Q: How do I craft messages for different audiences? My biggest challenge right now is our audience of entrepreneurial women is pretty mixed as far as how far along they are in business. Some are just starting to peek into the world of entrepreneurship as an alternative to the 9-5 grind. Others are pretty well established in business and are looking to take their visibility to the next level.

I love what you say about  your “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula:

“It’s a simple way to create marketing messages from a place of true service based on your values instead of using traditional, manipulative formulas.”

I so appreciate your integrity… it’s what is craved on both sides of the coin (marketer & customer).

The challenge with this is our offerings currently fit one or the other, newbies and seasoned entrepreneurs. Those who are farther along don’t need the ‘getting up and running’ support. Those who are just starting out aren’t even thinking about having the spotlight on them at this point. So how do we speak to both sides of the spectrum without losing the other side? Would love to hear your perspective on this!

A: The short answer is you need to find a common ground for your entire audience and each product and service requires its own marketing strategy and message.

When it comes to marketing messages to speak to different audiences, it’s important to find the common ground between the people just starting out and the people who are seasoned. You’ll also want to have a separate strategy for each offering. Think of each product, service, or program as a mini business. As such, they each need their own marketing strategy and message. It can start with your overarching message, mission and,   positioning statement.

For example, My mission is to give you a voice to turn your ideas into something that matters (at least in a nutshell). My positioning statement is POWERFULLY communicating your marketing message to get results (that’s the overarching theme of what I do along with teaching, training, and transforming with my communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points). Beyond that I serve mission-driven entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and business owners.

My clients have a GIANT mission and want to make the world a better place and they struggle to create marketing messages because they don’t resonate with most of the approaches being taught. They are passionate about making their magic and masters at that but they are challenged by marketing their magic. They are wildly different in what they offer – they focus on leading corporations, teaching, coaching, consulting, non-profit causes, making art, healing humanity, and more (I share more about this on my website).

My clients typically need support with messaging and strategy. That may be in the form of a Content Strategy Plan, Manyon Marketing Web Makeover, or a custom retained coaching and consulting agreement. Each of these scenarios leads to a specific offering with a specific marketing plan (i.e. web copy and strategy packages, web makeovers, and programs to teach web strategy and messaging). As such, each product and service needs a stand-alone message and strategy that supports your brand.


Here are some things to consider when crafting your messages.

  • What is your overarching mission/message?
  • What do your clients have in common?
  • How can you infuse the commonalities into the messaging for different offers?
  • What message do you need to create to support the new businesses starting out?
  • What message do you need to create for the more seasoned businesses?

It all boils down to strategy and bringing it back to the core value of your business and how your business serves others. When you are clear about your offers you can craft messages for different audiences, write into your revenue streams and connect better with who you are meant to serve. 

I’ve created The Messenger Quiz to help people identify their messenger style, determine if they are Launcher, Leader, or Legacy Creator. When you choose to take The Messenger Quiz you will get clear on specific steps you can take to be more effective in your business. You will receive a special messaging exercise to walk you through how to apply my proprietary Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™ framework to bring your message into alignment including flipping the script to focus on PASSION points (this is one of the reasons my values-based “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” framework is so simple and effective).

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