How do I find my niche?

How do I find my niche?

Q: How do I find my niche? My biggest challenge is being too broad in my message. I'm just doing work now to niche it out. How do you suggest I find my niche and ideal clients? A: Your question about how to find your niche is one I get often, and it's an important...

How do I get publicity for my business?

Should I Use AI to Create Content?

Q: Should I use AI to create content? I'm hearing mixed reviews. What are your thoughts? A: My answer is maybe but I'm not convinced it's a good idea to use AI to create content... here's why.  Is AI the latest and greatest tool that can help improve productivity and...

How do I get publicity for my business?

Should I Buy Email Lists

Q: Is it a smart business move to buy email lists? I have been getting offers to buy lists to expand my reach. A: My short answer is that I don't recommend buying email lists. Here's an interesting and annoying look at why buying email lists and blasting promos to...

How do I get publicity for my business?

Why Isn’t My Website Converting?

 Q: Why isn't my website converting? I've spent a lot of time and money on my website and I'm just not getting the results I hoped for. What do you recommend? Should I scrap it and focus on social media instead?   A: When websites are not converting, there are two...

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