• Leverage Over Two Decades of Experience With Customized, One-to-One Business Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business.

    Lisa Manyon offers , Copywriting Packages, One-to-One Accountability Coaching/Consulting (including in person VIP Experiences and Quick Start Strategy Sessions), and self-study courses to help your business succeed. She can be booked for interactive speaking and training and is available for ongoing, custom retained support by application. With over two decades of experience Lisa partners with select businesses to create, maintain and grow the integrity and equity of your brand image, message (copy), strategy, and publicity.

    Marketing Strategy, Consulting and Publicity to Grow Your Business

    “I was BLOWN AWAY by the level of detail and insight Lisa gave to me and my business in our time together. To tell the truth, I was slightly intimidated by how well she understood my business as well as ME and my crazy-big dreams for myself as a leader and an entrepreneur. In our very first session Lisa mapped out a high-level plan that clearly showed the way to my first 7-figure year (and beyond!) and also allowed me to get my message and brand out there in the way I dreamed of, and in the publications I dreamed of. Fast forward 6 months or so down the track, my business now IS over a million dollars (of course the plan changed along the way, which is part of the fun!), I have a column in Huff Post, I’m doing even more of what I love, and I truly couldn’t be happier. BIG thank you to this amazing lady!”

    ~ Kat Loterzo, Success Author & Mentor to Women Revolutionaries who want it ALL!

    joy“When I’m looking to launch my next Big Idea – whether it’s a book, event or program, I pull out my secret weapon and her name is Lisa Manyon! Lisa is a brilliant marketing content strategist and copywriter. When she spins her magic you see an instant increase in client attraction, opt-ins and sales. Lisa created the copy for the home page of my most recent web site and the site has consistently shown a huge increase in opt-ins to receive my free video series as well as women purchasing coaching directly from the offer on the home page. What’s more, the women who show up in my business are exactly who I desire to work with. I believe this is due in large part to the copy and strategy that Lisa created. She really listens, hears and asks the right questions to zero in on who your client is and how to best reach them with the right copy. My homepage copy is only one of a handful of projects we have collaborated on including product launches , book campaigns and event marketing. I recently launched my first book, “What’s Next?: The 7 Steps to Discover Your Big Idea and Create a Wildly Successful Business and Lisa was in the wings creating copy that made my book launch a huge success! Whether it was my website homepage, a live event or my book launch, Lisa has been an integral part of my business success. My business has generated easily an additional $19,000.00 and counting, (from one project alone,) more than doubling my investment with Lisa. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to accelerate their marketing and sales.

    ~ Joy Chudacoff, ICF PCC

    karin in brown“I want to give Lisa Manyon my highest recommendation. I came across her for the first time when I heard about her Interview in Inc magazine where she presents a new way of marketing and a new way of thinking with her CSI model. When I read about her approach, it just resonated so deeply with me we actually included Lisa’s philosophies in our book, an international bestseller, called Engage: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Workplace that You, Your Coworkers and Your Customers Love (see page 176). Her model talks about a new way of doing business and encourages us to think in a new way especially when it comes to marketing. Her formula is “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.”™ and I was really moved by it. I reached out to Lisa to talk to her about our book and we hit it off. She’s fabulous and we ended up hiring her. Lisa collaborated with us to create the copy for the back cover of our book. She’s fantastic and someone who you’ll want to consider working with when you have a really big mission to get out into the world. Not only does she have a great personality, I was very impressed with her professionalism and how she was able to deliver what we were looking for in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend Lisa and I definitely recommend her new marketing model. She’s on the leading edge of what’s happening in the world and how to do business and she understands the importance of clear and strategic marketing messages. When you’d like to learn more about the specific formula used by successful businesses like Virgin, PUMA, Southwest Airlines, TOMS, Zappos, Ben & Jerry’s and, of course, Lisa’s philosophies, be sure to get a copy of the book Engage because business is now anything but usual. “

    ~ Karin Volo -International Bestselling Author

    peach“It had never occurred to me that there is actually someone who could write copy in my own voice because I am overcoming my control issues with delegation. And I also enjoy writing. However, my business is, like all growing businesses, “busi-ness” and I need help to accomplish my goals. Copywriting can be very time-consuming and for me, requires a lot of uninterrupted quiet time to complete a project. When I heard Lisa speak about her business at Ali Brown’s Shine event I knew I wanted to work with her. I was thrilled to discover Lisa’s passion for helping women share their gifts with the world. Plus, she has a writing process that works and she strives to develop long-term client relationships so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or educate someone new for each project. She is able to capture my voice and makes creating copy so much easier. Lisa’s latest sales letter for our company has generated extraordinary positive response – and sales with ideal clients. A project that would have taken me 25 hours or more to do on my own only required two hours of my time while Lisa handled the rest! Lisa has the ability to capture the voice of her clients because she intuitively taps into the energy of the business and message. She also suggested that I create a product around the individual ‘Life Lessons’ that I identify in my hand analysis process. It was as if Lisa were in my head—I’d thought about something similar many years ago. AND Lisa’s passion, combined with visionary intuition that this would be a success, prompted me to create and launch the product. The idea generated over $65,000.00 on first launch and we also created a Life Purpose version and sales are at $75,000.00 and counting. I highly recommend Lisa’s marketing content strategies.”

    ~ Baeth Davis

    Liora“Lisa Manyon has been an active member of the Women Speakers Association from the start. She’s a Team Member, Council Member, Founding Member and Expert Content Contributor. When we were working on web strategy, our biggest challenge was being too close to our own vision and mission and we needed an objective perspective to help with content, strategy and overall web flow in order to grow our membership. We worked directly with Lisa and her Manyon Marketing Web Makeover process to get a clear plan on how to update our content and strategy in order to increase our membership. We were able to use the audio and action items to make some key revisions to our previous website and prepare us strategically for launching our new and improved website. With Lisa’s help we were able to clearly communicate to our members exactly how we serve them, which I believe supported us in growing our membership base. It’s not every day you find someone with the ability to tap into both the creative, right-side and the strategic, left-side of the brain as effortlessly as Lisa does. That, coupled with her passion to make a difference and her positive attitude has made what could have been an excruciating process an absolute gift! Lisa is one of those rare gems in the industry who has truly mastered her craft. When you need support with your marketing message and strategy, we highly recommend Lisa.”

    ~ Liora Mendoloff,
    President & Founder, Women Speakers Association

    jessica“As a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than one growing business, I wouldn’t turn to anyone else but Lisa for marketing and copywriting expertise. She is absolutely the best at what she does, is incredibly creative and always responsive. Not only are her ideas golden, but her customer service is phenomenal. I’ve used Lisa to improve my website messaging during a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover. I highly recommend the MMWM to help your website connect with ideal customers. I’ve also use Lisa for PR and copywriting guidance for all of my marketing efforts in both of my businesses .For example, Lisa created fabulous slogans for my new line of women’s golf wear. Her ideas were spot on for our event display and presentations, and her creative slogans were absolutely perfect for communicating the Grace & Game brand to our buyers and customers. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa. I wouldn’t make a PR or copywriting move without her!.”

    ~ Jessica Eaves Mathews, America’s Advocate for Women in Business™,
    CEO for Grace & Game Golf™

    JenniferL“Before partnering with Lisa Manyon to create a Content Strategy Plan and experiencing her Power Planning Process, I had a lot of activities going on in my business which were consuming a lot of time, but I had no overall theme to guide where I was focusing my efforts, and my marketing plan. After just one session, we generated an overriding theme which streamlined all of my marketing materials. Throughout the process we brainstormed over 150 headlines for blogs, articles, ezines and social media, with a solid repurposing plan. As a result, I saved an immense amount of time and energy, which can now be spent on income-generating activities and from my first focused ezine, I generated over $40, 000.00 in business! WOW! And….I am confident that I will continue to increase my income exponentially from these strategies now that I have a crystal clear plan, message, and focus. I shifted from dreading writing, to being clear and complete in record time and feeling a HUGE relief….this was truly invaluable and I would highly recommend working with Lisa for these reasons and more! Not only is she is stellar coach and business woman, she also goes above and beyond because she truly wants to support entrepreneurs in being as successful as they can while delivering their message.”

    ~ Jennifer Longmore,
    North America’s Soul Purpose Expert


    “The time spent with Lisa Manyon working on my Content Strategy Plan was just invaluable. Her system made the process so easy and Lisa is very generous with ideas, feedback and objective perspective. I am thrilled with the final result. I literally have in hand a 12 month map of exactly what I’m writing about every month including blog topics, article topics, social media ideas and press release angles. It now takes less time to write and create my content. Plus, my community has grown by 25% in just the first two months of implementing my Content Strategy Plan the plan and I’ve reached Diamond level status as an Ezine Articles.com author. My investment has paid off many times over and I highly recommend this process to anyone who needs an Internet marketing editorial calendar.”

    ~ Sydni Craig-Hart


    “Lisa Manyon is a ‘friggin’ genius!In just three sessions Lisa Manyon has packed me together with a brilliant marketing strategy for the entire year! I have blog content, ezine content, videos – and it’s all brilliantly strategic. Lisa is a ‘no BS’, no hype, ‘friggin genius’! Her blueprint gave me clarity about where I needed to go and how to do this –in ways I hadn’t even imagined; she introduced me to brilliant resources – that don’t cost a fortune; kept my ADHD brain completely on track with her absolute focus during our calls; answered my questions; tweaked my headlines (Wow ! She’s smart at this!) and guided me to an awesome plan that I can’t wait to launch. I am definitely working with Lisa for all my copy and marketing needs in the future!”

    ~ Pinky McKay, Baby care author
    Melbourne, Australia | www.pinkymckay.com

    mitch“Lisa Manyon and I met several years ago. She has worked on a variety of projects with me including website projects, press release offerings and content strategy plans. I’m impressed with the quality of work that she produces. What is even more impressive are her communication skills. Lisa has the ability to communicate and dive directly into the areas which need to be addressed. You know exactly what she is speaking about because she speaks your language. You see Lisa actively writes copy for her own successful business and regularly updates her website to reflect the most relevant offerings for her clients in accordance to her content strategy plan. She skillfully promotes her business via press releases, blogging and social media strategies to move her marketing forward. So when you work with Lisa, you are working with an up to the minute professional. She knows her craft and is working on it all the time. Lisa is more than the expert in these areas. Lisa is the authority in them. If you are serious about up-leveling your business and fast, Lisa is the person to work with now. Not after you do whatever you are thinking about doing first, NOW! Like RIGHT NOW!”

    ~ Mitch Tublin
    Business Strategy Mentor and Marketing Expert


    LisaHines“While working with Lisa Manyon, in just two private sessions, plus homework, I’ve reached a point of clarity beyond any other program, seminar, or work I could have done on my own. In addition to clarity, I’ll begin the New Year with my marketing and content strategy fully in place, taking the guess work out of my plan. I’ll easily be able to delegate work as needed, and be able to fully be available to help my own clients. The power of coaching with someone who has been where you have, and is able to help pull you forward is beyond words. And, I still have one more session. Stay tuned for more outcomes!”

    ~ Lisa Hines


    Bridgit Parise“After researching several copywriting experts and speaking with Lisa, I realized she was the perfect person to write copy for our website. I booked a flight to Idaho, and after a full day with Lisa I knew I had found more than a writer, I had found a strategist. Lisa is not only knowledgeable and creative– she’s analytical, tactical and she has a methodology that was seamless. If you are looking for a structured, yet creative partner to write copy for your website or marketing materials, I strongly suggest you book a VIP session and spend time working with Lisa in person. “

    ~ Bridgit Parise
    President, Renascent Consulting Group


    Katie Cavanaugh “Sometimes we are simply ‘too close to the flame’ to get a clear perspective. I knew that I had to find a fresh set of eyes for help and support as I expand my business. I needed to reach out to a trusted professional. It was time for a Manyon Marketing Strategy Session ! Lisa brought me such insight and clarity which bolstered my confidence and empowered me to implement her brilliant recommendations. Lisa saved me from myself! I was ready to re-brand my entire business but Lisa showed me how to effectively expand what I’ve already created! Her ideas were spot on and I am more excited about my Clear Path to Success than ever! Lisa Manyon is the savvy Business Coach I’d been searching for!”

    ~ Katie Cavanaugh

    Carmen Coker“I’ve had the privilege of working very closely with Lisa, as she was the leader of my mastermind group in Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protégé Club. There are 3 major things I love about Lisa. First, her honesty — she tells you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it. Second, her creativity — she has this magic power to turn any business idea into something that sparkles. Third, her vision — she always sees your strengths and potential when you don’t see them. To me, a great coach embodies these 3 characteristics. That’s why I have to say: stop looking for your next business coach…you’ve just found her!”

    ~ Carmen Coker

    Jane Inch “Lisa has been an inspiring Mastermind Leader who has certainly helped me move forward in my coaching business. Because she is always doing cutting edge things herself for her own business, she is savvy and energetic and full of great ideas. Thanks to her encouragement and wisdom, I have been motivated to define my niche, get my website up and get my programs in motion. She has an easy going, yet directed leadership style and is very positive. She put the fun into some of the aspects of business that I thought would be tedious and provided an accountability structure without guilt or judgement. Her knowledge of marketing, PR and copywriting coupled with her honed coaching skills (and humor!) make her a strong Mastermind Leader who has made a big difference in keeping me on track and moving this year.”

    ~ Jane Inch, www.janeinch.com

    OM HeadshotAfter going through our offerings with Lisa as she was writing copy for our new website, she suggested adding a VIP Day to our Private Coaching Packages. She had to convince us that this would raise the perceived value of our packages, and was she ever right! We booked the first client we spoke to into our highest end offer with a VIP Day! This ideal client paid in full for a package that was double the investment of anything we had previously offered and recouped our investment with Lisa several times over with just this one sale. Clearly, Lisa could see what we could not – that people want to see us LIVE and in-person and will pay to do so. Thank you Lisa for showing us that we could give our prospects what they most want. We are so grateful for your insights. When you’re looking for a copywriter and content strategist that keeps your bottom line in mind, we recommend Lisa.”

    ~ Orna and Matthew Walters, Master Relationship Coaches

    “Manyon’s ability to creatively turn a disappointment into an opportunity to help others is commendable. She did a superb job chronicling a non-event in her article 7 Surefire Signs of a Virtual Violation and 5 Ways to Avoid It. Cleverly coining the term “Virtual Violation” is further evidence of her abilities as a wordsmith. Based on her talent, I wouldn’t hesitate to consider Manyon for future copywriting projects.”

    ~ Jay Conrad Levinson
    The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
    Author of “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

    Kelly Roach“Starting a new business is a personal journey, one that takes courage, vulnerability and immense dedication. As an executive for a Fortune 500 firm, I had no idea how many new skills and learning would be necessary to launch my business. Amidst a sea of overwhelm, it would be an understatement to say extreme fortune led to me finding Lisa Manyon to partner with in developing the copy for my website. The investment to work with Lisa was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. In a single conversation, Lisa saved me double the cost of working with her, just by coaching me away from one decision and towards another. I thought I was getting a copywriter and was amazed to find a business strategist, coach, mentor and more. Lisa helped me connect the dots in what seemed like a maze of uncertainty, helping me to get centered, clear and strategic about every aspect of my business. What started as a partnership to find the words to connect with my audience has grown into a relationship that I hope to grow and maintain for years to come. Working with Lisa is an investment, you can not afford to pass up, no matter what stage your business is in. In less than 30 minutes Lisa’s consulting saved me over $7500.00 (over twice my initial investment with her).”

    ~ Kelly Roach
    Business Growth Strategist, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach


    Terry Monaghan“She saved me tons of time, and money, and now I have copy that really captures what I do! “I cannot recommend Lisa’s Manyon any more highly. I worked with her first to punch up the copy on the website I had for several years. She took what I had and made it speak more effectively to what I do, and at the same time sound more like me! After a while, when I was working on a completely new design for my website, I knew I wanted help making the copy really speak to the intended audience. I worked with Lisa on the strategy and content for the entire site and had her create 5 key pages for the site. Lisa’s process began with a multi-page questionnaire (which really made me think about how I wanted to present myself), and an hour long phone consult to clarify the direction. While preparing those materials, I also listened to her How to Create Marketing Messages with Integrity Program – which gave me many insights and ideas on how to present what I do more powerfully. Our conversations revolved around what I wanted to say on the various pages as well as how the pages could flow and look. No detail was too small to discuss because as Lisa says “Copy is Queen and Strategy is King”. Lisa even helped me come up with a title for a new white paper I was writing. The process was clear, simple, and quick! I sent her what I had, and she turned it into something amazing. Working with Lisa was a joy. I had never worked with a professional copywriter before, and was very impressed. She saved me tons of time, and money, and now I have copy that really captures what I do!”

    ~ Terry Monaghan

    Dr. Patty Ann Tublin “Lisa Manyon is a miracle worker! Having never worked with a copywriter before, I had no clue what to expect from one. All I knew was the fact that I had a million thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head – but not one clue on how I could go about putting them into coherent words that made any sense. Lisa did this for me and so much more. She made everything easy for me. She literally walked me through my copy – line by line – and created a picture in words of the exact message I wanted my website to portray! Besides being creative and brilliant, Lisa was patient and kind. She worked tirelessly on my copy and went above and beyond my expectations with her professionalism. It becomes crystal clear to anyone who has ever worked with Lisa how much she truly cares about her clients and will stop at nothing to provide them with A+ copy!!
    Lisa’s professionalism is second to none. Lisa Manyon is my first “go to” person for any future copywriting needs I might have. Thank you Lisa for helping to transform my thoughts into words!! I am eternally grateful!! And to quote you: “write on”!!”

    ~ Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

    Deborah Boland

    “Lisa did an outstanding job helping me organize my message and transformed the copy on my website from dry and generic, to rich and personal. Her warmth and genuine support made the whole process a breeze.”

    ~ Deborah Boland

    Diane Conklin “It is critically important to find the right copywriter for your marketing needs. Somebody who understands what you want and who can deliver the goods.After struggling with other copywriters who missed deadlines and just couldn’t seem to get it right, we hired Lisa Manyon to rewrite a sales letter that just wasn’t working. Lisa used an organized, systematic approach, kept the project on track, communicated on a regular basis, and delivered the project on schedule, as promised. We’re very impressed with Lisa Manyon and recommend her for all of your copywriting needs.”

    ~ Diane Conklin – Complete Marketing Systems

    Laura West “Lisa Manyon’s copywriting services were recommended to me and I wasn’t disappointed. She has a system for gathering information, keeping projects on track and making suggestions to fine-tune copy beyond the scope of the initial project. Best of all she was able to capture my voice and the essence of my services without using hyped up language that isn’t authentic. If you’re looking for personalized attention to your copywriting projects, Lisa Manyon is the Copywriter for you.”

    ~ Laura West


    Heather Gray “Choosing to work with Lisa Manyon was one of my more brilliant decisions this year.I was creatively stuck on a very important project and it felt like it was holding everything else in my business up. I had been procrastinating on finishing the sales page for a new product and as a “writer” I was completely frustrated. Until I finally realized that I needed to take my own advice and use team.
    I hired Lisa, because I knew that she had years of experience as a copy writer but what surpassed my expectations was how much more she brings to the table.
    First — she offers excellent service for your business. Sometimes I am so close to my creative projects that I can’t see why I can’t close the gap from where I am to the finished product. Lisa worked with me to clarifyy my ideas, and then took them to the next level — pulling out points and a whole new perspective to make the program really stand out.Second — Lisa is super professional. From start to finish she or her team were in communication with me and always right on time or early with what they promised.And third, I learned a bunch of things just by working closely with Lisa. She has years of experience and knows exactly what to give that will help you to that next level without overwhelming you. I highly recommend working with Lisa if you get the chance! I promise it will make a difference in your creative business.

    ~ Heather Gray,
    Creator and Founder, Soul-filled Life™

    Shannon Cassidy “I invested in Lisa’s expertise to develop my website copy. She provided strategic, proven design direction to ensure my website is a relationship building and lead generating tool. One of the things I like most about working with Lisa is her personalized touch. She really cares about the quality of the work and our satisfaction. She made changes, edits and provided feedback on our website design, even after our work was complete. She has systems in place to move the project along as scheduled. Plus, she has a vast amount of experience and was able to assist with website video script development, too. It’s nice to have a copywriting partner who can support all my projects.”

    ~ Shannon Cassidy


    Sheila Unique “My whole experience working with Lisa Manyon has been invaluable. Her leadership is amazing. Lisa’s confident nature and the wisdom she has is exactly what I was looking for when it comes to the direction and strategy I needed for my website. The Manyon Marketing Web Makeover helped me streamline my website flow and incorporate strategy to increase the effectiveness of my site. I look forward to working with Lisa further and I appreciate her greatness.”

    ~ Sheila Unique


    Bob Bly “Copywriting can make or break your marketing and advertising materials. That’s why I recommend investing in Lisa Manyon’s professional services.”

    ~ Bob Bly, Freelance copywriter and author of
    The Copywriters Handbook, www.Bly.com

    Tom Buford “I recently had the honor to work with Lisa Manyon on a video script that I was creating for an upcoming product release. The opening line that I’d written myself would have been a big blunder. Lisa recognized it immediately and put me back on the right path.”“At first I was very resistant to working with a copywriter because I didn’t want to lose my “voice” in my marketing material. This turned out to be a non-issue. Lisa took the time to read over material I’d previously written…and she didn’t even laugh out loud…and crafted a message that kept 100% to my personal style. I was blown away at how easily she managed to do this. This is a huge priority for me as a service professional and Lisa nailed it!”“Lisa even threw in a bonus. She helped me fine tune a name for my special report. Lisa’s skillful use of questions and marketing background helped us to come up with the perfect name for my report. My experience with Lisa was worth 10 times the investment. She made this marketing project really shine!”

    ~ Tom Buford

    Maggie F. Keenan“I knew I needed to revamp my website and website copy to better fit the re-branding of my consultancy. Lisa Manyon is a master at what she does and I love her insight and straightforward approach to what I needed to make my website copy REALLY connect with my clients and prospective clients. Lisa has a knack for seeing the message your audience is waiting to hear from you so they’re more inclined to take action. She offered suggestions to make my message clear and concise while bringing forth my passion and voice. Lisa’s approach is perfect for my business because I am not into hard sell or hype and she gets that about me. Plus, Lisa over-delivers!!!”

    ~ Maggie F. Keenan, Ed.D., Chief Giving Strategist


    Peter Bowerman “Writing is the engine driving all business today. If the writing is bad, it can drive that business into the ground. If it’s good, it can drive it to new levels of profitability. That’s why I recommend investing in a Manyon’s professional copywriting services.”

    ~ Peter Bowerman, The Well-Fed Writer
    Award winning author, Atlanta, Georgia

    Michael & Deborah Lindholm “Lisa Manyon over delivers! From the beginning, she implemented a process that helped us get clear about our overall website strategy and our message. Step-by-step, Lisa made sense of something that we’d been struggling with and created copy that gets us results. There’s no wasted time with Lisa and her system makes it easy, efficient and painless for you. Throughout the process, she freely offered other tips and resources to help us with much more than our website makeover. We look forward to doing more projects with Lisa!”

    ~ Michael & Deborah Lindholm, Serenity Empowerment
    Coaches, www.serenitymatters.com


    Lisa Rickwood “Lisa’s Manyon Marketing Web Makeover is amazing! When I was designing a new website, I felt unfocused and overwhelmed. I knew I’d need outside help so I hired Lisa. In just one session, Lisa showed me how to design the website, write copy to appeal to my target market and plan my marketing strategy. She sent me a navigational outline showing me exactly what to do so I could just hand it over to my web designer. Talk about simple! Quite frankly, she’s saved me time and money by taking the guesswork out of web design, writing and marketing. I can’t thank her enough!.”

    ~ Lisa Rickwood, CEA (Chief Escape Artist)


    Click here when you need web copy and strategy, have copy that needs help or want to write better copy yourself

    Publicity, Press Releases and PR

    Bill Glazer “I am impressed with Manyon’s ability to seize promotional opportunities~
    “Lisa Manyon is the first professional copywriter in the state of Idaho to earn certification through my Creating Copy that Sells program. Manyon cleverly showcased this achievement in an online press release promoting both my program and her business. I am impressed with her ability to seize promotional opportunities. I repurposed Manyon’s press release in print form as support in my direct mail piece to sell the program (which means her writing is also pretty darn good). Plus, Manyon tells me she earned several thousand dollars off just one response to the release.”

    ~ Bill Glazer, President of Glazer – Kennedy Inner Circle

    Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero “Lisa Manyon knows the importance of crafting copy to speak to YOUR audience plus she is a PR dynamo with big picture vision. I know from experience that hiring Lisa Manyon is a smart business investment.”

    ~ Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Los Angeles, CA


    Rene' Johnston-Gingrich “Knowing that I have Lisa Manyon on my team to review my articles, make suggestions and provide guidance for article marketing and marketing in general is such a relief. I know I can trust her to get the job done and as a result I have a regular column in a newspaper. The publicity and the consulting work the articles have generated have been amazing. I highly recommend her services. “

    ~ Rene’ Johnston-Gingrich, Training &
    Consulting, Lewiston, ID


    Sophronia Scott “Lisa Manyon has an excellent process for creating press releases. I worked with her on a press release project for the book How The Fierce Handle Fear ~ Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times a compilation book co-authored by Jack Canfield, Donald Trump, Debbie Philips, and several other well known thought leaders. Lisa delivered on time with a modifiable press release template for each author including headline and hook suggestions. Plus she developed a guideline for press release submission to make the process even simpler. All of the co-authors were impressed with her work and appreciated her clear instructions. When you need a press release I would turn to Lisa first.”

    ~ Sophfronia Scott, Executive Editor, The Done For You Writing
    & Publishing Company,

    “Press releases do pay off! I just did my first press release and it landed me my first TV appearance on Good Day Sacramento!Lisa and I were both finalists in Ali Brown’s Platinum Excellence Awards at Shine: Discover Your True Wealth conference in Las Vegas. Lisa said she was doing a press release and this award prompted me to write my very first press release. Lisa is the Press Release Queen and she provided really great information in “Press Releases: Quick Tips & Strategies to get the Publicity You Deserve”. Thank you Lisa! I am now a firm believer in the value of press releases and plan to make them a part of my regular marketing strategy! ”

    ~ Trudy Scott
    Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist

    “After my crash course in press release via Lisa’s Proven Publicity & Online Press Release System she reviewed and edited my first release and then helped with distribution. The first day of distribution I was booked on an international radio show that airs online and is broadcast on the airwaves, too.This show has featured well known guests like Don Miguel Ruiz and Jack Canfield. Plus, it’s been two weeks since we distributed my first release and I already have three impressive media contacts. I’m excited about an upcoming book review via a syndicated newspaper that will give me great exposure in Canada. I’m thrilled with the results and cannot wait to send my next press release. Lisa is a talented professional, delivering everything she promises and more!”

    ~ Lynn Moore
    Author of Inspirational Goaling

    “As a copywriter, I know the value of stepping outside your business and Lisa Manyon is hands-down the girl to give you that perspective! In just one hour with Lisa Manyon, we generated over 33 ideas for press releases. She brings an amazingly fresh perspective on marketing and PR. Her “outsider” perspective on my business helped me see the true PR potential in what I am doing. Not only did she share her remarkable insights into press release marketing, suggesting potential angles I hadn’t even considered, but she gave me new ideas on how to market my business.”

    ~ Carla Young, Copywriter
    www. TangentIdeas.com

    I highly recommend investing in press release writing and consulting ~
    “Lisa Manyon’s expert advice on how to position my new children’s book via online press release exposure is invaluable. She skillfully coached information out of me and crafted a release that immediately increased exposure of my book and traffic to my website. If you want your product or service to be known, I highly recommend investing in press release writing and consulting from Write On ~ Creative Writing Services. “

    ~ Amber T Kingston
    Author and President of Chrysalis Press

    tom1“During a follow up press release strategy session –—Lisa and I discussed my previous press release efforts and in less than 18 minutes she had generated 54 new, viable press release angles and marketing ideas for my business. The best part is the strategy will also carry over into my marketing plans for the year. I highly recommend investing in a strategy session with Lisa. You won’t look at your business the same way. “

    ~ Tom Buford, ChargeWhatYouDeserve.com,
    Altanta, Georgia

    “When Lisa Manyon and I connected I knew she was the press release expert I needed to round out my Publicity Power Jumpstart Home Study Program. Lisa’s enthusiasm for her craft helps you harness the power, passion, profits and publicity of press releases. Lisa walks her talk and has successfully implemented press releases as a part of her online marketing strategy for her clients and for self-promotion. When you’re ready to include press releases in your marketing plan – Lisa is the person to help you create a strategy that works.”

    ~ Monique Caradine TV/Radio Personality, Media Trainer & Publicity Coach www.momentum-media.tv, Chicago, IL

    Robin Nielsen “I hired Lisa Manyon to write my Speaker’s Bio and wow! She went above and beyond getting to know me, the message I wanted to convey, and the highlights of my background information that would be most impactful. I LOVE my speaker’s bio and am so proud to send it off to prospects for speaking engagements. Lisa is thorough, has a great flare for words, and ideas that pack the most punch. I really enjoyed working with her. She is lovely in every way! And my Speaker’s Bio is helping me increase my speaking engagements.”

    ~ Robin Nielsen

    Advertising and Direct Response

    Lisa Manyon assisted Interlink- Faith in Action with a fundraising solicitation direct mail campaign. We provided her with the basic premise, the “ask” letter from years one and two, and several stories of situations completed by our volunteers. Lisa pushed us – me – to think of “why” we were doing this letter, the expected outcome of this effort, and to consider promoting the mailing through local media. These questions were not considered the first two years, and pushed us to consider the worthiness of our efforts.

    Her efforts were rewarded by a 13.5% increase in donations within 90 days of the mailing. Lisa continues to encourage us – me – with her belief the potential for major success with this direct mail effort is in place. Lisa completed her work this year by donating her services to allow us maximum return on our efforts and she also created PSA radio and television broadcast scripts to encourage us to promote on a broader scale. We love Lisa Manyon.”

    ~ Ray Rosch, Executive Director of Interlink Faith In Action

    “Lisa Manyon was instrumental in helping build a solid marketing foundation for Lewis-Clark State College. Manyon served as the account manager for enrollment and retention efforts as well as the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) baseball tournament and worked with the Director of Auxiliary Services at LCSC to develop and implement advertising campaigns. Efforts included radio, television and print advertisement copywriting and management in a three-market territory. The peer to peer radio campaigns placed in Boise, Idaho, were acknowledged by the State Board of Education. During this three-year period, LCSC’s student enrollment numbers increased by 26%. As a member of the LCSC Advertising Core Team, Manyon also worked with Advantage Advertising to create a style guide for the institution’s new logo.”

    ~ President Dene K. Thomas, Lewis-Clark State College
    Lewiston, Idaho

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    Self-Study Courses and Training

    “We each have a unique voice, message and mission and what I believe we all need in order to succeed in this new business paradigm is to learn HOW to find our authentic voice, HOW to be clear on our ideal client and HOW to write authentic marketing messages with integrity that resonate with the truth of who we are. When Lisa Manyon and I connected I was so relieved to hear her fresh approach to marketing, especially her “Challenge. Solution. Invitation” copywriting formula that feels much better than the traditional “Problem. Agitate. Solve” formula. . You see Lisa’s studied with many of the marketing masters and worked with clients to develop her own style of marketing and messaging. Her mission is to give you a voice to turn your ideas into something that matters. When she told me she works with wildly talented heart-centered, female entrepreneurs who have a BIG MISSION and are struggling to turn their mission into a palatable marketing message I was delighted. And, that’s why I recommend her How To Create Marketing Messages with Integrity program.”

    ~ Linda Joy
    Conscious Business Catalyst and Bestselling Publisher

    “Lisa’s advice to make my bio personal by adding my success story in a natural way, just like I would talk to a friend, was the difference I had been looking for. Her process took my boring bio from something you read to something you remember (and want to know more about). Lisa’s copy coaching helped me find a natural ways to include my story and it RADICALLY changed my approach. With her creative insight people now know I started my empire with one cupcake. I am a firm believer that learning to tell your story is an important part of creating your marketing message. Lisa’s guidance made it fun and easy.”

    ~ Tonya R. Taylor
    Owner of savvybizbuilder.com

    “It used to concern me when people would unsubscribe from my ezine (email list) until Lisa gave me a great insight on this: When you are clear on your message and who you are serving then the fear of loss is no longer… you can’t “lose” what you really didn’t have the in first place. Meaning that if the folks who unsubscribe from your list aren’t your ideal client then you haven’t “lost” anything when they unsubscribe. And that opens up the space for those to come who ARE your ideal clients!Lisa will help you gain the clarity and inner courage to speak your message and know that those who are your ideal clients will connect with your message.”

    ~ JoLynn Braley

    Nina Lewis“While I enjoyed every aspect of Marketing with Integrity, the part I resonated with the most was finding my ideal clients. I knew deep down in my heart that I was working with the wrong clients because I would often feel a certain level of discomfort when taking them on as clients. I always felt like I was working to pay the bills instead of working to really make a difference and help more people. The exercise made me really see who I wanted to work with and why. While many people tell me my “ideal clients” have no money to spend, I know deep down inside I was meant to serve them. Lisa’s program helped me identify what I need to do to deliver my message into the world. “

    ~ Nina Lewis

    Christine Bove “Marketing With Integrity is a great program that helped me to get really clear about who my ideal client is, allowed me to see where I was not speaking my truth about what I offer my clients and inspired me to see a new vision for my business. I love how Lisa broke down the process into 3 recordings that not only taught me how to shift my perspective on my message, but listening to Lisa’s own story I had “aha” moments about my own journey that I never felt were significant to my bio until now. I noticed after listening to the program and doing the exercises my energy shifted and I was excited about revising my message and my bio! Lisa truly has a gift and understands her clients struggles in a gentle way that moves you out of fear and into action.”

    ~ Christine Bové
    Intuitive Feng Shui Expert

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