lets-talkYou may have noticed that I’m on a kick about legacy. What I haven’t shared is WHY…

As we roll into the holidays, legacy is on my mind, family is on my mind, those less fortunate are on my mind AND I’m fired up to make a bigger impact so I can help more people. That’s where legacy comes into play. But WHY…

I believe that we are each called forth to do great healing work in the world via our respective gifts. And although many of us may not see ourselves as working in the healing modalities, the truth is when you are making a true difference, you are helping, and healing.

One of the reasons I’m fired up about legacy is that not everyone out there is on the same page. I’d like to see that change so that we all do our part to heal the broken threads of humanity to strengthen the tapestry for a better world.  A true desire to make a difference and a commitment to taking action is a commonality of the mission-driven people and businesses that I play with.

Here are some truths that I want to share…

I am continually blown away by how many “gurus” and “experts” (notice the air quotes) are only sharing parts of the marketing puzzle and/or selling products and services that don’t deliver.

Not a lot of people are talking about this openly but I can tell you that many of my clients have experienced scenarios like these before we’ve played together.

This ranges from…

  • promising to create a ‘branding package’ and not delivering
  • selling web copy and strategy packages that don’t meet expectations or scope (let alone capture voice, vision and strategic mission)
  • marketing/social media peeps claiming they are creating a “marketing funnel” only to find out that they are posting social media updates with a link to a website that contains no funnel or strategy
  • creating a website and programming in an opt in and NOT providing guidance to ensure there is something happening when people opt in
  • high-end sales training that uses manipulative tactics that turn off prospect and leave the client confused, out of funds and wondering who the heck to trust.

These are just a sampling of the truths that are shared with me. I’m sure you have stories of your own… 

While I know not all of these instances are intentionally manipulative scenarios, the fact still remains that the people who are only offering partial services or making promises just to make the sale, are not following through in the best interest of the client.

That’s why I’m so passionate about integrity. I’m constantly blown away by the scenarios people share with me. It’s just not right.

This is why I’m dedicated to breaking the trance, challenging the status quo and engaging critical thinking by teaching my simple framework to create marketing messages with integrity with an emphasis on PASSION points not pain points.

THIS body of work is my legacy AND I haven’t fully shown up as the leader I need to be to anchor in this legacy… 

Here’s how I realized that and what I’m personally doing about it.

This legacy kick really started gaining momentum when I had a speaking gig at the local Rogue Valley Business Resource Forum to a group of local businesses that were not necessarily familiar with me and my body of work. I created a presentation slide with an overview of my work, philosophies, and places where I’d been seen and heard to give some context (I typically don’t do presentations with slides so this was a GOOD exercise for me).

booksTHIS stack of books triggered something in me.  When I shared with the group I was presenting to that I’m featured in 6 #1 Bestselling books. Three of these books are #1 International Bestsellers and specifically highlight my philosophies and the “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” framework to create marketing messages with integrity with an emphasis on PASSION points not pain points — I had a GIANT AH-HA moment and I called myself out — on the spot — on the stage– with a firm commitment to write MY book.

It was at that moment that my legacy anchored in and I became passionate about not only finishing my book (my legacy) which will be done in the New Year, I also became passionate about empowering others to look deeply at your legacy and the leader you need to be to to carryout your legacy.

My question to YOU is, what is your legacy and what is it going to take to hold you accountable for getting it done? 

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I have a firm commitment to supporting my clients in reaching their individualized goals based on custom plans and strategy that are not cookie cutter or paint by numbers. And, best of all I help my clients get results.

Thinking about lasting impact inspred me to offer Legacy, Leadership and Luxury Retreats.  In fact, the retreat was born out of my inspiration to get my book done, create my legacy and make a bigger impact as a leader who teaches by example.

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What do you need to anchor in your legacy and make a bigger impact?

Are YOU committed to your legacy?

Leave your comments and replies here and I’ll respond.

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