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    Q: What is the best way to leverage eBooks on social media?   I love eBooks and I have a lot of them built already but I have not found a way to make them sing online yet.

    A: That will depend on strategy, audience and topic. How do you want to leverage them? As a lead magnet? Opt in offer? Or a paid offering?

    While information products, including eBooks can have a great deal of value, they appeal mostly to self-starters and there is not always a way to guarantee the content is being consumed (unless you have a strategic follow up plan or bundle your information/eBook with consulting or coaching sessions).  Regardless of how you plan to package, promote and position your eBook product, you’ll need an individual strategy for each creation.

    Here are three tried and true ways to leverage eBooks.

    1. You can leverage eBooks as a no strings lead magnet. This means you create a campaign to promote the eBook topic and offer it as a direct download with no strings at all (meaning no email opt in). This no strings lead magnet technique appeals to those who are on email overload and who want to access the information you’re offering.  This no strings approach gives people a taste of your information and offerings and allows them to continue the conversation if they want to (provided you have crafted the eBook in a way that it strategically leads people to book and appointment or take action).
    2. You can leverage eBooks as an email opt in offer. This means that you offer a high value eBook in exchange for people giving you their email address to receive the gift.  This is a form of permission based marketing and is a tool I have used to leverage my Copywriting Action Plan for many years.  You must be clear about what recipients are opting in for and adhere to email SPAM guidelines. Click here to read more about SPAM guidelines.
    3. You can leverage eBooks as a paid offering.  This method is a little trickier.  While eBooks on their own can be valuable, the perceived value has declined over the years.  You may want to supplement your eBook with a tele-class training, video training, or live workshop. This gives you more content to bundle with your eBook and often people are more responsive to interactive training (the eBook then becomes a bonus or supplemental material).  You might also consider repurposing the content into an interactive, online training program using platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific, or Teachable.

    Regardless of how you want to leverage your eBook, you must have a plan to promote (i.e. a launch strategy) and you must be consistent. This means you likely will not be able to rely solely on organic social media reach and you’ll need to invest in boosting posts or paid ads.  You might find this interview about marketing your business to maximize sales helpful as you consider strategy.  Click here to access the podcast.

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