Q: Is long copy or more copy more effective when writing copy? 

Some say long copy is ineffective and others swear that short copy is the way to go. I cannot seem to find a straight answer. Some articles I’ve Googled on digital best practices have conflicting information, too. I’ve also read your take on passion points versus pain points and have found your techniques work.

What gets the best results when it comes to copy length and how much is too much? What’s your experience?

80% + open rates with long copy

A: The answer is both AND it depends.  When writing copy, there are times when a long sales letter is going to pull better than short copy and there are times when short copy will get better results.  It will also depend on your audience and your strategy.  When making an emotional connection and building community, long copy can pull better and you have more room to build the know, like and trust factor.  The best open rates I’ve received via an email campaign have been with long copy (not incredibly long but 1000 words or more) -that community building campaign garnered an open rate of 80%+ and a clickthrough rate of 70%+. Learn to write better copy here.

The long and short of it

That being said the age-old copywriting debate between long and short copy will likely continue. It’s best to track and test. You’ll want to be aware of digital best practices (which are typically numbers driven) and you’ll want to know your audience and write for people — because people are not numbers. This is especially true when building a community for long-term sustainability. Here’s a blog post about long copy versus short copy.  You might also find this post helpful, Is email marketing dead?

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