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    March 20, 2018

    Are you curious about how you can flip the script to create website content and strategy that works? You are not alone and that’s exactly why I share how it’s totally possible to focus on PASSION points instead of pain points to get better results. Dr. Dolores Fazzino and I met at a magical retreat in Mount Shasta  (just about a month after my two surgeries). It was clear that our paths were meant to cross. Turns out she works with cancer patients to help them navigate the maze of medical confusion that we’re faced with after cancer diagnosis. Her business Concierge Surgical Coaching is something I wish I would have known about before my surgery. Fast-forward to when Dr. Dolores reached out about her website. You see, like most people, Dolores invested a lot of time […]

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    November 6, 2017

    A:  Why isn’t my landing page converting? This is a common question. The answer can be applied to landing pages, sales pages, social media posts and more. Here’s what happened and how I responded. I was asked to weigh in on a landing page (web page designed to get people to sign up for email messages) that wasn’t getting any conversions.  At first glance I noticed immediately that: there was no headline (this is the #1 most read part of all copy) there was no qualifying information about the person who created the landing page (as in — who are you and why should I listen to you – credibility) it wasn’t really clear why the offer was being made (clarity is crucial) it didn’t spell out how it would benefit a person when the opted in (value proposition was missing) there was not a compelling reason why a […]

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    October 27, 2014

    Today I’d like you to think about your website and seriously consider how it’s working for you, your business and your clients Do you ever feel like online marketing is one BIG puzzle and you’re missing one or more of the pieces?  If this is true for you, you are NOT alone. In fact, you may be missing crucial pieces to the online marketing puzzle AND you may just need to make some subtle adjustments to increase your profits and get RESULTS. It’s quite possible that you had your website designed (maybe even designed it yourself) and thought once you launched it, the profits would pour in. The TRUTH is, that probably didn’t happen. Here’s why. Unless you have created  a strategy to achieve specific revenue goals, they are not going to magically happen just because you have […]

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    February 18, 2014

    Marketing is like a puzzle. If you’re missing certain pieces, it won’t work like it should. Marketing is also like a staircase. When you miss a step, you can stumble and fall. To ensure marketing success it’s important that you have all of the right pieces of the puzzle to support your efforts. It’s equally as important that you’re taking the right steps to ensure success.   The exact steps I recommend when planning for your marketing success include:   Identify what you need to write. I’ve created the Copywriting Action Plan to help you write better copy and identify what you need to write so you can start planning your content. (This is my free gift to you when you join the Write On Creative Community). Learn how to craft copy in your own voice so […]

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    January 3, 2014

    Are YOU sure your online marketing is as streamlined as it needs to be? Let me take that question a step further … have you considered marketing audits for all of your offerings and revenue streams? Do you have a system in place to monitor communications and make sure your team (current or previous) sets up your online communications properly? I am seriously asking this and for a very good reason. AND part of that reason is I learned the hard way that you must personally spot check the work your team is doing (or enlist the support of someone you trust) to make sure it’s done properly and in some cases, that it’s done at all… Remember how I share that each of your online offerings needs to have its own strategy (that means external marketing […]

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    October 27, 2013

    No matter what time of year it is, it’s important to think about results. In October of 2013 I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Write On Creative. This caused me to pause and reflect on what’s working and what needs to change. More about that later. First lets look at your business…and your marketing results. Are you secretly wishing for a money tree? There are days that I’d love to have a money tree and I know that’s not going happen. In fact, dreaming about money trees is about as effective as following cookie cutter marketing plans that don’t take your vision, values and mission into consideration. Interestingly enough, your business is a lot like a tree. You must plant the seed and continually water it so it will grow. As it matures there is also […]

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    July 31, 2013

    While it’s true that you need a website, you also need a strategic marketing plan for your website, a content strategy plan and individual marketing plans for all of your offerings. If you fail to put these strategies in place you will fall into the trap of unrealistic website expectations.  That’s why it’s vital to have clear web marketing strategies. I firmly believe that copy is QUEEN and strategy is KING when it comes to your marketing content both online and offline. I must admit that I’m shocked by how many people “think” they have a solid strategy in place but they are missing vital elements of their marketing strategy. These missing elements coupled with unrealistic web expectations are the biggest reasons why people struggle with less than desirable marketing results. In order to market successfully online you […]

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    July 25, 2013

    Your website is an important part of your business. There is no doubt about this. At the same time, you may have unrealistic web expectations. I see this all too often when I work with preferred clients to assess their web strategy, content and beyond. I’m not discounting the importance of a website. My website is vital to my business strategy. At the same time, my website is not my only marketing strategy (it’s just one piece of the marketing puzzle). The most common unrealistic web expectation that I see is the belief that your website is “the end all be all”, the ultimate answer to marketing success. Even some of the savviest business people I have met fall into the trap of believing that once your website is up it will do all of the work […]

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    June 17, 2013

    When it comes to marketing online it’s important to be realistic about your efforts. It’s also important to NOT buy into the “get rich quick” schemes. All too often I see people struggling because they haven’t created a clear overall website strategy let alone an individual page strategy (Hint: both are crucial). If your website isn’t performing as you’d hoped, it could be because you’ve tried to cut corners and do it yourself (not a great idea unless you’re a stellar designer, programmer and copywriter all rolled into one person). Even if you have strong skills in one or more of these areas, it’s always a good idea to get outside perspective.  You might not be getting the results you’d hoped for because you have unrealistic website expectations (this means you are expecting your website to do […]

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    March 19, 2013

    What are you doing to maintain visibility and profitability?  I’m refocusing, leveraging and streamlining my offerings, team and more (Hint: this is a continual process especially when it comes to your web presence). AND during the process I’m doing a lot of reflecting on what works, what doesn’t work and what can be improved. I invite you to do the same. One thing that I know for sure is that our business and marketing plans have to be flexible. There are several elements of plans that really challenge people 1)Creating a plan (you do have one, right? If not — it’s TIME) 2)Implementing the plan (too often there is a plan in place but no action to make it happen) 3) Reviewing and adjusting the plan based on performance (you have to track and measure results) I’ve […]

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