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    24 Hour Web SalesThis course is perfect for you if you have a website and need to update your content and strategy or are just planning your website. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for when:

    • you want to have a clear message for your website copy
    • aren’t sure what needs to go on each page of your site
    • don’t know how to entice your website visitors to become clients

    You’ll discover how your website can truly build relationships, get clients and make money. Ali Brown and Lisa Manyon share over 40 years of combined Internet marketing and copywriting experience to help you create web copy or revamp your current copy to really connect with your ideal clients. This is the perfect tool to help you reassess your copy (it’s recommended you do this quarterly) and rewrite it as needed.

    The content of the 24-7 Web Sales Success Course will help you discover —

    • Tips and exercises to revamp your “call to action” and headlines right away to improve conversions (this means really connecting with your ideal clients which leads to increased sales)
    • Real world examples of websites that lose the sale, why this happens and how you can avoid it by applying the 3 – 3 – 3 rule to get attention, engage visitors and encourage a purchase
    • Why copy is “Queen” and content strategy is “King”–no matter what you’ve heard in the past, we reveal the truth about copy and strategy that really works to promote web sales.

    PLUS, you’ll have instant access to:

    • audio recordings of each training segment
    • worksheets to map out your own strategy
    • copywriting shortcuts to create more powerful content
    • BONUS Quick-start guides for future reference to truly connect with your ideal clients
    • Recommended resources from Ali Brown and Lisa Manyon and a coupon code for $100.00 off a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover (this process helps uncover hidden revenue streams and gives you one-to-one access to dial in your web strategy and messaging with Lisa).

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    Trudy Scott“Thank you for a well-run Web Sales class! As a trainer and professional presenter, I understand the effort that goes into designing and running a good course. Your thorough preparation and planning showed. I joined the class just before session #3 and it was still great thanks to your recordings, transcripts and other handouts. I am especially grateful for the help you both provided on my work-in-process revised website during the Q&A. The new site is still being built and what I showed during class was not yet live. Your initial impressions and insights were terrific and much appreciated. Of course, listening to the comments made to others also gave me good ideas. Thank you again!”

    ~ Vicki Wrona

    “I found your 24/ 7 Websales course to be ‘simply valuable’, meaning it was streamlined to work simply (no complicated, hard to implement tasks) and contain simple yet powerful value and content. I particularly liked the fill in the blanks worksheets!It is difficult to come up with just three ah-ha take-aways from many I received, but here are the top three:

    1. Always asking people to take an additional step – a call to action. To look at this as an ‘invitation’ rather than a sale and to use such unobtrusive languaging such as “While you are here would you like to take a look at my book?” I am implementing this on all my ‘thank you’ pages!

    2. Connecting my copy with my ideal client. It has taken me nearly two years to nail down my Ideal Client! I ‘found her’ just before this course was offered and now I will be changing my copy to read as if I were speaking directly to her.

    3. To look for the ‘magic’ in what I do and share it in headlines.”

    ~ Lynn Moore
    Clear Goals Coaching
    Vernon, BC Canada

    “Get a Sneak Peek of What’s in the Course Here and Start Mapping Out Your Strategy”

    computergirlLlisten to this FREE audio to assess where your website copy and strategy might need help… (hint: it’s possible that you have unrealistic web expectations and need a different strategy).

    In this information-packed, one-hour session, Ali Brown and Lisa Manyon team up to offer nearly 40 years of combined marketing insight to dramatically improve your web content and strategy.

    You’ll discover…

    • The FIVE elements your site MUST have to build relationships and get more sales
    • The TWO key reasons business owners fail to create profitable websites
    • Lessons from Lisa and Ali’s ad agency days to help you market more powerfully now

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