Speaking, Training, Moderation, and MCing

Lisa Manyon is available for custom speaking, training, workshops, panel moderation, MCing, and Business Marketing Breakthrough Boutiques to teach, train and transform your audience.

Lisa’s interactive presentations and workshops showcase over two decades of experience in the marketing, copywriting, publicity, and advertising arena, with experience both online and offline, as well as over 19 years as an entrepreneur, and 5+ years as a cancer thriver. 

She creates custom experiences with a focus on

  • Marketing With Integrity (based on Lisa’s proprietary, values-based “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” communication framework with a foucs on PASSION points as featured in Inc. Magazine) and/or
  • Healing With Love (Lisa offers Employee Wellness Program presenations based on her cancer journey chronicled in her bestselling book Spiritual Sugar: The Divine Ingredients to Heal Yourself With Love with foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale and afterword by Neale Donald Walsch).

Lisa inspires audience participation and offers experiential presentations beyond the standard “talking head” approach. When you are ready to offer your audience and team members a one-of-a-kind, value-added experience, it’s time to bring Lisa on board.

She shares her expertise via an interactive framework to engage critical thinking, empower innovative action and demonstrate clear solutions to common business, marketing, and motivation challenges.  View Lisa’s speaking experience here.

Marketing With Integrity: Craft Your Message and Strategy With Grace and Ease

Lisa’s signature Business Marketing Breakthrough Boutique showcases the NEW Marketing Model for Success as seen in Inc. Magazine. The California Women’s Conference and multiple #1 Bestselling books. By addressing the biggest marketing challenges of YOUR audience, Lisa provides on-the-spot solutions and strategies that get results.

Your audience will discover how to create marketing messages with integrity and:

  • Why antiquated, pushy marketing tactics aren’t working (and actually perpetuate buyers remorse)
  • The importance of creating your marketing messages based on your values and why this matters (especially to female consumers who influence over 85% of all purchasing decisions)
  • How the NEW marketing model for success based on a relationship-first approach to marketing is changing the way we market forever (relationship building is the MOST powerful marketing tool ever)
  • The impact of your message and why you must choose your words carefully (your word is your honor and your words must match your actions)
  • What you can do to incorporate the simple, values-based, 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points not pain, to get better results. 

Book Lisa Manyon

YOUR Audience, Corporate Communications Team, Mastermind Group, or Coaching Program Members, Receive Interactive, On-The-Spot Solutions to Their Biggest Marketing Challenges. Lisa also provides in-house Employee Wellness presentations to help your team Heal With Love and create “commit to me” plans to improve well-being.

To book Lisa Manyon for your event

call 1.866.620.1428 or submit your inquiry online.

*Travel, accommodations and day rate apply – non-profit honorarium available

Other topics for custom speaking, training, and workshops include:

Media Appearances and Speaking Engagement Experience click here.


America's SBDC
Vow Global
Success Rituals 2.0
Soul Woman
SF Chronicle
America's SBDC Idaho
Social Buzz Club
Oregon Woman's Conference
Mail Tribune
Lewiston Tribune
Idaho Business Review

Manyon is a master at creating community and delivering a message that inspires…

Lisa Manyon sets the stage for women and men everywhere to share their message and create global change and awareness that mobilizes your audience into action. Manyon is a master at creating community and delivering a message that inspires, ignites and educates her audience. I congratulate her for winning the People’s Choice Award at the 29th California Women’s Conference where Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, Lisa Nichols, and JJ Virgin also presented.”

~ Michelle Patterson | President, California Women’s Conference and CEO of Women Network

Lisa and the word Integrity go hand in hand

Star Ladin

“She loves words more than anyone I know and knows the true power of words and the impact they can have your life and your business. She takes these words and processes them through her heart to find the message that resonates for you. She is a person who lives the phrase your word is your honor. Lisa came to my community and taught her method for creating copywriting and marketing messages with integrity using her Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™ formula. My community fell in LOVE with her message, her teaching, and Lisa herself. Lisa is a down to earth, interactive and highly effective speaker.”

~ Star Ladin |Founder of Star-prenuer WEGS |www.StarLadin.com

Lisa Manyon was an excellent addition to my 2-day Mastermind event

“She shared The New Marketing Model for Success and her “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula that has shifted the way we market with a relationship-first approach. She is smart, engaging and incredibly supportive in whatever environment she is in. Her simple, albeit powerful approach to marketing, had everyone inspired and ready to take action. I can’t recommend her enough! When you’re looking for a speaker, trainer or breakout session leader, Lisa will not disappoint. She also serves as a trusted Career Panelist for the Oregon Women’s Conference”

~ Keri Murphy | www.InspiredLivingTV.com

The group enjoyed the interactive format and innovative marketing method

Lisa Schweikert, President of WESO

“Thanks so much for the great presentation for WESO! It was very helpful to learn about your innovative marketing method and ways to implement it to fit individual business needs. The group really enjoyed the interactive format and you gave WESO members good concrete ideas on how to deal with a variety of marketing issues. There was lots of good energy in the room and everyone was buzzing about your presentation at the end of the evening!”

~ Lisa Schweickert, President | Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon |www.wesoweb.org

I highly recommend Lisa as a speaker and trainer

“We began a new series called Lunch, Learn & Launch for SOU -SBDC. Lisa Manyon was our guest presenter and it was great! What made this such a great event? Let’s see…we had record attendance, the feedback was excellent and Lisa was a delight to work with while planning the event. One of the highlights was Lisa’s interactive approach to sharing her “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula for creating marketing messages. Lisa invited participants to be involved by sharing their individual challenges and addressing each one with deep listening skills, possible solutions and compassionate guidance. I’ve been a trainer for over 20 years and this reminded me to meet people where they are and be respectful of their process. I highly recommend Lisa as a speaker and trainer. Deep thanks to you Lisa!”

~ Stephanie Hoffman, M.S., Business Advisor |and  former Training Coordinator for SOU Small Business Development Center

Lisa brought out the best in all the guest speakers

Lisa was an outstanding moderator for the round table events we held with several community leaders. She included everyone in the conversation seamlessly and ensured all participants had the opportunity to answer questions and offer their expertise. Lise kept the conversation flowing while moving easily between topics. She made sure all the important questions were asked and stayed within the allotted time frame. Lisa’s poise, friendly disposition, and outgoing personality made for a beautiful event where she brought out the best in all the guest speakers.

~ Obie and Sarah Strickler of Grown Rogue

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