doing business with YOU and how not to leave money on the table

This class will provide a framework for ways you can build relationships, deepen your connection with prospects and move them to action. When you begin tactfully inviting people to do business with you, your sales are likely to increase.

Part 11: The Final Product 

​This is where you apply everything you’ve learned to write copy to connect and convert. By owning your voice and taking action you’ll craft more compelling copy and get better results (AND if you’ve invested in the copy review package, it’s where I roll up my sleeves to give you custom feedback).

You will explore:

  • How to bring it all together to develop and own your unique voice
  • Best practices to adapt and modify what you’ve learned to speak to your prime prospects (this includes testing and modifying based on what works)
  • Ethical ways to learn from others and create swipe files for inspiration

This class will help you apply the techniques you’ve learned to the project of your choice so you can craft marketing messages with integrity. You’ll also discover ways to gain inspiration from others without plagiarizing or losing your voice.

Bonus Resources

I’ll provide recommended resources and reading for you to:

  • Download and save the PDF resources for each class on your computer for your learning library
  • Explore the exercises and resources in the PDF’s
  • Consider the recommended reading list to expand your knowledge

The resources provided are intended to help you write better copy, be strategic about your marketing efforts, and continue the conversation when you’re interested in additional support.

Let’s Play

Claim YOUR Self-Study Video Course With Strategy Session

Invest in the self-study program and apply what you learn as you go on your own and recap with a 1-to-1 strategy session.

You’ll receive:

  • Access to the entire video training and exercises via password protected webpage
  • Downloadable PDF’s with exercises to complete your initial project using the techniques you learn
  • Individual email messages for each lesson to keep you on track and ensure you implement and 30 minute 1-to-1 strategy session within 30 days of investing in the program

Note: If you are NOT yet clear about your CORE message, it’s recommended that you first invest in a Message Mastery Session. If this is not clear the copy you create will not be as effective as it could be. Details here.

Your investment is only $1297 (split-pay available)
(training program, strategy session, and 3-page copy review)

I’d like to fly-solo (no strategy session or copy review) for only $297

Get the results you want and the connection your clients and customers crave. 

It’s time to break the trance, challenge the status quo, and engage critical thinking with the “Challenge. Solution.Invitation.” communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity.

That’s it. Simple, straightforward and streamlined training to help you write better copy and get better results.  OR, I’m happy to write your copy for you (customized projects average $1K per page and 5 Page Web Copy Packages start at $5500).  I share this because learning to write better copy is an investment in your business that can pay for itself when you take the time to apply the techniques. YOUR investment in this course and a one-to-one strategy session with me is less than 1/2 of the investment to have me write one page of copy for you.

It makes sense (dollars and cents) for you to take back your marketing power, claim your voice and learn how to write better copy – a skill that is repeatable and will pay for itself over time. This training will also give you advanced knowledge of techniques that are helpful when you select the right copywriting partner for your business (should you choose to outsource). 

Cheers to your success! AND, let’s play ♥

Lisa Manyon



Your Business Marketing Architect & Founder/President of Write On Creative

P.S. When you have additional questions about this program or other marketing, advertising, copywriting and publicity concerns click here to ASK me.

P.P.S. It’s possible that you’ve happened upon this page and are not familiar with me. Here’s a little background info that you might find helpful – click here for backstory AND if you haven’t joined the Write On Creative Community yet, get your FREE Copywriting Action Plan here (When you become a member of the Write On Creative community, you will  receive a special thank you of $200.00 off my Marketing With Integrity self-study program which means you get it for only $97)

Note: If you are NOT yet clear about your CORE values, vision mission, story and ideal clients, it’s recommended that you first invest in the How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity program. If these fundamental pieces are not clear it will create and energetic disconnect and the copy you create will not be as effective as it could be. Details here.

Legal Disclaimer: This is a self-paced, self-study course and as such, you’re required to apply the information in order to get results.   Results are not guaranteed because YOU have to do the work and apply what you learn – however, small shifts make big impact and focusing on PASSION points instead of poking at pain and amplifying angst has proven to be quite lucrative for many (not to mention more aligned). Testimonials and case studies are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results (proof of results can be provided upon request). Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money (especially if you don’t implement). It’s also a proven fact that action takers get better results. [End of required legal mumbo jumbo – standard terms and agreements apply as outlined here]

“After a few years of learning as much as I could about marketing my business, I was feeling frustrated and totally out of my element. Pushing pain buttons to sell my programs felt completely out of alignment with what I was teaching in those programs.

And none of that marketing approach worked for me.

When I read these two pages ( Aspire Article – Lisa Manyon ) Lisa’s philosophies transformed my struggle into hope.

I printed the article and pinned it to my bulletin board and started to rewrite how I was offering my services with an acknowledgment of the challenges, offering a practical solution and extending an invitation to those who were finding their way to me.

To me, I feel that Lisa’s approach offers respect and understanding to the people who are attracted to us.

When I have used Lisa’s approach in our live and online introductory events, I have seen trust, relationships and friendships develop quickly. At our live events, most of the people attending don’t want to leave. More than half of those who live in our community, continue to support our other events in the city.

And as a speaker and trainer, offering my services to others, I feel in full alignment and integrity with who I am as I share how I can offer help.”

Sharon Carne of Sound Wellness