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    September 1, 2015

    This multi-layered question comes from one of my savvy Write On Creative Community members, Sandra Joyce. She’s growing her copywriting business and, like many start-ups, is feeling the pull of  the many hats business owners need to wear. Her focus is the healthcare industry and she has years of experience within that industry. Q1: How do I get clients? Q2: How can I brand and position my services  on my website to showcase what makes me unique so people want to work with me? A1: Getting clients is one of the most important parts of running your business. First, be really clear on who you want to serve. Make sure to build relationships with businesses within the healthcare industry that align with your values and business mission. Second, fine-tune your marketing message to speak to your ideal clients. Make the […]

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    December 1, 2014

    Q: “I struggle with my elevator pitch what do you suggest?” This question was asked during a live training/speaking session by a participant and then a lively discussion about this occurred on Facebook. So, I’m addressing it here. On Facebook a savvy and sassy colleague said “This afternoon. A lunchtime networking event. 20 women. 20 elevator pitches as we introduce ourselves. My mind is numb by the 10th “I help….ideal client…who has a struggle with…so that…” This is a common scenario and it’s clear that people are done being pitched in bland, vanilla ways. A: So, what about the elevator pitch? Don’t do it! I firmly believe the elevator pitch is DEAD. I think it takes deep listening to acknowledge what people really want. It also requires a bit of mystique at times. Each struggle is different even […]

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    November 21, 2014

    While hosting a conversation on the California Women’s Conference Virtual Stage (that eventually led to winning the People’s Choice Award and a speaking spot at the conference) I asked participants to share their BIGGEST marketing challenge and provided answers. Q:  My biggest marketing challenge is expressing how I am different in a sea of marketing that is using manipulative words… and don’t mean what they say. (Or worse, are only one step ahead of the people they are trying to get to hire them!) ~ Submitted by Shannon Cherry  A: That is a big challenge for many. Over the years, after working with hundreds of women (probably thousands now), I’ve learned the biggest disconnect in creating marketing messages, especially for women, is the use of antiquated approaches, formulas and manipulative marketing. I firmly believe that you cannot create […]

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    November 13, 2014

    Q: Lisa- You’re an ace at marketing and creating momentum…. Are retailers shooting themselves in the foot by starting the holiday themed ads and events so early? I know that, for me, it is reducing my excitement about the holiday season because by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m already sick of St. Nick, holly, reindeer, tinsel and carols….am I alone? Are retailers sacrificing the end of year profit spike by diluting the sense of festive urgency that used to be the result of waiting until “Black Friday”? ~ submitted by Shana Susag A: Great question! I think several things are happening. Promoting earlier and for longer periods of time generally means it’s taking longer to make sales quotas and goals. Many retailers are likely motivated by money (which makes sense because they are retailers) and this […]

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    September 29, 2011

      Q: “What is the most important thing you need to have in your website copy on your homepage. I know that most people make a split decision about whether to stay on the site or leave. Can you pinpoint one key thing, what makes the difference between keeping visitors on your site or losing them?  Thanks!” ~Jessica Eaves Mathews , Founder of Leverage a Lawyer. A: When it comes to website copy, your headline is VITAL. In all copy, the headline is the first thing people read. So, it’s important to make sure it’s really juicy and speaks to your ideal clients. You are correct, website visitors do make split decisions  about how long they’ll stay on your website  (you have about 3 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors, 30 seconds to engage them […]

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