Blurred Winding Road SignHave you considered that your business model might not be the best way to promote and market your programs, packages and services? 

The maze of marketing options and business models can be confusing especially if you’ve only been given select pieces of the marketing puzzle.

The KEY is to determine how you’d like to craft your business and marketing to truly support YOU!  Personally I prefer a lifestyle business that promotes freedom while making money from my passions.

With James Roche and fellow mastermind leaders in Arizona

With James Roche and fellow mastermind leaders in Arizona

James Roche is a trusted friend and colleague. We’ve worked together in several capacities (including when I was a mastermind leader for Ali Brown’s programs and more). Recently James and I had a candid conversation about marketing and lifestyle/freedom-based businesses. The content was so JUICY we decided to record it.

When you crave a business that gives you a freedom based lifestyle, you’ll want to listen to this converstation.

You’ll discover:

  • The truth about online marketing and what it really takes to succeed (behind the scenes truth about a multiple 5 figure launch and WHY it succeeded – hint: there are more to the numbers than you might think…)
  • Ways to package your products or services to create a freedom based business and lifestyle (based on YOUR goals and NOT cookie cutter systems AND you might be surprised to find that the typical “funnel” isn’t the right model for your business)
  • A BIG naming mistake I made many years ago and how James helped me turn it around to create a lucrative revenue stream that can generate over $11,000 each month and more

Access the FREE recording here. No strings. 

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Download the recording here to listen on the go. 

If you’d like to learn more about what James is up to, follow this link and let him know I sent you – click here to visit James Roche Marketing.  (Note: whatever he is up to is worth your time and attention. I always learn something new and inspiring from James. AND the coolest thing is — James delivers high-value content at no charge).

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