Laura West and Lisa ManyonI’m super excited to share my guest appearance on the Joyful Business TV interview  with Laura West. We are both passionate about energetic alignment and creatring busienss on our terms.  Join us as we talk about  my journey and work with Write On Creative and the development of my new book, Spiritual Sugar!

In this episode of Joyful Business TV we talk about:

* Why you need to STOP using Pain Points in your marketing & what to do instead

*The problem with focusing on overcoming objections and how to do that with integrity

* Our favorite rituals to start the day

*How I connect with Source to receive guidance, messages and even the direction and name of her new book – Spiritual Sugar.

*What I do to clear my space and set the tone for the day

This was such a fun and creative interview – I think you’ll really love it and get inspired!  Watch this eposide of Joyful Business TV here.  Learn more about Laura and her work here.

And, here’s a blog post about overcoming objections that you might find helpful.  

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