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    June 3, 2019

    Q: Should I promote my waitlist?  I’ve been coached that it’s a good idea to promote my waitlist. So, I added this to my marketing materials, including a landing page to fill an upcoming program, and I’m not getting the conversions I’d hoped for.  What do you think about this approach? A: Promoting a waitlist can be effective when you actually have a waitlist.  Some coaches and consultants will tell you to add waitlist language to your message to create a sense of scarcity and urgency. The only time it is appropriate and effective to promote a waitlist is when it’s true. The effectiveness of your marketing messages to create long-term business sustainability hinge on your integrity. When crafting any message or using any marketing, advertising, promotional, or copywriting technique make sure you’re coming from a place […]

    May 31, 2019

    Which approach do you prefer? Passion points versus pain points in marketing?  What works best for your business and your ideal clients? The biggest energetic disconnect that many feel when crafting marketing messages is the methods that focus on pain points. Listen in as Debra Kasowski, host of The Millionaire Woman Show, and I discuss passion points versus pain points in marketing.   You’ll discover: How to create marketing messages with integrity in a way that feels good and amplifies PASSION points Why pain points often escalate unhealthy emotional responses, manipulate the sale and perpetuate buyer’s remorse and return rates What to expect as you grow in your life and business — including how to navigate the stretchy feeling as you evolve into the next version of YOU Click here to listen to The Millionaire Woman Show on […]

    May 15, 2019

    Q: Is long copy or more copy more effective when writing copy?  Some say long copy is ineffective and others swear that short copy is the way to go. I cannot seem to find a straight answer. Some articles I’ve Googled on digital best practices have conflicting information, too. I’ve also read your take on passion points versus pain points and have found your techniques work. What gets the best results when it comes to copy length and how much is too much? What’s your experience? 80% + open rates with long copy A: The answer is both AND it depends.  When writing copy, there are times when a long sales letter is going to pull better than short copy and there are times when short copy will get better results.  It will also depend on your audience […]