Brand Journalism with Phoebe Chongchua and Lisa Manyon on building relationships and business growth with contentIn the ever-evolving landscape 0f business and marketing, it’s important to BE the media. This means you can no longer solely rely on traditional media outlets to share your message (although, depending on your strategy, they should be a part of your mix). The foundation of profitability begins with building relationships and business growth with content.

Today you must become your own brand evangelist and create buzz yourself.  This starts with solid content (otherwise know as copy – this is the heart of your marketing message) and a clear strategy to reach your goals.

 Phoebe Chongchua is no stranger to media and the influence it can create. She’s the host of The Brand Journalism Advantage radio show on iTunes and it was my pleasure to be interviewed by her.  Phoebe knows her stuff and I think you’ll enjoy our candid discussion about media, marketing and more.

Plus, you’ll hear my answer to the ONE question Phoebe asks all of her guests and discover firsthand how I answer this question in a way no guest ever has. This was truly a first for her show and that makes me smile. I think you’ll enjoy it, too. I look forward to reading your comments after you listen.

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Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect," a content strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the values-based "Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™" communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points (as seen in Inc. Magazine). She specializes in reverse engineering your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams. She offers coaching, consulting, copywriting training, and strategies to effectively market your business. Her content strategy plans are known to produce million-dollar results. She’s a #1 international bestselling author and award-winning speaker available to teach, train, and transform your audience with interactive Business Breakthrough Boutiques. She offers business-building resources on her award-winning blog.