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    How will you design your business so it’s fully supporting you instead of the other way around? (yes, we’ve all been there and IT can change — but it’s up to you).

    Setting intentions for the New Year is important. Being clear with your intentions is important any time of year and you can change your intentions whenever you want. That’s the beauty of freedom and taking responsibility for your own life. AND, your life should fully support YOU in all areas.

    I’m not a fan of resolutions. In fact, I resolve not to make resolutions. I feel they lack substance. Instead I make commitments to myself and I set a theme for the year (often selecting theme songs that correspond with my focus but that’s another post).

    My theme for the past year was “CHANGE”… I took a good, hard look at my life and I realized I wanted something different. I’m giving you an overview of some of the BIG changes that I created in this post (you might want to carve out some time to really dig into this article –grab a cup of tea and settle in because there are a lot of resources for you).

    Here’s my year in review with some of the top takeaways and 17 tips to help you succeed, find inspiration and spark ideas.  As you skim over the tips be sure to click the corresponding link when the topic grabs your attention. You’ll find full posts on each topic to inspire thoughts and action.

    17 tips for lifestyle business success: 

    1. Focus on your health, wealth and happiness and the rest will follow. Here are some tips to help you get started.
    2. Stay true to your values because values equal value. Often core values are overlooked in business. Find out how you can gain consistency, clarity and follow through to support your values here.
    3. Face your fear(s). The biggest factor in NOT making the changes you need to support yourself is FEAR. Sometimes you have to take a leap. Here’s one way I faced my fear to create change.
    4. Stop hiding behind your website. All too often we rely on technology to build relationships. Tech is a great tool but the real power is within YOU.
    5. Leverage your visibility and exposure. Don’t be afraid to share your success. Your accomplishments will inspire others. Remember, YOU are a resource.
    6. Tell the truth. The truth is success doesn’t happen in a straight line and being vulnerable is OK. Here’s some truth that might inspire you.
    7. Stop either/or thinking and get to your AND. Don’t let yourself or others limit your possibilities. You can create what you truly desire. Here’s some inspiration.
    8. Define YOUR expectations. To truly succeed in life and business you need to be clear about what is important to you. Here are some things to consider.
    9. Get strategic and realistic. You must have a plan for all of your marketing efforts.This is especially true for your website. Here are 3 web strategies you must have.
    10. Stand by your brand. Yes, change happens but you don’t have to re-brand. Here are some thoughts to help re-evaluate re-package and re-position your business.
    11. Consider NEW revenue streams. In the vein of re-packaging, you can often create NEW revenue streams to generate more income with less effort. Here are some ideas to generate new revenue.
    12. Shine your light. When you are in your zone of genius BIG things happen and that means you should be ready for the spotlight. When you speak your truth, people listen. Here are two resources that illustrate this,  Wonder Women and Engage.
    13. Create a long-term plan for success. In 2013 I celebrated 10 years of being in business. Here are my top 10 tips from 10 years in biz.
    14. Be true to YOU. Because business is personal, it’s important to fuel your soul with inspiration.
    15. Make sure you’re getting results. You’re the only one who can truly measure your results and success. Decide what that means to you and how you help others get results. Be sure to share.
    16. Share business building tips and strategies with no strings. Being generous pays off. Share high quality content and celebrate the success you achieve when YOUR ideal clients are naturally attracted to you.
    17. Share more of YOU. When you’re open, vulnerable and real, people sense that. Since people want to do business with people they know, like and trust, be sure to keep it real. This could lead to your gifts being gifted.

    Here’s to YOUR best year yet. 

    I’m excited to learn more about your focus for the New Year – business and otherwise because business is personal and how you show up in all areas of your life impacts that.  Feel free to answer the following questions here (I’ll respond to continue the conversation).

    What is your FOCUS this year? 

    What are you going to change?

    What tips and strategies will you implement to create the lifestyle business of your dreams to fully support YOU?  

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    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


    22 responses to “17 Tips For Lifestyle Business Success”

    1. Sue Painter says:

      Awesome list of take-aways from your past year. What’s your word for 2014??


    2. Thanks for the excellent tip list Lisa! Very apropos to the New Year!

    3. For us a lifestyle business also means taking time for ourselves separate from our business — away from our business. It’s important that we take vacations to rest, recharge, and get reinvigorated about our business, and that our team do the same. That’s why we give them 4 weeks of paid vacation, PLUS regular paid holidays 🙂

      • Lisa Manyon says:

        Excellent reminder to take time away from work. Although I believe business is personal and I’m blessed to have a lifestyle business, sometimes I love my biz a little too much and need to leave it behind. I see an unplugged vacation in my future.
        Happy New Year.
        Write on!~
        Lisa Manyon

    4. Jessica says:

      I too make a theme for the year. Every year I choose a movie and play with the words to correspond with my theme. I’ve had the Speak,Play,Love year, the True Highs (True Lies- mine was all about adventure), and this year is The Silver Shining Playbook. It’s threefold- I want to shine in everything I do or put my name on, I see shining silver as financial abundance and the playbook… I’ve set up my business plan, marketing plan, and social media plan for the year, which is much more than I’ve ever done before. Looking forward to SHINING in 2014!

    5. Awesome list of tips! I love that health is right up at the top!

      I love the sharing tips too!

      And that you mention facing your fear – I’d like to add get help with that if you can’t get over it! Raising GABA and serotonin levels make it easy

    6. whoa when I saw the title of 17 tips I have to admit I immediately felt a pang of overload, but my theme for 2014 is courage so I dug in and got reading.
      once I jumped in I realised you’d broken it all down into a simple, practical list.
      So glad I read on as my favourite was #17: “Share more of YOU.” As the founder of the UQ (Uniqueness Quotient) movement you have encapsulated what I believe is the key to a life of meaning – being U and living your uniqueness.

    7. Mitch Tublin says:

      An excellent list from 2013. All the best in your 2014
      list creation! It should be exciting and fun!

    8. This is a fantastic list, Lisa! I love that you put health, wealth, and happiness at the top of your list with staying true to your values. Everything you listed is important, but I don’t think anything tops those things. They make all the other ones so much easier!

    9. Good list, thank you for sharing all of this. I’m following your good example and looking over the last year with these points in mind. Definitely a lot to think about here.

    10. LOVE this list, Lisa! Great tips and something I think we can all revisit every quarter to see which once we can amp up if they fall off of our radar a bit:)

    11. Linda Joy says:

      Great list Lisa! My focus/theme for the year is NOURISH! that includes all aspects of my life including body! mind, spirit! business and relationships….. When we nourish what’s important in life it thrives.

    12. Jenny Fenig says:

      Beautiful article, Lisa! My big focus this year is three-fold:
      – Speak up for my desires
      – Live my soul’s calling
      – Eliminate anything that doesn’t bring meaning to my life

    13. Jaret says:

      Thanks for sharing the definition of lifestyle business. I’ve had a LOT of trouble labeling the type of business I’m building and that’s the perfect term. I’m definitely going to take your advice for not trying to do everything at once. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming trying to tackle projects. It’s a journey not a race and I have to remember that.

    14. School of EP says:

      Hi Lisa. I am on your blog for the first time but from what I can see, you are a strong & inspiring women. Your path to success is inspiring while teaching others along the way. To me living your life, to better others along the way, is no greater gift to the world.
      Thank you for your encouragement

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