• Sales projectionsHere are 5 ways to plan your paydays.

    This information will be especially helpful when things aren’t flowing as abundantly as you’d like.

    Carve out some time to visit each of these steps.

    1. Step back and look at your BIG vision. Tap into what you want to accomplish, how you want to feel, and what it will take to get you there. Setting this energetic alignment will help you materialize your intentions.
    2. List your long-term goals. Write them all down without restriction. Tap into the way achieving these goals will make you feel. Include the exact amount of money you’d like to make AND the revenue streams you offer that can realistically get you there. Add some timelines for accountability. This alone is vital when you want to plan your paydays.
    3. List your immediate goals. Map out the actions you can take right now – As in TODAY- to move closer to your BIG vision. Assign timelines and even better, take action. Do ONE thing you’ve identified as a next step – immediately. This is important and extremely relevant to planning your paydays. You must connect to convert.
    4. Activate your action steps. Turn those goals into reality by adding them to your calendar and making time to get it done. This will activate your action steps and create energetic momentum to help you move closer to your goals more quickly. AND make space for new energy by eliminating all that does not support your highest good.
    5. Engage in accountability. Get an accountability partner. The best intentions often remain intentions and not actions when you try to do it alone. Even if you’re in a spot where you don’t have a team supporting you, an accountability partner will keep you on task. You can hire a coach or consultant or you can make a commitment with a colleague to meet regularly and get IT done.

    You’ll find more tips in this blog post 3 Essential Ingredients for a Marketing Mix That Gets Results

    It all boils down to planning your work and working your plan. Especially if you want to  plan your paydays and turn your projections into cash-flow.

    I’d love to hear from you. What do YOU find most helpful when planning your paydays?  Drop your comments below.

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