Let’s Reverse Engineer Your Most Powerful Solutions
into Profitable Revenue Streams

When you’re ready for a critical thinking partner to support your business with planning, strategy, coaching or consulting,  I apply my expertise to YOUR business situation to get results.  The support available to you here is straightforward. No fluff, no hype, no cookie cutter or paint by number offerings. I offer solid business marketing strategies based on over two decades of experience and countless client success stories. Together we can focus on:

  • Branding/Image (Drawing on my ad agency experience, I’ve helped clients save $$$ by making small shifts instead of jumping on the rebranding bandwagon)
  • Planning/Strategy (I’ve helped clients achieve million dollar results with content strategy plans and revenue review)
  • Copy Techniques (With the right words, anything is possible, from slight headline shifts that increase opt-in rates by 50% to custom one-to-one content creation training to get better results)
  • Messaging (By tapping into your values and applying the simple “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” framework to create marketing messages with integrity that amplify PASSION points, you can easily flip the script and attract exactly who you’re meant to serve).
  • Publicity/PR (My systems have helped position clients for mainstream media appearances, writing gigs for Huffington Post and more)
  • Revenue Stream Creation (One idea for a preferred client generated over $65,000 in the first launch and I’ve repackaged offerings to help triple investment in my services in just one sale)
  • Creative business concepts including packaging products, services, programs (pretty much what it sounds like, we co-create what is of service to your clients and profitable for you)
  • Strategies to leverage your legacy (i.e. book, speaking topics, specialized expertise, training, and more — let’s talk about what you want to create, why, and how you can make it happen) 
  • Custom Consulting + Content Creation or One-to-One Accountability Coaching (together we can co-create a plan and strategy to create success on your terms based on your goals)

When we play together, you’ll get objective perspective with a magical blend of practical and intuitive coaching, consulting and mentoring. Together we’ll co-create a plan to achieve your goals and success on your terms.  Choose from a Quick Start Strategy Session, VIP Business Marketing Experiences, Content Strategy Plans, or custom One-to-One Coaching packages, or retained consulting and content agreements.  I’ve also created a sacred container to champion your dreams with the 10-month one-to-one Grace and Ease Coaching and Consulting ProgramView what’s available, submit your inquires below and we’ll co-create some magic 

Here are Some Ways We Can Collaborate
to Grow YOUR Business

Quick Start Strategy Session:

Schedule one-on-one time to focus on solutions to your biggest marketing challenges. This is a fast and affordable way to get UNSTUCK for only $497.
Your Quick Start Strategy Session includes:

  • Focus on your biggest business marketing challenge (you email me specifics before our call)
  • One hour one-to-one strategy session to brainstorm solutions
  • Audio recording of your session for your records (if desired)
  • Action items to implement right away (I email you your next steps)
  • Follow up call within 30 days to check on progress and determine what’s next

When you’re ready to play

Claim your introductory rate of just $497 for quick start, one-to-one, strategy session to help you find solutions for your biggest marketing challenge + a follow-up session.

VIP Business Marketing Experience:

You might prefer to come to magical Ashland, Oregon for a Business Marketing VIP experience to map out your plans, goals and action steps in person (full day experiences with 90 day follow-up accountability to keep you on track start at $10,000 – virtual and 1/2 day options are ,available upon request)  

Content Strategy Plan:

When you’re ready to create a solid plan and strategy to market your business consistently both online and offline, investing in a 90-day Content Strategy Plan is the way to go. Get the details for your Content Strategy Plan.  Let’s map out your next steps and eliminate second-guessing.

 When you’re interested in ongoing support, we can explore the possibilities

Retained Consulting, Strategy and Content Co-Creation Agreements available (starting at $5500 per month)

  Submit your inquiry below and we’ll have a heart to heart to see what best serves YOU! 

I look forward to playing with you when you choose to invest in your success. 

Write on!~


My business now IS over a million dollars…

In our very first session, Lisa mapped out a high-level plan that clearly showed the way to my first 7-figure year (and beyond!) and also allowed me to get my message and brand out there in the way I dreamed of, and in the publications I dreamed of. Fast forward 6 months or so down the track, my business now IS over a million dollars.

~ Katrina Ruth | Author, speaker and entrepreneur 

Thank you for your keen intuition

I will never forget the serious look on your face at the end of our business coaching consultation about my stylist work when you looked at me and said, after a potent pause,”…but you REALLY light up when you talk about singing.” Thank you for your keen intuition and subtle permission, as a business coach, to follow my heart instead of my head. I now lead a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band and I’m am doing voice tracks for LA producers.

~ Natasha Neece, Lead Singer of Living Loving Led

Lisa doesn’t often say this herself but she has the ability to see into the soul of your business

Lisa suggested that I create a product around the individual ‘Life Lessons’ that I identify in my hand analysis process. It was as if Lisa were in my head—I’d thought about something similar many years ago. AND Lisa’s passion, combined with visionary intuition that this would be a success, prompted me to create and launch the product. The idea generated over $65,000.00 on first launch and has gone on to generate multiple 6 figures from one idea. I highly recommend Lisa’s marketing content strategies. Lisa doesn’t often say this herself but she has the ability to see into the soul of your business. I’ve hired her on more than one occasion, she captures my voice perfectly, saved me hours of time by crafting a message that converts.”

~ Baeth Davis |  Host of The Rant and Founder of Your Soul Purpose ™

Generated over $40,000.00 in business and mapped out my first #1 bestselling book

“After just one session, we generated an overriding theme which streamlined all of my marketing materials. Throughout the process we brainstormed over 150 headlines for blogs, articles, ezines and social media, with a solid repurposing plan. As a result, I saved an immense amount of time and energy, which can now be spent on income-generating activities and from my first focused email campaign, I generated over $40,000.00 in business! Plus, this process helped me map out content for one of my first #1 Bestselling books. I highly recommend working with Lisa.”

~ Jennifer Longmore | North America’s Soul Purpose Expert | www.SoulJourneys.ca

Had to convince us that this would raise the perceived value of our packages, and was she ever right

“After going through our offerings with Lisa as she was writing copy for our new website, she suggested adding a VIP Day to our Private Coaching Packages. She had to convince us that this would raise the perceived value of our packages, and was she ever right! We booked the first client we spoke to into our highest end offer with a VIP Day! This ideal client paid in full for a package that was double the investment of anything we had previously offered and recouped our investment with Lisa several times over with just this one sale.”

~ Orna and Matthew Walters, Master Relationship Coaches

Generated easily an additional $19,000.00 and counting

“Whether it was my website homepage, a live event or my book launch, Lisa has been an integral part of my business success. My business has generated easily an additional $19,000.00 and counting, (from one project alone,) more than doubling my investment with Lisa. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to accelerate their marketing and sales.”

~ Joy Chudacoff | Smart Women Smart Solutions 

I became ONE with my purpose

“Lisa helped me name the body of work I’ve been sharing to impact the lives of my clients for 20 years. Working with her has streamlined my strategy and clarified my core message to connect directly with the clients I’m meant to serve at the highest level. When she downloaded the name for my Feminine Grace Mastery process, it instantly attuned me to the highest level of deep service I am here to do. I became ONE with my purpose. When you work with Lisa, be ready for transformation on all levels. Her intuition and work are alchemical. You will be called to embody the best version of you and energetically align with the highest version of your work. Lisa will 100% help you and your unique message make a profound and lasting impact. You deserve to experience this high level work.”

~ Marilyn Rodriquez, Feminine Grace Mastery Coach

Lisa Manyon is a ‘friggin’ genius!

“In just three sessions Lisa Manyon has packed me together with a brilliant marketing strategy for the entire year! I have blog content, ezine content, videos – and it’s all brilliantly strategic. Lisa is a ‘no BS’, no hype, ‘friggin genius’! Her blueprint gave me clarity about where I needed to go and how to do this –in ways I hadn’t even imagined; she introduced me to brilliant resources – that don’t cost a fortune; kept my ADHD brain completely on track with her absolute focus during our calls; answered my questions; tweaked my headlines (Wow ! She’s smart at this!) and guided me to an awesome plan that I can’t wait to launch. I am definitely working with Lisa for all my copy and marketing needs in the future!

~ Pinky McKay | Baby Care Author| www.PinkyMcKay.com

The time spent with Lisa Manyon working on my Content Strategy Plan was invaluable.

“Her system made the process so easy and Lisa is very generous with ideas, feedback and objective perspective. I am thrilled with the final result. I literally have in hand a 12-month map of exactly what I’m writing about every month including blog topics, article topics, social media ideas and press release angles. It now takes less time to write and create my content. Plus, my community has grown by 25% in just the first two months of implementing my Content Strategy Plan the plan and I’ve reached Diamond level status as an Ezine Articles.com author. My investment has paid off many times over and I highly recommend this process to anyone who needs an Internet marketing editorial calendar.”

~ Sydni Craig-Hart |www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com

Lisa’s strategy flips the perspective from pain points and fear which is typical in our coaching industry and focuses on PASSION

Nicole Doherty

“I loved working with Lisa. She’s smart, driven and spiritually connected. As a soulpreneur working with awakened women on their healing path, I want to inspire and connect with my tribe and feel energetically aligned when speaking with them.  Lisa’s strategy flips the perspective from pain points and fear which is typical in our coaching industry and focuses on PASSION to build relationships and trust with your audience. Her words were uplifting, possibility-driven, passionate and effective. She is a quick channeler, easy to work with and very inspiring as a person who wishes to create deep impact and healing on the planet.  Thank you Lisa!”

~ Nicole Doherty | Unleash the Priestess Within | www.Nicole.Doherty.com

As we turned each of my paragraphs around to deliver something potent, meaningful, and true, I knew that the marketing industry, in general, has it wrong.

“After struggling for 10+ years to write decent copy for my events, and spending thousands of dollars in marketing courses that resulted in learning uncomfortable methods to reach my audience, I finally discovered and hired Lisa to help me with a particularly important project. Within the first few minutes of speaking with her, I wanted to cry with relief. Her philosophy and approach are entirely different than anything I had ever heard. As we turned each of my paragraphs around to deliver something potent, meaningful, and true, I knew that the marketing industry, in general, has it wrong. I walked out of my session with Lisa feeling excited and motivated because I now had clarity and a solid skill for inviting the perfect attendees to join me in a way that feels stimulating and honest, resulting in successful workshops.”

~ Suzanne Mathis McQueen, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks www.4s4w.com 

Lisa’s work is exceptional; she met or beat deadlines, and is an asset to any team regardless of the industry.

“I had the extraordinary pleasure of collaborating with Lisa when she served as a retained independent contractor for strategic marketing and content development for a new start-up company in the fast-paced women’s wellness industry. I oversaw the work she produced, including strategic direction for nationwide campaigns, creation, and implementation of systems and procedures for content development, copywriting for landing pages/websites, email campaigns, collateral, website content, blog posts, creative concepts for podcast development, press releases, bios, speaker submission and award applications for PR initiatives. In my career, it’s rare to find all-around gems like Lisa that not only master their own craft but able to contribute across the business, not to mention being an amazing person! Lisa’s work is exceptional; she met or beat deadlines, and is an asset to any team regardless of the industry.”

~ Carolyn (Soltes) Matthies | Arcview Group

Lisa has single-handedly transformed the trajectory of my nonprofit

“In one afternoon, during our VIP Business Strategy Session, Lisa found solutions to marketing issues I had been struggling with for over two years. In working with her I have been really inspired by HER enthusiasm for MY project. When you work with Lisa she is 100% enrolled and committed to your success especially in the moments when you need extra support. Lisa has single-handedly transformed the trajectory of my nonprofit with her style of marketing with integrity and authenticity. I recommend investing in your vision and hiring Lisa, you will become more focused and efficient with her guidance. Also, she is just a tremendous person and it’s lovely to know her.” –

~Lauren Trantham| Executive Director of Ride My Road | www.RideMyRoad.org 

Getting clear on my values and infusing them into my marketing message attracts a different caliber of clients

“Although I help others with visibility and marketing, I needed help to show up in my business in a new way. I’m selective about who I invest in because many experts in the field want to push you down the SEO route, the funnel route, or the FB ads route. I knew I needed something different. When Lisa came on my radar, a couple of things stood out 1) Her client roster showcases people I admire and respect 2) It felt like her Marketing with Integrity program is made for me. I love how Lisa helps you focus on your values first so you can infuse them into your message to attract the right clients. Through Lisa, I learned my message was not aligned, I was not attracting the right people, and now, after going through her program, I am. Getting clear on my values and infusing them into my marketing message attracts a different caliber of clients.” ~

Amelia Roberts | Relationship Facilitator,  Advisor: Marketing and Digital PR | www.SolutionsByAmelia.com

Her genius changed how I communicate the value of my work and has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue

“For years I struggled with how to articulate the magic and the transformation my clients have when they work with me. Each comes to me with a unique and specific challenge, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Lisa listened to the outcomes they experienced, asked me meaningful and thorough questions, and really gained a deep understanding of my work. After working with Lisa on several projects, I had the clarity I had been seeking and a plan for moving forward. Her genius changed how I communicate the value of my work and has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. I highly recommend investing in a VIP Business Marketing Strategy Day when you’re ready to map out your magic.”

~ Yvonne Ohumukini Urness | Hula For the Soul www.HulaForTheSoul

The Manyon Makeover was just what I needed to enhance my existing website.

“The Manyon Makeover was just what I needed to enhance my existing website. Lisa quickly helped me target areas that needed adjustments to better clarify my message and provide smoother interactions with clients as to the products and services that I offer. I am already noticing the difference in my business and in feedback from clients visiting my site.

~ Bryn Blankinship | The Regression Specialist©

Lisa’s marketing with integrity approach and philosophies are a breath of fresh air

I’d been searching for a marketing person who understands my business, and I found her. Lisa helped us stop marketing to our clients’ sense of fear and lack and started inspiring them to work with us. The transformation was exactly what we were seeking. Her marketing with integrity approach and philosophies are a breath of fresh air. Lisa worked closely with our team to help identify our top three goals and collaborate on developing a Content Strategy Plan, including email nurture sequences, social media suggestions, and positioning for speaking engagements and live events, including mapping out a signature talk based on my bestselling book UNSTUCK, publicity opportunities, website messaging, and strategy, and overall workflow. One revenue stream that Lisa suggested, when implemented, will push the business over the million-dollar mark.I would say that working with Lisa is a smart investment in your business.

~ Jennifer Hough, Scientuality Expert, Bestselling Author and President of The Wide Awakening

Lisa brought out the best in all the guest speakers

Lisa was an outstanding moderator for the round table events we held with several community leaders. She included everyone in the conversation seamlessly and ensured all participants had the opportunity to answer questions and offer their expertise. Lise kept the conversation flowing while moving easily between topics. She made sure all the important questions were asked and stayed within the allotted time frame. Lisa’s poise, friendly disposition, and outgoing personality made for a beautiful event where she brought out the best in all the guest speakers.

~ Obie and Sarah Strickler of Grown Rogue

I highly recommend her for your messaging and strategy

“Lisa’s values-based “Challenge. Solution. Invitation” communication framework helps people to clarify their core marketing message with integrity and beautifully complements the Authentic Messaging Blueprint process that I teach. We’ve collaborated for several years, and Lisa offers expert copywriting reviews for our Launch Academy students. They rave about her, and I highly recommend her for your messaging and strategy.”

~ Chris Kyle, founder of Launch Academy

She empowered me to own my message

WOW! In the first twelve minutes of our Quick Start Strategy Session, Lisa helped me refine my business title, create taglines for my signature programs and name my upcoming webinars. Beyond that, she empowered me to own my message in the most powerful way. I highly recommend working with Lisa.”

~ Therese Skelly, The Intuitive Business Mentor

It’s great to have someone experienced, honest, and realistic in this journey

After taking The Messenger Quiz, I hired Lisa for a Quick Start Strategy Session. And, WOW – That was fast!!! I really appreciate ALL the details she put into our session and the follow-up email – I did not expect it that quickly! I am thrilled to be working with Lisa on my strategy and messaging. I received action items right away that I will review and start implementing. I know Lisa is right on point, and it’s great to have someone experienced, honest, and realistic in this journey. I look forward to our follow-up session.”

~ Lisa Rickwood, Escape The Pace

Working with Lisa is worth every penny. I’m grateful for her co-creative process.

“Working with Lisa on my web makeover, web strategy and content was worth every penny.  Lisa’s talent lies not only in her writing skills but her connections with her clients and understanding who they are. Through one-to-one conversations plus a detailed questionnaire, Lisa discovered who I am and brought my voice and message to life in a way that gave my website personality and made my message crystal clear.  As I worked with Lisa, I understood more about myself, my offerings, and who my customer is. This is not my first website, but it’s the first one that makes the most sense to me and it’s because Lisa was able to really understand what I wanted from my site. I am so grateful for Lisa and her co-creative process that she shared with me – I’m over the moon with how my site came together.  Thanks Lisa! “

~ Pamela Kamoku | Founder of Ease In Motion

We were able to rebuild our site better than ever

We lost our website a few months ago. We weren’t sure where to start, and Lisa helped us create a new site layout outline. She really took the time to understand our needs and the goals for our site. By using the site layout she suggested, we were able to rebuild our site better than before! Lisa has years of experience, is very professional, and is such a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her for any of your business marketing needs!

~ Emily Clark, LCSW at  UMFS.org



Be prepared for things unfolding in unexpected positive ways

“I met Lisa Manyon at the Holistic Path For Wellness and was very interested in her work to help business owners with marketing and increasing sales.  My intuition told me she was the right person to work with and that this would be a worthwhile investment to grow my business.  One thing that hit home was that I wasn’t giving folks a reason to buy packages.  She helped me strategize ways to promote these in a way that felt clean.  I received guidance about how to market my business on Instagram, and I’m now posting regularly with more intention.  She had many great ideas I hadn’t thought of around communications with clients, prices, atomization, and much more.  It was good that she was recording our phone call because there was lots that she covered in a short amount of time.

All I can say is to be prepared for things unfolding in unexpected positive ways when you work with Lisa.  She is a master in her craft, and I recommend her work to anyone starting up a new business.”

~ Ernie Flores,  Shamanic Practitioner at  www.floresshamanichealing.com

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