• Q: What if I don’t have case studies or results to share?

    This question was posed after I posted this on Facebook:

    Just because something can work…take, for instance, focusing on pain points…it doesn’t mean you should do it. In most applications it’s manipulative and preys upon vulnerabilities and lack (not to mention amplifies buyers remorse and return rates). Plus, it creates a HUGE energetic disconnect. When you want to build trust, strengthen relationships, and tap into painting a picture of possibility to create long-term sustainable success, flip the script. Focus on PASSION points, meet people where they are with empathy and understanding (and treat them like people, not numbers), clearly showcase your value proposition to illustrate how you’re the natural choice (think case studies and results), provide solutions and information that positions you as the natural choice, and then gracefully invite people to do business with you (or better yet magnify them to you because you’re so clear and aligned). Doesn’t that feel better? No ick factor. AND, it works. Just sayin’…😉 What approach are YOU drawn to?

    Showcase your value proposition

    A: If you don’t have case studies or results to share, you’ll want to find a way to gather them. Beyond just doing the work, it’s important to find out how whatever you do gets results. This will differ for each business, each industry, each product, each service. Results can be as simple as a project or job being completed on time, or as profound as a major mindset shift that prompts a deep transformation to change lives, or as clear and direct as a strategic recommendation tripling business to generate more income. Creating a system to check in with your clients after you complete a project, transaction, or project is important. This can be as simple as picking up the phone and asking what worked and what didn’t. You can also share a template to ask specific questions to get the answers you’re looking for. Showcasing feedback from your clients gives you social proof and strengthens value proposition in the form of testimonials.

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