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    June 13, 2007

    Underestimating the importance of image is a common marketing mistake. When we talk about image in business, it encompasses a broad spectrum. We’re talking about overall image of storefront; interior design, marketing materials, website and even your people, (staff members). All of these elements determine how your business is perceived. They also tie in with your overall brand and help people decide if they will do business with you, or not. The heart of your business identity is your logo. It represents who you are and what you do. The image of your business is the foundation of your marketing and advertising efforts. If your logo and identity package is weak, your advertising and marketing efforts will not be as successful as they could be. If you aren’t familiar with the term “identity package,” it refers to […]

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    June 10, 2007

    Branding isn’t a new concept. It does seem to be a bit of mystery to some businesses . I’m always interested to hear what people think branding is. Some believe branding is having a strong logo – read about the difference here. Others think it’s about having lots of really cool ads and some people simply don’t know what it is. One thing is certain. Your business image counts and everything you do is a part of the brand experience. Each marketing technique you use has direct impact on how people view your business. Here’s a little story. It’s customary at conferences for the hosts to provide goodie bags. Sometimes you get some really cool stuff if the promoters are sharp and value the intelligence of the attendees. Other times, you receive, well, junk. Or, to be […]

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    February 21, 2007

    My logo, which is just one element of my brand, is trademarked. I received my official United States of America Certificate of Registration from the Patent and Trademark Office and I’m pretty excited about it. The logo and business name Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC. ® has actually been trademarked since November 21st of 2006. It’s taken me a while to write about it but I don’t feel too badly about that since I originally filed my request in September of 2005 and the government took about one year to approve it. The entire process is really rather interesting.

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