“Welcome Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs”

Linda Joy, Publisher of Aspire Magazine and Lisa Manyon “The Business Marketing Architect” share what’s really working in marketing today!

Your presence tells us that you are ready to find your voice and make a difference AND you likely…

  • Have a BIG MISSION but struggle to share it in a way that doesn’t feel “icky”, salesy or too pushy? (There is another way and we’ll share it on the call.)
  • Want to truly connect with your audience in a way that is authentic to you while still getting the results your business needs. (It is possible –when you find your voice.)
  • Feel like an outsider when you try to fit into the traditional “masculine” methods of marketing your business. (It’s something many spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs struggle with.)
  • Are tired of trying the cookie-cutter marketing methods that do not reflect your values or your authentic voice.
  • Are ready to discover how to find your voice and truly make a difference so you can serve more people.

You are not alone! Linda and I hear from conscious business owners just like you all the time with the same feelings and concerns and that’s why when Linda asked me to join her.

During my interview with Linda I will help you think differently about the way you market your business and give you the tools to find YOUR voice, get into alignment and market with integrity (while making a profit).

You’ll learn how the traditional ‘masculine’ marketing of the old paradigm is being quickly replaced by the ‘feminine’ marketing model. Think of it like this, your strategy is the masculine energy and your marketing copy is feminine energy – you need both to be in balance to get results.


YES, I’m ready to Find My Voice &
Learn to Market with Integrity


Privacy Policy: We will NEVER share,
rent, or sell your information.

During this content rich call …

You’ll discover what it takes to market with integrity during this candid conversation with Linda Joy and me about what’s working and what’s not including

The #1 barrier to marketing success for women and how you can overcome it

What you can do NOW to increase your own success without following cookie-cutter programs

3 key foundational pieces that must be in place in order to truly succeed

Why marketing isn’t really all about money and why it’s OK to profit from your passion

Why you must be crystal clear about who you are here to serve so you’re not chasing the wrong clients

Be prepared to think differently about the way you market your business and take action to get into full alignment.

YES, I’m ready to Find My Voice &
Learn to Market with Integrity



Conversation and  Lisa’s complimentary

Copywriting Action Plan

Privacy Policy: We will NEVER share,
rent, or sell your information.

“It had never occurred to me that there is actually someone who could write copy in my own voice because I am overcoming my control issues with delegation. And I also enjoy writing. However, my business is, like all growing businesses, “busi-ness” and I need help to accomplish my goals.

Copywriting can be very time-consuming and for me, requires a lot of uninterrupted quiet time to complete a project.

When I heard Lisa speak about her business at Ali Brown’s Shine event I knew I wanted to work with her. I was thrilled to discover Lisa’s passion for helping women share their gifts with the world. Plus, she has a writing process that works and she strives to develop long-term client relationships so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or educate someone new for each project. She is able to capture my voice and makes creating copy so much easier. Lisa’s latest sales letter for our company has generated extraordinary positive response – and sales with ideal clients. A project that would have taken me 25 hours or more to do on my own only required two hours of my time while Lisa handled the rest!”

~ Baeth Davis

“Before partnering with Lisa Manyon to create a Content Strategy Plan and experiencing her Power Planning Process, I had a lot of activities going on in my business which were consuming a lot of time, but I had no overall theme to guide where I was focusing my efforts, and my marketing plan. After just one session, we generated an overriding theme which streamlined all of my marketing materials. Throughout the process we brainstormed over 150 headlines for blogs, articles, ezines and social media, with a solid repurposing plan. As a result, I saved an immense amount of time and energy, which can now be spent on income-generating activities and from my first focused ezine, I generated over $40, 000.00 in business! WOW! And….I am confident that I will continue to increase my income exponentially from these strategies now that I have a crystal clear plan, message, and focus. I shifted from dreading writing, to being clear and complete in record time and feeling a HUGE relief….this was truly invaluable and I would highly recommend working with Lisa for these reasons and more! Not only is she is stellar coach and business woman, she also goes above and beyond because she truly wants to support entrepreneurs in being as successful as they can while delivering their message.”

~ Jennifer Longmore
North America’s Soul Purpose Expert

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