• “Powerfully Communicating Your Marketing Message with Business Building Strategies & Copywriting Solutions to Increase Results”

    The KEY to successful marketing begins with building relationships. Your success starts with YOUR copy.

    Copy, by definition, is the written part (content) of all marketing, advertising and promotional materials (it’s basically the DNA of your marketing efforts and the foundation to create cash flow).

    My mission is to turn your ideas into something that matters. I tend to attract mission-driven entrepreneurs and business owners who are authors, coaches, trainers, corporate leaders, speakers, artists, healers and even light-workers. You’re all connected by a  common thread (even if at first glance it might not seem like it). Each of  you  want to make a difference in the world, help more people and do it in a way that feels good, but you struggle to turn your BIG mission into a palatable marketing message that get results (without being salesy, pushy or using cookie cutter and paint by number approaches ). I’ve created the NEW Marketing Model For Success to help you create marketing messages with integrity based on your values and  from a place of true service. I teach a friendly and effective way to market your business with the simple “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula. This is important because your word is your honor (and yes, that means your marketing messages, too).

    Here’s how to know which services will work best for you.



    You need copy: This generally means you are creating a website from scratch and need guidance with writing for the web and developing your strategy. You might also already have an established business and you’re now expanding and adding an additional brand or online presence. The best place to start is with the 5 Page Web Copy and Strategy Package <Click on this link 



    You have copy that needs help: This generally means you have an established web presence that isn’t performing as you’d like. You need help with strategy and fine-tuning your web content to connect with your ideal clients, attract qualified prospects and turn them into paying customers. Often you’ve only been given pieces of the online marketing puzzle and you’re wondering why it’s not all fitting together as you’d hoped. You likely have an established brand or you may be in the process of re-branding. The starting point for you is a personalized Manyon Marketing Web Makeover – <Click on this link



    You want to do it yourself: You want to learn how to write better copy yourself. It’s likely that you’ve been turned off by the pain point poking approach to creating copy and you’re ready for an approach that is more in alignment with  your mission, vision and values. Regardless of where you are on your journey understand the importance of fine-tuning your content and creating fresh copy. You’re ready to embrace my simple 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula to create marketing messages with integrity. You want cost-effective, proven tools to help you do it yourself.

    When you’re already clear about values, mission, brand story and overall business direction you might consider my self-study video course with project review options.Click this link for details > Create Copy to Connect and Convert With PASSION Points self-study course.

    When you still need some clarity about your values and telling your story you’ll want to check out my self study, do-it-yourself program – Click on this link >  How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity  (note: become a member of the Write On Creative Community and get access to this program for only $97).

    I’m able to support you no matter where you are on your business journey. When you struggle to write your copy, are overwhelmed by all the content you need to create, feel stuck when it comes to creating your marketing message or you don’t have a strategy or plan that feels right and gets results, I can help. Together we’ll create business marketing and copywriting strategies that work for you and, more importantly, your clients. My goal is to give you a voice to turn your ideas into something that matters and make sure your mission is translated into a powerful marketing message that gets results.

     So, let’s get started!?

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

    P.S. Still not sure where to start?  To help you build a solid foundation for your content and marketing strategy I offer you a FREE Copywriting Action Plan CLICK here to get the details (when you become a member of the Write On Creative Community you are eligible to connect with me personally). Or, when you’ve been sent by one of the Write On Creative preferred referral partners, send an email to support@writeoncreative.com to request a complimentary Get Connected call  (and be sure to let us know who sent you or join the Write On Creative Community and you’ll be eligible to connect with me personally).


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