You are invited to experience the brilliance of my friend and colleague Anjel B Hartwell, host of the award-winning Wickedly Smart Women podcast charting in the top 100 in over 22 countries. Recently her show earned the Award of Distinction in the 27th AnnualWickedly Smart Women Podcast Communicator Awards!

Listen to this episode to discover

  • Why your marketing needs to be energetically aligned with your values and focus on PASSION points, not pain points (think marketing with integrity)
  • How my offers have evolved over the years and why it’s important to address the four components of a  successful, sustainable business
  • My best practice for getting outside to connect directly with Source and tap into your intuition
  • Tips to navigate the unrest in the world without getting caught in the fray
  • How my strategies and  marketing methodologies have helped clients achieve million-dollar results

Anjel leads us in a revealing conversation about possibilities over pain and how the way we show up impacts everything (including your messaging).

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When you choose to listen, click here, I’d love to hear your takeaways or anything this might spark for YOU. Feel free to post here. I’d be honored to read your comments and I’ll personally respond.  Want to play together to move through your biggest marketing challenge? Consider a Quick Start Strategy Session.