Fresh Perspective, Big Vision, Creative Ideas and Clear Strategies to Reverse Engineer Your Most Powerful Solutions into Profitable Revenue Streams

When you’re ready for solid business strategy consulting and real results I’ll give it to you straight and help you quickly figure out your next steps with one-to-one attention. I am committed to working exclusively with action takers who are serious about their business marketing strategy.

It’s time to connect when:

  • You KNOW you’re meant to be doing bigger things and you’re ready to flip the script (it’s time for the vision to become a reality and to do that you need some fresh perspective)
  • You’re feeling a little stuck even though you’ve achieved a great deal of success (you’re ready to explore what’s next)
  • You’re not getting what you need from current products, programs, coaches or mentors (you’re ready to be HEARD by someone who can see the big picture and help chunk it down into actionable steps so you can move forward NOW)
  • You’re feeling the bigger vision yet you need some help clarifying it and creating or strengthening your  strategy (you’re ready to co-create a plan to create your legacy and beyond)
  • You’ve realized this is really an inside job AND you need outside perspective AND a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be (it’s time for a critical thinking partner to help you challenge the status quo and create a solid plan to do what you’ve only dreamed)

The support available to you here is straightforward.

No fluff, no hype, no cookie cutter or paint by number offerings.

I offer solid business marketing strategies based on over two decades of experience and countless client success stories!

Simply put, I apply my experience to YOUR business situation and we co-create a plan to achieve your goals related to but not limited to:

  • Branding/Image (Drawing on my ad agency experience, I’ve helped clients save $$$ by making small shifts instead of jumping on the rebranding bandwagon)
  • Planning/Strategy (I’ve helped clients achieve million dollar results with content strategy plans and revenue review)
  • Copy Techniques (With the right words, anything is possible, from slight headline shifts that increase opt-in rates by 50% to custom one-to-one content creation training to get better results)
  • Messaging (By tapping into your values and applying the simple “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” framework to create marketing messages with integrity that amplify PASSION points, you can easily flip the script and attract exactly who you’re meant to serve).
  • Publicity/PR (My systems have helped position clients for mainstream media appearances, writing gigs for Huffington Post and more)
  • Revenue Stream Creation (One idea for a preferred client generated over $65,000 in the first launch and I’ve repackaged offerings to help triple investment in my services in just one sale)
  • Creative business concepts including packaging products, services, programs (pretty much what it sounds like, we co-create what is of service to your clients and profitable for you)
  • Strategies to leverage your legacy (i.e. book, speaking topics, specialized expertise, training, and more — let’s talk about what you want to create, why, and how you can make it happen)

When we play together, you’ll get objective perspective with a magical blend of practical and intuitive coaching, consulting and mentoring. 

Here are some ways we can collaborate to grow YOUR business.

Quick Start Strategy Session:  Schedule one-on-one time to focus on solutions to your biggest marketing challenges. This is a fast and affordable way to get UNSTUCK for only $297.

Your Quick Start Strategy Session includes:

  • Focus on your biggest business marketing challenge (you email me specifics before our call)
  • One hour one-to-one strategy session to brainstorm solutions
  • Audio recording of your session for your records (if desired)
  • Action items to implement right away (I email you your next steps)
  • Follow up call within 30 days to check on progress and determine what’s next

When you’re ready to play

Claim your introductory rate of just $297 for quick start, one on one, strategy sessions to help you move past your biggest marketing challenge.

VIP Business Marketing Experience: You might prefer to come to magical Ashland, Oregon for a Business Marketing VIP experience to map out your plans, goals and action steps in person (full day experiences with 90 day follow up accountability to keep you on track start at $7500 – virtual options are available upon request)  

One-to-One Accountability: When you’re interested in ongoing support, we can explore the possibility of 3 month or 6 month accountability packages to get things done (starting at $1500 per month) – send an email to or call 1.886.620.1428.  You might also be ready for a Content Strategy Plan to map out your next steps and eliminate second-guessing your next move.

I look forward to playing with you when you choose to invest in your success. 

Write on!~