• Ask Lisa Your Questions about marketing, copywriting, branding and advertisingQ: What’s the best online learning management platform for a solopreneur that does all operations? My audience wants an interactive experience.

    A: That’s a big question and it depends on YOUR strategy and the desires of your audience.

    I wish there was a magic answer for this. Like most business building activities, there is no cookie cutter solution for developing and hosting your online course. You’re going to have to do your due diligence to find what will work best for your community (and answer the questions I’ve outlined below). I am going to assume that you want it hosted elsewhere (this is just a guess on my part since you didn’t specify). Consider researching online learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Thinkific. There are too many variables to give a concrete answer but hopefully this will help.

    Some questions to consider as you make your final decision about which online training and course development platform to use:

    1. Do you want to host it yourself on your own website?
    2. Are you looking to partner with a platform that hosts and takes a cut of revenue?
    3. What current platform do you use (WordPress or something else)?
    4. What platforms have you experienced that are user friendly?
    5. How will you collect payments? How will you handle customer service and tech questions?
    6. What platforms have you researched so far?
    7. Do you want to be able to track progress and interact with your students?

    If you are looking for a plug in for a WordPress site, I’ve heard that Wishlist is good but you’ll want to talk to a tech expert about that. Solutions from tech experts are welcome (experts weigh in by replying or commenting below).

    You’ll also want to check references beyond what’s featured on the site of the online course provider. While researching this I’ve discovered seemingly reputable online course providers were not actually delivering on the promises made.  Again, this is where due diligence comes into play and can help you avoid costly investment mistakes that deliver little to no ROI. Here’s a post on determining return on investment that might be helpful.

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    One response to “Ask Lisa: What’s the best online learning platform for a solopreneur?”

    1. Pam Ivey says:

      I use Wishlist Member for a few of my online courses and find it easy to work with.

      I also purchased Litmos LMS last October because I wanted to give my students a more interactive experience. Meh. At $1,200 for the year, I’m not thrilled. It’s not as schnazzy as I expected it to look or feel. I don’t find the administrator dashboard to be intuitive at all and the grading (marking) is clunky. So, I’m not recommending Litmos — I’ve actually switched to hosting my courses back on my own websites with Wishlist.

      I have heard (from a couple of people who worked for the company) that Teachable is quite good. I’ll be having a look into that.

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