• Ask Lisa Your Burning QuestionsQ: Do I need an email address that matches my website address?

    A: The short answer is “YES!”.  Business owners and entrepreneurs often ask me “are branded email address important?”.  They absolutely are.

    Here’s why.  An unbranded email address markets your email provider. And, you want your email address to represent your business and brand.

    Here’s what unbranded email addresses look like. The @ section of email features the brand of your provider.


    Why does this matter?  Because when you’ve invested in a website address and you have a specific domain name that people search for, you want your email address to match it. It gives your business another impression with your prime prospects and shows that you’re serious about your business. You have the opportunity to create an email presence with your own URL.  For example: My URL or web address is writeoncreative.com. Any email addresses created for my team and for me will include the URL. My support team can be contacted by emailing Support@writeoncreative.com.

    It makes more business sense to be able to share a branded email address that represents your company than it does to use an unbranded, email provider address. Talk to your tech expert about how to set this up or “Google” it and do it yourself. For my business I use Google Apps (my tech team handles that so I’m not the best resource to help with set up).  Here’s my link when you’re ready — G-Suite Branded email.

    Feel free to weigh in by leaving a reply?! Do YOU have your branded email address?

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    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


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    1. Radavie RI OM says:

      Dearest Lisa,

      Thanks for this information. Although I do have one, it is important to me to have the understanding.


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