Q: Why aren’t people buying my books? I have multiple books and they just aren’t selling. I don’t understand why more people don’t want them? I’m frustrated that there isn’t more interest and I don’t know what to do.

This question was posed by a friend who does amazing work in the world. Yet, a marketer this person is NOT. So, I posed a few simple yet pointed questions

  • “Are you asking people to buy your books?”
  • “Are you extending a friendly invitation to let people know where they can buy your books?
  • “Do you have a marketing plan in place for each book?”

After a moment of silence, I received the very quiet answer of “No.”…

A: Your books are not selling because you are not selling them.  I often tell my clients that when you start a business, write a book or create anything, you have two jobs.

  1. Making your magic
  2. Marketing your magic

The marketing part doesn’t always come easy and it doesn’t haven’t to be difficult with the right approach. I always recommend familiarizing yourself with my values-based “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” communication framework. It makes marketing and asking for the sale much easier and way more natural. It’s also a good idea to have a Content Strategy Plan in place for your overall business as well as each revenue stream.  And, your books are a revenue stream. Here are some quick tips to help prepare for promotion.

Quick Tips to Promote Your Book
  1. Create an Amazon Author Page. Your Amazon Author Page will help position you as an expert and you can link to all of the books that you have written or that feature your philosophies. You can also link your author page to your blog to increase organic search engine rankings. Showcasing your books in this way gives you another avenue to promote. You can ask people to follow your author page to get updates and you can include your author page link in various promos. You can see an example when you visit my author page here (note: the books featured are #1 bestselling books that highlight my philosophies or I have helped co-author by providing a chapter – my book(s) are in the works).
  2. Create a marketing plan for each book. This will vary based on your individual strategy. Some ideas include; mapping out a content calendar and posting regularly to social media (this can be text, videos, book readings, and more – just remember to “invite” people to take action i.e. buy your book)
  3. Create a signature talk based on your book(s). By creating a signature talk about your book and key points, you can create a speaker one-sheet and use that to get booked on stages, virtual summits, podcast, author readings/signings at bookstores, and mainstream media.

And finally, the most important thing to remember is to remember to ASK/INVITE people to take the next step. It may feel uncomfortable at first but, you are doing the world a great disserve when you don’t share ways they can get your book into their hands and hearts.

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You can learn more about Content Strategy Plans here. And, as always, I invite you to join the Write On Creative Community.