Me and mom

Me and my mom

When I think about what is truly beautiful, I think about LIFE. Life IS beautiful.

As humans, we take this gift for granted. We busy ourselves with the mundane. Make excuses. Place blame. AND rarely do we stop to really marvel at this miraculous gift that we have been given.

It has been said that life has a way of happening when you’re making other plans. I believe that this is true. All too often we try to plan the perfect life, have the perfect career, meet the perfect partner and we focus on the planning and the wanting instead of BEING.  We focus on what we don’t have or what is lacking instead of counting our blessings.

When we learn to just BE miracles happen. When we really take time to settle in to the NOW and to be present in the moment we become aware of our surroundings, of nature and of what is truly in our hearts. When we take time out to just “BE” we become fully aware of the wondrous life that IS. Not what we’re longing for, striving for working for… instead the focus crystallizes on what we have already manifested, by design, in our lives.  By focusing on our current blessings we begin to appreciate what IS and develop a deep gratitude for the people, places and things in our lives. By practicing gratitude and what IS  the most important things in life are illuminated. We surround ourselves with people, places and experiences that solely support our best interest and enhance our life.

WhenMother to Many I think of beauty, I think of the circle of life, of children, friends and family. I think of the miracle of creation. Although I have not had the experience of procreating, I have experienced parenting.  I am grateful for all of my experiences because they have brought me to where I am now.  When I am asked if I wish I had children of my own there is sometimes a bittersweet pang of what could have been AND at the same time I know I’m exactly where I need to be. I am grateful to have settled into a new community, in a beautiful environment that fully supports me. I know my purpose has been defined by something greater than me. I know that many other women, especially single women who have yet to have children and may never, feel this, too. It’s not something that many speak of and it’s an important topic. This miracle of life is meant to be enjoyed and embraced regardless of the roles we are given.

Perhaps not being a parent means that I am meant to be a “mother to many” by sharing my gifts and philosophies with the world to facilitate change on a global level.

So, I count my blessings. I am grateful for what IS and drink in the true beauty of life every day by living to the fullest and taking time to just BE. Life IS beautiful.

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*This article originally appeared in the “True Beauty” issue of SoulWoman Magazine. Download the full article here Life is Beautiful (print this and share with those who might benefit from this message)

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